Posted on March 10, 2021
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Apart from arguments of piled-up dishes and scrambled dirty clothing, student halls are a nice place to be. For students living in accommodation, having a safe and comfortable location is a necessity for them in their daily lives. They can rest, complete their assignments, and allow themselves to narrow down their focus on study and perform good work. But whether such students live in a college-campus or an off-campus apartment, student housing brings a lot of challenges to the table.

These challenges are to be dealt with completely to ensure appreciable living conditions and safeguard long-term service to the students. To measure the quality of life of students in accommodation, several studies have been done and the results were not as they were expected. 

According to the recent study done by the National Student Accommodation Survey over 2000 students reveals that many students struggle with excessive costs and face widespread issues within their accommodation. Factors such as dampness, lack of water/heating, and unhealthy manifestation have played a major role in taking a toll upon thousands of students. 

You might be surprised that every one in three students said they were affected by some of the other accommodation problems. Even the top student housing properties in England can have some of these issues and, if not solved quickly, this can lead to unwanted consumption of valuable time for students which is not good. 

1. Annoying Roommates

Almost half of the total renters have raised issues of problematic housemates, while two-thirds experience cases like food theft and missing items in their apartment. Having noisy party lovers or seeing your stuff gone in thin air is a common scene to exercise amongst students. 

As these problems could arise in the future, the students are probably exposed to unwanted behaviour, irritation, mental fatigue and have their focus scattered. To take control of these issues, one must immediately raise a concern and take proper actions against the housemates. 

But, students are advised to take a robust yet diplomatic approach to this topic because being hostile will only result badly, taking the ball away from your court. Advising them to wear headphones, or gifting the noisy neighbours a pair of earphones are some of the best options to settle this cold war. 

2. Damp and Mould

Damping and mouldings are faced by every tenant and are a crucial issue to deal with. Every one in three students face situations like damping or moulds and are left with worrying about getting their landlord's attention to get them fixed. 

Under the rental agreement, landlords are subjected to the removal of any damping or moulding and are held responsible for and cover them before the minute cavities could convert into much bigger holes. To deploy necessary action, students must read the housing guide for United Kingdom which can help them find out all the services to expect from student rooms.

Additionally, tenants are required to act promptly and remove condensation in their place to avoid any further damp or mould in the future. They can avoid condensation by using extractor fans to maintain a regular inflow of heat inside the apartment. Students can also use drying lines or tumble dryers to manage the damps. 

3. Difficult landlords

Landlord-Tenant Laws

Difficult landlords are considered widespread problems among students. Untimely visitations, unauthorized entries, sticking their nose into personal matters, and rental issues are some of the most common problems to experience. 

Another survey carried out by Save the Student Organization shows that almost 16% of students are dealing with some of the other problems with their landlords or agents and having the worst part to have waited for over a month to get to a cooperative result. 

To tackle such situations, it is crucial to gain the attention of higher authorities and report the problems quickly. Also, students should keep a note of any communication, any evidence of how such scenarios affected their living or any of the belongings. 

4. Mice, pests, and vermin

Uninvited guests including rodents, mice, and disease-causing vermin are a frequent issue in student accommodation. These could arise in a place simply because of the presence of large crowds. More people means more food, more dishes. Thus, higher chances of leaving dishes unwashed.  

Notably, having trouble with mice and pests is the responsibility of the landlord. But if students are to be found with any neglect or non-permissible level of cleaning, the students are to be held "Convict" to deal with the following. 

Simple precautions like cleaning before going out can minimize the size of breeding and terminate population growth. Additionally, students living in a group can assign duties of cleaning the dishes out to make the place less stinky. 

Also, read the latest COVID-19 updates in UK universities to check whether your accommodation is COVID safe or not. 

5. Shabby building work


Disruptive building work is robust when it comes to adding difficulty in student lives. The noise pollution alone can leave you feeling distraught. It affects more than one in 10 students and is becoming common in student accommodation. 

As this falls on the landlord's shoulder, it is essential to notify them in advance to make sure that everything goes well. Having the place reworked is also a good chance to discuss topics like rent reduction, provision of compensation, or sharing of bills if workers utilize any of their belongings. 

The main point here is to bring adequate attention to their ear without causing more trouble. If the building work is not taken care of, students can report such matters to house and homelessness charity, Shelter or Citizens Advice Bureau, and the National Union of Students as well.

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