Posted on April 21, 2020
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It is a proven fact that the last aim of most Indian students is to travel abroad for higher studies. In general, Indian society gives high relevance to an individual who has studied or is earning abroad. The tag, ' 'NRI', 'foreign returned', 'green card holder, '' etc., are held in high esteem in our country.

It is surprising that a lot of teachers and tutors put a high premium on their students going abroad. Teachers make statements like: "The good students usually visit foreign universities for further studies" or "You are such an intelligent student, you need to sit for the SAT or other similar examinations and go abroad to complete your studies". Children generally accept what their teachers say and thus take such statements at face value. We know you and your family are working very hard for each penny, trying to induce through the gauntlet of school life.

Meaning you ought to attempt to kill it with a fantastic backpacking trip. You would like to play it smart, though; finding ways to chop corners and watching your wallet very carefully to maximize this adventure. The crew at Career Naksha partnered with AmberStudent under the program Global Vidya has just one goal here. We would like you to grab a backpack, wander confidently, and are available back with some cash still within the bank.

The best part about planning is that you just make the foundations, but you would like to hit some checkpoints first. You would like to choose the country you wish to go to, work out how exactly you’re getting there, and ensure you continue to have a touch money left over after for your next trip. Use these 6 tips to stay your planning trip on budget, while still having the trip of a lifetime.


For each individual aspiring to study abroad it is very important to understand their own will and calibre first, without this it is very hard to set the goal or further plan anything. Here in Career Naksha, we employee an experienced team of abroad education consultants and certified councillors to guide the student on how and where to study abroad. Our counsellors have experiences in a wide range of fields, industries, MNCs, startups, having a common vision to guide, mentor and work closely with candidates to build their career.

We priorly try to study the background, personality, aptitude and ambition of the candidates. We have an online career test that evaluates 5 dimensions including Personality, Aptitude, Interest, Skills, Knowledge and Work Style, to suggest career options.


This is the most important step wherein our future journey lies. Herein we need to turn every stone up side down in all possible ways to find the best of the options for a bright career. In this step our expert research team prepares a compatible, personalised list of colleges, countries and streams based on the student’s profile and budget. According to the background of the candidates, a detailed career development plans, list of colleges, career paths are made. We do complete, end to end research about a country, to help you understand the career prospects, expenses, opportunities, visa, PR, ROI etc.


Just planning the journey won’t lead you to your destination, for that you to lay down the first brick of your building by preparing in the best way for the competitive exams like GRE, TOEFL, IELTS, GMAT and SAT. Like sport, exams require knowledge, skills, practice and a positive attitude. Having the right attitude towards your study is very important; your goal is to perform at your peak on exam day. Being well prepared boosts your confidence. For this we provide online study material for exams and ensure high score by using a preparation and enhancement strategy. As well as, we prepare the candidates for the interview and other processes.


Never wait for the last moment when it comes to application submission. Unless it is submitted successfully all your hard work for trip to abroad is a waste. There are a lot of things a person needs to keep in mind while submitting the application such as input of correct data, 0 mistakes in the application form, submission on or before time. We do end to end application assistance and tracking facility. And also, we help the candidates to write a perfect Statement Of Purpose (SOP) and Letter Of Recommendation (LOR).


All documents need to be translated into the official language of the respective country and legally authenticated by a competent authority. This implies an officer stamp could stand between you and your degree. Make sure you read carefully the documents that are required and prepare them as soon as possible. Doing this early offers you a good advantage. If you send the documents and something is wrong, you continue to have enough time to create the required changes. Other that this get your passport as early as possible, and apply for your visa on time. If you have a passport, double and triple check the expiration date. Make sure it will last you well beyond your semester abroad. For this we have a team that helps the candidates for getting the visa and train the candidates for the same.


By getting everything organized ahead of time, you can lay back and enjoy the journey-especially when you consider all the money you saved with prior planning. Gather all your plane tickets, itineraries, maps, etc., and keep them on hand for stress-free, efficient travel. Get the best home stay or apartment booked before hand to avoid the last-minute hustle in you budget. With the help with our large network we assist you in every step of your plan to study abroad.

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