This elegant residence, with its ultramodern design, is just 10 minutes from Paris and Roissy Charles de Gaulle Airport. The residence is located in a major hub for the French aerospace industry and offers an outstanding living environment, thanks in particular to various garden areas that are reserved exclusively for students.

Community Facilities

High-speed internet throughout the residence
Fitness center
Vacuum Cleaner
Cyber-lounge library
Complete breakfast

Apartment Facilities

Household Linen Kit


Studio€611 - €628/week
Private Bathroom
Entire Place
Private Kitchen
Area18 - 20 sqm

Room Facilities

Private toilet
Desk area
Shower room

Fully equipped and furnished, the standard 1-room studio offers a nighttime and desk area, a private toilet and shower room, as well as an ergonomically-designed kitchen area (with two electric hotplates, microwave, fridge and full set of dishes).

Frequently Asked Questions

 Is my booking confirmed?

Submitting an application does not equal immediate booking. Once you have submitted your application our team will verify all the submitted information and get back to you.  If certain items are missing, they may be requested by email or over the phone. When your application is complete, you will receive an email confirming that your application has been accepted or rejected. If your application has been accepted we will make a proposal for a specific apartment and price.   If we do not have availability for the requested dates or apartment you will be put on the waiting list and an offer will be made as soon as we have a matching apartment for your request.  If you accept our offer the following documents will then be sent to you by email: your lease the joint guarantee commitment, if applicable the rules and regulations the IT guidelines the DPE energy performance report the ERNT natural and technological risk assessment report. These documents will need to be electronically signed by you, and your guarantors if you have any, to validate the booking. Please note that the booking will not be confirmed until payment for the fees and deposit has been received. 
 Conditions for acceptanceAdmission requirements :  For students and interns : Students must be supported by one or two guarantors (individuals) for their application. For the guarantor: The guarantor's income must be at least equivalent to 4 times the amount of rent (including all charges). Two guarantors accepted: When a single guarantor on their own does not have income that is at least equivalent to 4 times the rent, a second guarantor may be added. In this case, the 2 guarantors must each justify a monthly income at least equivalent to 3 times the amount of the monthly rent including charges. Bank guarantee: Foreign students and students without a guarantor may set up a bank guarantee. This guarantee must be provided by a bank with a branch in France. The guarantee must be equivalent to one year of rent (all charges included). GarantMe: If you cannot provide a French guarantor and you do not want to make a bank guarantee the alternative is to provide a GarantMe certificate. GarantMe is an organization that replaces your guarantor in France. By working with partner insurers who provide the guarantees expected by your owner, Garantme ensures you a file that meets the expectations of owners according to French standards.
 Booking documents requiredFor the future tenant: photocopy of a valid photo ID (passport for foreign students) photocopy of valid visa or residence permit or related document photocopy of student card or proof of enrolment, as relevant bank account details for a bank with a branch in France for students who are working: photocopies of employment contract and last 3 payslips For the guarantor(s): photocopy of a valid photo ID photocopies of the last 3 payslips recent certificate from employer photocopy of an extract from their accounting balance sheet if self-employed professional photocopy of the last tax notice form (in full) photocopy of the last rental payment statement photocopy of the property tax statement if owner bank account details for a bank with a branch in France Students with no guarantor: A bank guarantee with a bank that has a branch in France if the student's income is not sufficient OR A GarantMe certificate  

Home insurance?

When you rent a apartment, you must take out renters insurance for when you move in. To help make the whole process easier for you to move in, we have set up a partnership with MAE, a specialist student insurer, enabling you to benefit from preferential prices.

Safety and security?

Safety is important to Property Management. Our residence halls are equipped with video surveillance.

Phone in your apartment?

We do not provide phones. However, with the Internet, you will have access to Skype, which allows you to make calls through your computer. You can talk to anyone anywhere in the world for free.


If your property has a car park, there will be an additional charge if you wish to book a parking space.

Internet access?

We know how important reliable Internet access is. The residence halls are equipped with wifi or fiber for very high-speed connections.


You are responsible for cleaning your flat during your tenancy. If you would like, we can offer cleaning services for 26.00 per hour.

Where you can smoke?

It is against the law to smoke in the communal areas and we have to enforce this. This means that you cannot smoke in our reception areas, lobbies, corridors, stairwells or bin store areas. If in doubt, ask the Property management Team.

Specific opening times?

No. We believe in independent living.

Organizing a party?

We do not want to stop you from having a good time and we want you to enjoy living with us, so yes, you can have a party, but we do ask that you keep the noise down and think about your neighbours. If you organize a party in the lobby, please register this beforehand with our building supervisor.

Inviting guests to your apartment?

It is your home so you can have guests staying over. We do not allow subletting (where you rent your room out to another person), but we are not going to stop you from having a friend over from time to time.