Posted on September 3, 2021
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Sometimes, it takes encouragement to fall in love with a genre. Despite the high demand for suspenseful thrillers, some people may shy away from them. As much as it's underrated, psychological thrillers are one of the best genres in the thriller genre.

The masses currently love underappreciated movies in large numbers. Our goal is to discuss a few of these films to introduce you to this genre and make perhaps your movie nights more enjoyable.

The best movies aren't always the romantic ones with clichéd plots; sometimes, we need to see something thrilling that can thoroughly confuse us. There is nothing quite as intriguing as a psychological thriller that can take our peace of mind away in the best possible ways. Although they don't always fall neatly into the horror category, they terrify us just as much, if not more. Following is the list of 5 underrated psychological thrillers that can be capable enough to twist your brain and leave you questioning a lot about life and your surroundings.

 • Memento


Director: Christopher Nolan

Release date: 16 March, 2001

Filming took place in a suburban home near Pasadena, Burbank, Los Angeles, and an oil refinery near Long Beach. 

The director of Inception and Interstellar brought another puzzle-movie to the screen 

The rich and intelligent Shelby lives in cheap motels despite his beautiful clothes and a new Jaguar. He has made it his life's mission to find the killer of his wife. The problem he faces is a rare form of amnesia, causing him to forget everything before the murder. He also loses the ability to remember something that occurred fifteen minutes ago but does remember everything that took place before the murder.

Despite the film's gimmick form, its structure allows the filmmakers to reveal their secrets while also providing insight into the head of the protagonist without sacrificing the film's consistency.

 • Black Swan

 Black swan

Director: Darren Aronofsky

Release date: 25 February, 2011 

Black Swan was set and filmed in New York.

The diligent ballerina seizes this coveted role and reveals her dark side. Natalie Portman’s first "Oscar"

Suddenly, the prima of the ballet theatre has a hostile rival who can rob her of all parties. A responsible performance brings more rivalry to the surface.

While Black Swan is not the fluffy, campy world you'd expect, it instead dives into repressed desires, jealousy, and rage in a complex and unsettling nightmare. The performance by Portman gives the film the dark heart it needs.

 • Silence of the lambs

Silence of the lambs

Director: Jonathan Demme

Release date: January 30, 1991

Most of the filming was carried out in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, with a few scenes shot in nearby northern West Virginia.

A cannibalistic intellectual lends a hand to a young FBI officer. Anthony Hopkins delivers the ultimate thriller, an unbeatable milestone.

Teenage girls are kidnapped and killed all over the Midwest by a psychopath. Claiming that all the crimes were committed by one person, the FBI instructs Agent Clarissa Starling to meet with maniac prisoner Hannibal Lecter, who could help develop a psychological profile of the killer. Professor Lecter is currently incarcerated for murder and cannibalism. Clarissa agrees to help him at the stake of treating his sick imagination with her own personal details.

A seamless world is created in this movie, capturing the viewer's attention for those two or three hours. As a psychological thriller and psychological drama, Silence of the Lambs scores high points. The film is one of the finest pieces of work ever crafted.

 • Persona


Director: Ingmar Bergman

Release date: 18 October, 1966

The film was shot in Stockholm and Fårö.

In order to speak again, the numbed actress goes to the sea. This is a truly outstanding existential drama by Ingmar Bergman.

Suddenly, the famous actress stopped speaking. A psychiatrist and a nurse send her to the sea because they do not understand what is happening to her. The actress listens and stays silent, while the nurse always speaks, and the boundaries between the personalities of the two women blur gradually.

From the very beginning, this movie will feel too ahead of its time and will surely make you lose your breath. It is undoubtedly one of the most unsettling, haunting sequences to ever appear on screen.

 • The Talented Mr. Ripley

The Talented Mr. Ripley

Director: Anthony Minghella

Release date: December 12, 1999

The movie was filmed entirely in Italy with the exception of a few scenes in New York City. 

Faceless Matt Damon appropriates someone else's dolce vita. An adaptation of Patricia Highsmith's psychological thriller

It was inevitable that Tom Ripley would work his way up sooner or later. One day, Tom makes a chance acquaintance with one of America's wealthiest people and is given a task to convince his son while he is in Europe to return to America instead of wasting his money there. Dickie Greenleaf and Marge soon appear in Tom's life. The luxurious lifestyle of the couple fascinates Tom. The circumstances later lead to his decision to replace Dickie.

The intimacy of objects is the focus of this film. Ripley is a calculating young man who thinks it is better to be a fake somebody than a real nobody. Taking its time to unfold, the plot is impressive nonetheless.

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