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South Shore Apartments is one of the most popular and lavish student housing in San Francisco, providing students with a truly exceptional experience. Present near Washington Park, you will find a wide range of stylish studios and two beds apartments on offer; all fully furnished with en-suite studio rooms and fitted kitchens. South Shore Apartments also offers students some of the largest bedrooms available to rent in San Francisco. High-speed Wi-fi throughout the building and all utility bills are included in the rent. South Shore Apartments has some of the most amazing social spaces including a cinema and games room, and music practice room to balance your social and academic life in the San Francisco student housing options. There are also communal study rooms for you to have a group study with your friends, bookable dining rooms and a beautiful urban view.

University of San Francisco is at a 15-minute and San Francisco State University is also at a nearby distance to the property that makes it a great student housing in San Francisco. You will find many San Francisco restaurants and bars in this popular area, not very far from South Shore Apartments. Many cities' retail and leisure hubs are near this and another popular road called Westline Drive. Furthermore, you can hop onto the 5-minute reach of the San Francisco Train Station and visit nearby areas like San Mateo or catch a bus from Otis Drive Bus Stop which is only a short walk away from the property and Amazing Cabs | Airport Yellow Cabs of San Francisco Taxi Service is also present nearby the student accommodation. 

This property is not only spacious but also perfect for University students. Along with amazing amenities included in the bills, the staff here is very accommodating and helpful. The 24*7 assistance gives you a comfortable student life. Security services and CCTV makes your stay safe and secure. The peaceful surroundings and lively study room helps you in your studies. In all, South Shore Apartments student housing provides the best accommodation experience, to keep the right balance of study and social life.


Here at South Shore, you'll enjoy our expansive fitness center, multiple swimming pools, his and her saunas, community clubhouse, and more. Even a walk across the community is a pleasure, with meandering rivers, waterfalls and fountains to soothe the soul.

The vibrant neighborhood of Alameda is one of the best parts of living at South Shore. Crown Memorial State Beach is a favorite spot for walking, windsurfing, kayaking, and cycling - and its right across the street from our community. Downtown Alameda offers a wide selection of dining, theaters, shopping and more. Need to venture further for work or play? The ferry is just 3 miles from South Shore and will take you directly to San Franciscos Financial District or Oakland.

Community Amenities

Spacious Clubhouse with cable, kitchen, billiards and table tennis
Fitness Center with children's playroom
His and her saunas
Four pools, one with spa
Gated garage parking
Laundry facilities on every floor
Bike storage
Convenience store on-site
Pet-friendly community*

Apartment Amenities

Desk & Chair
Bedside table

Security and Safety

Controlled-access buildings


One Bedroom Apratment$2,399 - $2,835/month/person
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Private Kitchen
Area700 - 770 sqft

Room Amenities

Bedside table
Duration:12 month
Move in:25 Sep, 2021
Duration:12 month
Move in:25 Sep, 2021
Duration:12 month
Move in:7 Oct, 2021
Duration:12 month
Move in:11 Oct, 2021
Duration:12 month
Move in:23 Oct, 2021
Two Bedroom Apartment$3,099 - $3,650/month/person
Private Room
Private Bathroom
Shared Kitchen
Area1220 - 1260 sqft

Room Amenities

Bedside table
Duration:12 month
Move in:24 Sep, 2021
Duration:12 month
Move in:16 Oct, 2021
Duration:12 month
Move in:21 Sep, 2021
Sold Out$3,650/month
Duration:12 month
Duration:12 month
Move in:17 Sep, 2021
Sold Out$3,475/month
Studio$1,920 - $1,980/month/person
Sold Out
Private Bathroom
Entire Place
Private Kitchen

Room Amenities

Bedside table
Duration:12 month
Move in:9 Oct, 2021
Sold Out$1,980/month
Duration:12 month
Move in:4 Oct, 2021
Sold Out$1,980/month
Duration:12 week
Move in:18 Sep, 2021
Sold Out$1,920/month
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Booking Details

Cancellation Policy:-

To terminate the agreement, a thirty (30) day notice must be given by the lease holders 

Student Pandemic Lease Break Clause provided upon application.

Payment Details

Payment Info:-

40$ is required as Application fee.

Mode Of Payments:-

Online Payments Available

Frequently Asked Questions

I am going to be a Guarantor for one of the applicants; will I have to pay the $43.50 fee as well?

