Posted on March 26, 2020
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So you have your accommodation sorted and now you’re deciding on what to take for when you move in.Moving into accommodation can seem scary, especially when deciding what you should take with you, or where to buy your student essentials when you don’t know the local area. Don’t let this put you off from getting excited about your new start. We’ve compiled a list of 7 essential items to have with you at the startof your move.

Duvet & Pillow


Let’s face it, no one wants to be sleeping in their coat on the first night! A comfy duvet and pillow is definitely an essential when moving into your accommodation. Prices can vary depending on your budget but you can easily find something that nice quality without breaking the bank. Don’t forget to get your bed covers whilst you’re at it!

Travel Adapter


Being away from home, you want to be able to stay connected with your friends and family from the moment you arrive. Having a travel adapter handy is a must. Adapters are usually quite affordable and a necessity for international students moving abroad.

Cutlery and crockery


Plates, forks, knives and everything else required to eat. It goes without saying that having a set of cutlery and crockery is important for when you move in. You might even want to grab a few extra plates if you plan on having friends over for dinner!

Laundry Basket


Keep your room tidy and keep those clothes off the floor by having a laundry basket, you might prefer to have one that collapses and can be neatly tucked away for the days that you don’t use it.



Ensure you have some hangers to put your clothes neatly away in your wardrobe. Keep your clothes fresh and ready for those days and nights out. It’s worth checking ahead to see if your accommodation provides them, but it’s always handy to have a few spare!

Cooking Kit – Pots & Pans


As a student, you’re most likely going to spend a lot of your time eating in to avoid spending unnecessary money. Try to have a selection of various pots and pans if you can so you can experiment with different meals when you move. Always remember to check with your accommodation which sort of pots and pans are suitable for the hobs.

Towels and bathroom bits


It’s a smart idea to have your own set of towels for when you move in, and other bathroom toiletries you might need, also don’t forget a spare set for when one lot is in the wash.We’ve teamed up with our friends at UniKitOut, you can pre-order all of the essential items you need and more to be waiting for you at your accommodation ready for your arrival. Save 10% by quoting STUDENTSOURCE10.

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