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899 Alvarado is more than just a development projectits a critical investment in San Leandro. Featuring two residential buildings, an on-site caf and a collection of state-of-the-art community amenities, 899 Alvarado is designed to meet the needs of those looking for the good life in the heart of San Leandro.

899 Alvarado is poised to bring much-need housing to San Leandro and serve as a keystone infill development in the citys Transit-Oriented Development Strategy. Here, residents are just a short walk from BART, the San Leandro Tech Campus, and other large regional employers. Maximus community-based vision celebrates San Leandros history while bringing in a newfound sense of vibrancy with an art installation from Oakland-based Shawn HibmaCronan.

At 899 Alvarado, residents have the evolving landscape of downtown San Leandro at their fingertips, whether tasting new flavors at both established and experimental restaurants or exploring the local arts scene. With its prime location along a key transit corridor, 899 Alvarado will be a highly desirable addition for the housing starved East Bay population.

Community Amenities

Onsite café
Community parklet
Roof terraces
State of the art fitness and wellness
Demonstration kitchen
Co-working spaces

Frequently Asked Questions

Has 899 Alvarado been approved?

Yes. 899 Alvarado was approved in a 6-0 unanimous decision by the San Leandro Board of Zoning Adjustments on March 7, 2019. As we prepare for construction, 899 Alvarado is committed to continuing to work with the community and the City to help create a better San Leandro. Construction on the new FAASL conservatory at 844 Alvarado will commence in 2019 with 899 Alvarado commencing construction following construction completion of the new conservatory.

What types of improvements to Alvarado Street will be made?

A significant portion of the western edge of Alvarado Street is undeveloped no sidewalk  has ever been constructed there, and the area does not meet the Citys streetscape standards. San Leandros 2035 General Plan and Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan embrace the concept of complete streets, which is a multi-modal approach to street design. In the past, streets were designed to prioritize automobile traffic. Complete streets treats different modes of travel more equitably, prioritizing pedestrian and bicycle safety over automobile traffic.
As part of 899 Alvarado, new streetscape will be constructed along the western edge of Alvarado to meet the needs of the neighborhood and provide for a safer pedestrian environment, including a sidewalk, pedestrian bulb-outs, landscaped buffer, street trees, and pedestrian scale lighting. Additionally, as part of the projects review process, we will work with the City to identify the appropriate improvements to Alvarado Street which could include striping for a bike lane and new crosswalks. 

How tall is 899 Alvarado?

899 Alvarado will comprise two buildings, one at four stories tall and the other at five stories tall over ground floor podiums. Both buildings are under the maximum permissible height of 75.  

How was the number of units at 899 Alvarado determined?

The proposed number of units is consistent with City of San Leandro General Plan goals, objectives, and policies related to Transit-Oriented Development Mixed Use (MUTOD). The purpose of this designation is to provide for a mix of high-intensity land uses that capitalize on proximity to the San Leandro BART station. This designation maximizes the potential for transit-oriented infill development and emphasizes the vertical mixing of different uses. This Project will carry out the TOD Strategy by having new development that is attractive, high density, and creates a positive image of revitalization. Specifically, the San Leandro Development Code, for areas in the DA-4 (S), provides for a unit density rage of 100 up to 120 dwelling units per acre.
Additionally, the San Leandro 2035 General Plan and the 2015-2023 Housing Element were important documents for determining the housing needs for the City. The 2015-2023 Housing Element further describes the Regional Housing Needs Assessment (RHNA) allocation for San Leandro. RHNA is a fair share housing allocation process prescribed by the Association of Bay Area Governments (ABAG) with the fundamental premise that each community in the region has an obligation to accommodate a share of the regions need for housing. San Leandros allocation between the years 2015-2023 is 2,287 total homes. 

What type of security features have been integrated into the design of 899 Alvarado?

A common misconception many residents have when a new multi-family development is proposed is that there will be increase crime in the neighboring communities. However, many scholars have studied and written about the relationship between introduction of multi-family housing and crime rates, and the findings are consistent: there is no correlation between multi-family housing and increase in crime. Additionally, in the words of renowned urban sociologist Jane Jacobs, an increase in population can provide eyes upon the street, eyes belonging to those we might call the natural proprietors of the street.
Research aside, public safety and security remains a top priority for 899 Alvarado and the community. The project will include internal and new pedestrian-scale street lighting, a solid 10-12 foot concrete wall that will be constructed along the railroad, buildings will require key card access, and 24-hour courtesy patrol will likely be part of the long term operational plan.

Has a traffic analysis been conducted for 899 Alvarado?

Yes, a Transportation Impact Study (TIS) prepared by CHS Consulting Group, dated October 2018, and determined that the Project would result in no significant impacts with respect to the additional traffic.
Will the project provide dedicated off-street parking for its residents? Yes. Adequate on-site parking and access will be provided for the multi-family residential development. The off-street parking requirement being one-quarter mile from BART is one parking space per unit for the Project. The 892 off-street parking spaces proposed for the 687-unit development would exceed the off-street parking requirement by 195 off-street parking spaces.