Yes, they run a screening on every applicant, both guarantors and occupants. These are separate screenings for each person.

Does my daughter/son need to apply if I already put in an application for myself?

 Yes, if they are 18 years of age or older. This allows us to run the screening required for approval on their lease.

I’m an international traveler, expat, or foreign student. Can I still be approved?

Yes, prospective renters with no US credit score are eligible for lease coverage.  If you are an international student, you'll most likely need a Responsible Party to apply. A Responsible Party is a well-qualified associated guarantor that makes 3 times the monthly rent in total annual income. This individual does not need to be in the US, and their income and liquid assets do not need to be in US dollars.

The person I am guaranteeing for does not have credit. Do you still need to screen them?

To be fair, firm, and consistent they run the same screening on everyone the age of 18+ who applies to live at Parkmerced. If you are going to be an occupant or guarantor of one of our homes, they will run a screening that may include credit and rental background.

What are the minimum Guarantor requirements that Parkmerced would typically accept?

If you have a FICO score, the minimum score is 630, and if employed, the minimum total annual income accepted is 3 times the monthly rent. Your income can also include liquid assets. Please contact your leasing agent for more details.

Will my daughter/son and I get a separate lease from the others in our group?

No, there is one lease for each home. All applicants will sign the same lease and have joint and several liability. they treat student leases the same as they do any lease.

Am I liable as a guarantor after my son or daughter leaves but their roommates stay behind?

Yes! The personal guaranty remains in effect until ALL residents vacate and the apartment is surrendered empty and free of everyone. This means that you could be held financially liable for persons that you did not intend to personally guaranty when you signed the guarantor agreement.

What documents will you need from me?

If you are an employed US citizen, they will need a copy of your current government-issued ID, your signed letter of employment, thirty days (4 weeks) worth of recent pay stubs, and your two most recent bank statements. If youre an international student, well need your current government-issued ID or passport, Form I-20, and some qualifying documents from your Responsible Party.

How long does the approval process take?

After submitting your application, which should take about five minutes, you will hear back from us within 2-4 business days during normal business hours.

How are they going to pay rent?

A Everyone on the lease will be able to pay online via our resident portal. Upon move in, leaseholders will receive his or her login information and instructions on how to access the resident portal.

How long is the lease term?

Unless otherwise stated, our leases are for twelve (12) months.

What happens at the end of the lease term?

Properties is a rent-controlled community. After the initial lease term, the rental agreement will remain in effect on a month-to-month basis. To terminate the agreement, a thirty (30) day notice must be given by the lease holders and the apartment must be vacated. 

What are the eligibility requirements of booking?

To be eligible to rent a room in the residencies, the applicant must be able to certify either (a) that they are currently enrolled as a student and are taking one or more courses, or (b) if the applicant is not taking classes during the semester, the applicant both (i) is registered to take classes in the following semester, and (ii) is working at an internship that provides beneficial learning.

What are the dates I can make a reservation / sign a lease?

Residents may book by semester, quarter, 3, 6, 9 and 12 month intervals.

What is included with the room? Amenities? What does they provide and what do I need to bring?

The room rate includes all utilities (water sewer gas, electric, trash, high-speed wifi, , AC/heat), a fully furnished room (twin bed, desk, dresser or closet, desk with chair), and communal study and kitchen areas. 

How does room selection work?

Rooms are assigned on a first come, first served basis depending on your room type. They cannot guarantee views, floor numbers, closeness to elevators, etc.; however, if you have any special requests, please let us know and They will do our best to accommodate. If you reserved your room directly with your school/company, they will handle all pairing and room allocation.

Does they offer meal plans / food service?

Since it is not on-campus housing, they do not offer meal plans. However, all of our facilities offer in suite or communal kitchens for residential use. Residencies are well located, so you can find restaurants, cafes, lounges & more near you.

What is a Guarantor? Who can be one?

A guarantor is a person over the age of 21, usually a parent, who agrees to be responsible if you are ever unable to fulfill the financial obligations of your housing agreement. If you can't get a parent to be a guarantor, the next best bet would be a relative or friend.

Can I come and take a look at the accommodation before I book?

Yes, its simple. You can book an appointment by phone or email to arrange your appointment. office hours are 9:00 am 5:00 pm Monday to Friday.

How do I know my appointment has been confirmed?

They will email you a confirmation of your tour with the date and time of your appointment which you Should bring with you to the viewing.