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Universities in Ireland set to attract more Indian students
3 min read

Universities in Ireland set to attract more Indian students

European News
Apr 15
3 min read
One of the greatest Dublin landmarks Trinity College. A lot of tourists and students can be seen entering and leaving the campus.

Indian students planning on studying abroad usually look up international universities in the USA, UK, or Canada. But as these English-speaking countries are reaching a saturation point of accommodating international students, Ireland has come forward with better opportunities for Indian students.

Ireland for International Students

Higher education institutes in Ireland are considered among the top worldwide. In Fact, the Irish Universities rank in the top 5% of global statistics. Dublin, the country's capital, is ranked 12 in the “World’s most international universities by city” list by Times Higher Education.

Why Should Indian Students Choose Irish Education?

About a month ago, Robert Troy, Irish minister of State Trade Promotion, inaugurated and acknowledged the presence of Irish universities, namely Maynooth University and the Technological University of Shannon, in India. The event embarked on the future relationship between Ireland and India regarding education and many other sectors.

In addition to this, Claire Doran, director of internationalization, Maynooth University encouraged the inflow of Indian students by saying, “Postgraduate students from India are the largest national cohort on campus, and we recognise their contribution to the learning experience, student life, and the broader university community.”

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Recognising the Indian trend of pursuing tech and healthcare courses, many universities offer engineering courses to both undergraduate and graduate students. Most Indians currently residing in Ireland work in ICT, finance, and healthcare. Even so, students can choose from many world-class courses in humanities, natural sciences, etc. 

Work Prospects After the Course Completion

According to the guidelines, non-EU university students can apply for a stay-back visa for 2 years after completing a postgraduate course. Along similar lines, Graduate students can work for up to 1 year after passing out from an Irish college.

The Business Express Programme at the Irish embassy also helps many companies in Ireland to hire skilled Indian Students. As the only English-speaking country in the European Union after Brexit, the Irish government looks forward to nurturing more international students, of which Indians would form a big part. 

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A writer pursuing her dreams in the most amazing manner!

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