Posted on February 9, 2021
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Leicester is a fantastic place for students. It has budget-friendly housing systems with lots of amenities, a comfortable lifestyle, and rich culture.

Leicester is the tenth-largest city in the United Kingdom. It has several famous educational institutes. This makes the place a hotspot for students. With many students studying in this area, this place has several accommodation services and offers a lavish lifestyle.

The accommodation system is so good that it is considered the third best city to live in, right after Manchester and Cambridge.

Why Is Leicester So Popular?

The biggest reason for Leicester being popular is that the housing and accommodation system here is very budget-friendly. Living here is much more cost-effective than in the neighboring city of Nottingham.

But how cost-effective is this? Well, surveys have found that housing rent in Leicester is  £342. Other cities like Sheffield cost £383, Nottingham costs £436, and Birmingham costs £469. The cheap cost does not mean that living standards are low. They are almost on equal terms with the housing service, which makes this city extremely cost-efficient.

Students living in Leicester are more aware of their studies. They go out and socialize less, so the area is very student-friendly. 

The cost of transportation and other services in Leicester are also much cheaper than in other cities. All of these combined make Leicester a very demanding place for students.

Popular Living Locations In Leicester

There are quite a few popular options for accommodation for students in Leicester. Here is a list of them and why a student might want to live here.

1. Clarendon Park/Knighton Area

Very close to the famous University of Leicester. It also has multiple religious places of different ethnicities. Guru Amar Das Gurdwara for Sikhs, Geetha Bhawan Hindu Temple for Hindus, Leicester Progressive Jewish Congregation, and Messianic Jewish Synagogue for Jews lot of Churches for Christians. There are also several places for social gatherings.

2. City Center

Being the central business district, the City Center has good transportation service. It also has many shops and malls and a good number of restaurants. 

These can be excellent recreational places where students can enjoy their free time. It also holds some historical buildings like The Victoria Park war memorial, St Nicholas' Church, The Newark Magazine Gateway, and much more.

3. Highfields

The Highfields is a very diverse place, as this area has people from different nationalities. Irish, Polish, Pakistani, Indian, African, there are many cultures gathered in this place. This allows the students to know more about other nations and their lifestyle.

4. Aylestone

Aylestone has kept much of its former village-like stature, and it cannot be called a completely urban area. This is a very popular place for students who want to enjoy studying, staying in a place with a rural vibe to it.

5. Evington

Evington has many open places, and Evington Park is also a great place to enjoy leisure time. This area is quite popular for Muslim students because of Masjid Umar Mosque.

6. Stoneygate

Stoneygate is an amiable place, and the region’s hospitality makes this place feel like home. There is also a railway directly linked to London, so many students want to live here. The transport system in Stoneygate is also secure.

Housing Options In Leicester

Now, for all the popular areas in Leicester, there are mainly two types of housing systems. One is halls of residence, and the other is Private student houses.

Halls Of Residence

Many universities in Leicester have halls the students can live in. The students live in these halls of residence and have to pay rent for staying in these halls. The halls have many amenities like a leasing café, Wi-Fi, Laundry, lounge, common room, etc.

Private Student Houses

The students who do not wish to live in university-provided dorms and halls or do not have a seat look for a private house and live there. Sometimes, multiple students take one room and share the rent among themselves. 

This reduces the cost of living, but this housing option does not come with high-quality amenities. The students need to get these amenities by themselves.

Things To Consider Before Moving In Leicester

Wherever you move in Leicester, you must keep the following factors in mind-

  • There are multiple transportation services; ensure that there is at least one bus stop or rail station near the place you are moving in.

  • There will be no cultural barriers. People of different ethnicities and cultures can mix freely.

  • Check the cost of amenities.

  • Ensure that the house or hall you are living in has proper safety and security.

Leasing Terms In Leicester

Security Fee

A security fee is deposited to the property owner, and it is refundable at the end of the stay. This security fee is about £150-250.

Admin Fee

landowners levy on the renters this charge. This is non-refundable, and the cost is £50-100.

Leasing Duration

The leasing duration that is mostly recommended is 1 year. However, some students can also have a leasing duration of 6 months. Some landowners can also permit a 3-month short-term lease.

Cancellation Policy

Should a student cancel his leasing term, he must do so within 3-14 days of booking the house. After 14 days, the student must pay a weekly fee until the room is rented.

Pet Policies

Almost in all cases, pets are not allowed. They are only allowed if they are registered as assistance dogs.

Number of Tenants

How many tenants can stay in one apartment is listed in the apartment guidelines. Generally, the policy is one room per student.

Required Documents

The required documents include a photocopy of your university admit card. Other than that, nothing else is required.

Final Thoughts

Most students have a tight budget and need to find a budget-friendly place that provides comfort and a good lifestyle. Leicester allows the students to live in a friendly and hospitable environment. It has all the necessities. So Leicester should be a primary choice for students if they are looking for a place to move in,

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