Posted on February 8, 2021
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Students find it very exciting to study in foreign countries as it paves the way to gain knowledge at the international level. Students should be completely ready to start their new students' journey to a new place. So, make sure that you are ready to join the foreign universities. Planning before getting to a new country would be beneficial as you won’t have to face any issues and problems after arriving and you can enjoy your student’s life.

You should be well informed and prepared with every essential detail you need to start your journey. Here, we will let you know the basic points that you should know while joining foreign universities. However, we must tell you the best foreign countries popular for higher education throughout the world. Those famous countries are as below:

  • Canada

  • The USA

  • The UK

  • Australia

  • Germany

Most of the students are already prepared with their plans. If you are not one of them, do not worry, we are here with the 10 important tips that you need to know when planning to study abroad:

1. Be Informative: The primary point necessary in information about the place where you are going to study. You should know little details about the university, the study pattern and many more. The best thing is internet surfing or contacting the university personnel. There are certain essential things that you should take care of:

  • Study pattern of the University

  • Campus where you will be staying

  • Weather as you need to pack your bags accordingly.

 2. Documents: Being a student, you know how important paperwork and documents are? So, you must be very careful about your documents. You have to keep everything ready before time. Below are some essential documents that you need to carry:

  • Passport

  • Students Visa

  • Documents asked by the university premises.

 3. Book Your Tickets Little Early: You should plan and book your flight tickets before time. Waiting for the last moment might not be correct as you can face problems. Also, booking tickets 2 or 3 months before time would cost a little less.

 4. Be Sure about your Housing and Courses: Shifting to a very new place might be difficult for any student. So, it is always better that you plan before time. If you have already decided on the destination, you should be prepared with your accommodation before leaving. Also, you ensure that you are all set with your courses.

 Pre-plan everything, so you don’t have to face any difficulties after arriving. You can join Foreign admits, the best education consultants, to get all the knowledge about studying abroad. Foreign admits offers the best career advice and guidance to the students who are willing to study in foreign countries.

 5. Bank Account: Banking is different in every place. So, make sure you are all set with your banking details and debit or credit cards. Stay connected to your relationship manager. We recommend you open a bank account in the country you are planning to study. Get updated with every bank information, such as the use of ATM and credit cards overseas.

6. Scholarships: As a student, you need to think about the finances and handle them well. Look for the scholarships available for the countries or universities so that you have to spend less on your studies and you can save more for your future. Maintain track of all the expenses.

 7. Maintain Good Health: As you go to a different place far away from your native place, you need to ensure that your health is good and you are medically fit. Get a complete medical check-up before leaving to ensure that you are fit for travel. Also, inform your Health Insurance Company to prescribe you well.

 8. International Calls: Make sure that you have a good phone and broadband that will work in foreign countries. So that you can connect with your family and friends in India. Look for an international sim and activate the International packs into it. Moreover, you can go for some applications like Viber or skype that offers free video calling with internet connections.

 9. Up to Date with the Foreign Country:  Make sure that you have every recent detail of the country you are going to study. Stay tuned with the latest news of that country, like its economy, metro facilities, political updates, health issues, etc. This would make your life easier in foreign countries.

10. Currency exchange Rates: Once you have decided about the country where you are going to study, you need to make yourself updated with their currency exchange rates as well. Any changes in their currency exchange rate can bother your budget, so make sure you have the idea of it. This will help you to plan according to your budget in the future.  

To conclude, we would like to say that the most essential thing you should do is prepare yourself mentally to start your new journey to a new place. You need to be fit mentally and physically to continue with your studies better in foreign countries. We have listed the best tips as per our knowledge. Now, it is totally up to you to apply it. Finally, you are all set for your studies in foreign countries.

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