Posted on September 10, 2021
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If you can't decide whether to travel or continue your education after graduation, why not combine the two and pursue a master's degree in Europe? The greatest part? It may even be free! 

You may now receive Postgraduate Loans to help pay for a master's degree in the UK, but it will still add to your student debt, and you'll have to pay for living expenses. While many European institutions provide free tuition to EU students, just a handful allow non-EU students to attend.

Is Education free in Europe?

It is in certain nations but not in others. Many of Europe's university systems are publicly sponsored, which means that higher education is frequently subsidised in part or entirely by each nation's government.

Consequently, they can provide a top-notch education for a fraction of the cost we pay in the UK, and in certain circumstances, they can even offer free courses.

However, there is a catch. These courses are generally only offered to students from the European Union. This does not apply to UK students because we are no longer members of the EU. Fortunately, several nations allow non-EU students to enroll in postgraduate programmes for free or modestly.

Keep in mind that some of these destinations have higher living costs than the UK, so the money you save on your degree may wind up going into rent and food instead – so do your homework before deciding where you want to go!



Norway has it all: crystal clear fjords, attractive cities, and the chance to view the Northern Lights. Even better, it's the only European country where anyone, regardless of nationality, may earn a master's degree for free. 

  • Master’s degree fees for UK and non-EU students: Unrestricted (and absolutely no hidden fees or charges).

  • Best Universities for overseas students: The University of Oslo and the University of Bergen are two universities in Norway.

  • Financial support to UK students: If you have completed your bachelor's degree from Norway before beginning your master's degree, or if you have a family member who is an EEA national residing in Norway, you may be eligible for financial support. 

  • Why choose Norway: Norway boasts good living standards and low crime rates, in addition to giving entirely free courses. You won't need to learn Norwegian language abilities before migrating because the majority of Norwegians speak English.

  • What’s the catch?: Despite the lack of tuition fees, Norway is one of the most expensive nations in Europe to live in. To help with the expenses, check into the numerous grants and scholarships available to international students.



Germany is a fantastic destination to study abroad since it is home to some of Europe's best universities. Its capital, Berlin, is one of Europe's most fashionable cities. You will have no trouble finding some fantastic bars and clubs for a fun night out. Furthermore, you'll be pleased to learn that most German cities have meager living expenses!

  • Master’s degree fees for the UK and non-EU students: Free (except for universities in Baden-Württemberg).

  • Best Universities for overseas students: Munich Technical University and Berlin Humboldt University

  • Financial support to UK students: Unless one of your parents is a German citizen, you have a German spouse, or you've lived in Germany for five years, there are no requirements. For postgraduate scholarships to study in Germany, see the DAAD UK website.

  • Why choose Norway: Germany has been labeled one of the most welcoming nations globally for international students. Its excellent universities, along with cheap living costs, make it a perfect destination for studying abroad.

  • What’s the catch?: Depending on the university, most students are obliged to pay an administrative fee or 'Semesterbeitrag' of €50–€100 every semester.  However, this frequently includes a public transportation ticket as well as discounts, so it's not a waste of money!

Czech Republic

Czech Republic

The Czech Republic has some of Central Europe's top institutions and welcomes international students in more than 20 cities. Cities like Prague and Brno have a thriving nightlife, yet expensive booze is challenging to get by.

  • Master’s degree fees for the UK and non-EU students: Only master's degrees offered in Czech are free.

  • Best Universities for overseas students: In Prague, there are two universities: Charles University and Czech Technical University.

  • Financial support to UK students: There are no scholarships available for overseas students; however, there are several.

  • Why choose the Czech Republic: Aside from the low living costs and good quality of life, studying in the Czech Republic also allows you to efficiently travel to other European countries in your free time.

  • What’s the catch?: For non-EU students, only master's degrees taught in Czech are free. You will have to pay tuition if you wish to study in English. There may be additional registration costs.



Finland is one of the major countries to study for free in Europe, with a good level of living, low crime rates, and an excellent educational system. Even if you reside in the city, you may easily take weekend getaways to enjoy Finland's breathtaking nature. Don't you think those lovely lakes and woodlands would be ideal for a study break?

  • Master’s degree fees for the UK and non-EU students: Only master's degrees offered in Finnish or Swedish are free.

  • Best Universities for overseas students: The University of Helsinki.

  • Financial support to UK students: Unless you are a Finnish citizen, you will not be eligible for financial assistance. You could qualify if you've been given permanent residency.

  • Why choose Finland: Finland is frequently ranked as one of the happiest countries in the world (if not the most comfortable). And it's easy to see why, given the excellent healthcare, education, and beautiful landscape.

  • What’s the catch?: Unfortunately, English-taught degrees are not accessible for students in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, Finland, like the rest of Scandinavia, is not inexpensive! However, because earnings are proportional to living expenses, part-time work should offer more than enough beer money if combined with schooling.

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