What are the transaction charges involved in the process ?

Transaction charges will be applicable for all the payments that are made. Charges will vary depending on the mode of payment. Payment through stripe for international transactions will include a transaction fee (generally 3%) plus additional convinience will (if charged by the apartment).

Do I need to be a student to make a booking?

Why do I need to provide my bank statement / or other financial information?

What expenses does the rent include? Do I need to pay extra fees?

Are the prices negotiable?

Can I schedule a viewing of the property before moving in?

Can I view the property before I check-in?

When I put a request in, when should I hear from my booking expert ?

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Preferred place for booking housing by students all across the globe :)

Experience was amazing!! I’m going to Plymouth College of Art. Great prices & the rent durations are negotiable. Also as an art student I do appreciate the website design — its clear, visible & well placed.

Simon Langer Review
Simon LangerPlymouth College of Art

The best service I could ask for an international student. Awesome, great follow-up services that helped me throughout the process from start to the end. Thanks to Amber for a great facility!

Paveneech Stritagul Review
Paveneech StritagulImperial College Business School

I am going to study at UCL and Supreet from Amber did an excellent job in helping me. I do not have doubt to recommend Supreet as a student helper. I hope to receive his help in future. The room is in an excellent location.

Roberto Antonia Review
Roberto AntoniaUniversity College London

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