Posted on October 27, 2021
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Being a student is nothing but an upsie-downsie roller coaster ride of adventurous, energetic, and dramatic days of your teens and twenties. From managing your assignments to attending those late-night gigs, you handle your student life like a champ. But amid this life, you often feel a better prospect of situations than the ones present. 

At this age, you also are the fullest of energy, have time to pursue your passion, hobby-doing, and most importantly, travel. But even in those constrained budgets, we tend to achieve success and learn positive survivalist skills that support our lifelong methodologies. And as you sharpen your sword of brilliant expense handling, you are all but feared to face the world. 

With this article, we aim to find out is traveling cheap but quality possible? And if yes, how can you avail these loopholes in your travel planner and leverage their benefits. So, let's get started with the most common of all.

-Flights aren't always that expensive!

Flights aren't always that expensive!

When it comes to studying abroad like the UK or the US, every student's first thing is to look up flights for traveling. While it is essential to research your options, many studies have often found that booking flights well in advance save ample bucks during booking. Additionally, one recent research shows that you get cheaper airfares by booking your flight tickets at midnight - Monday through Wednesday. So - stay awake, save more!

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-Shop during Black Friday or Garage sales

Another great advantage of your adulthood is the benefit of buying bulk items for discounted prices at Black Friday or Garage Sales before you travel. Many of the UK and the US cities often arrange monthly garage sales where many families put up their unused clothes at slashed prices. Buying things like furniture or other knick-knacks at Flea markets or Garage sales is profitable primarily than the regular stores. 

-Make the most out of credit cards

Make the most out of credit cards

We agree credit cards are a double-edged sword. But if you carefully implement your actions, a credit card is a blessing in disguise. For starters, you can track your credit card transaction history and check whether your credit score is above average or not to maintain good credibility in the future. You can also earn rewards like cash, cashback, or even special travel discount offer points for paying timely bills or keeping your spending under its limit. 

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-Find a Home Away From Home

As renting is the most common query after traveling, students can swiftly benefit from booking affordable accommodation at best off-season packages. With many pocket-friendly deals present on Amber, you can filter, select, and book the best-discounted properties in over 150+ cities. We also deliver virtual tours, zero-cancellation fees, and one-on-one customer service for each student, enabling your decision to be taken with utmost care and quality. 

-When in Rome Eat Like the Romans

When in Rome Eat Like the Romans

A common myth around traveling is that eating out forces you to step out of the budget. While lavish restaurants can do so, many international travelers admit that local food corners like eat-and-go joints bring delicious food offerings at much lower prices. For example, you can try eating a full English breakfast, kidney pie, or shepherd's pie in the UK as almost all of these cost less as the ingredients are locally sourced.

-Don't leave behind your student ID 

One of the significant benefits of traveling with the "student" title is to leverage your student ID, which helps you step your toes even at the most expensive locations with ample discounts. For example, using student discounts on everything from train tickets to museum fees worldwide allows you to pay almost half of what you pay as an adult. And if your stars are aligned, nobody can stop you from getting similar discounts with an AAA membership or travel card.

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-Use an international bank account

Using an international bank account gives you the ammunition to overcome recurring credit card fees every time you swipe it. That's why you can use a high-yield investor account such as Charles Schwab. You can use your amount without incurring irregular rates and reimburse your ATM fees (both in the US and worldwide). Some months it can save you up to $50! Great, isn't it.

-Do Side Hustle, Even If You're Away

Do Side Hustle, Even If You're Away

How can anyone earn while traveling? Well, many freelance jobs such as travel bloggers, data collection agents, digital guide makers, and professional photographers allow you to collect basic ground details of new cities. Such data are to be shared with various MNCs for respective regional analysis and can pay suitable amounts on an hourly basis. With such a back up for a rainy day, it is a win-win situation for your traveling days and your bank account too!

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