Posted on August 1, 2017
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You are going abroad to your dream university, away from home probably for the first time, then we know you are nervous and excited at the same time with many doubts in mind. Don’t worry! You have no reason to fear because we are here, to prepare you for all the challenges ahead in your journey. All you need to do is follow us and take us along with you, on your journey! This time we are ready with a complete and thorough list of guidelines to make your travel memorable and more enjoyable. Now that your admission is confirmed and you got your VISA, let’s move to the next step:

Booking a flight:

  • The first and most important step is to know the city and surroundings of your university well and identify the nearest international airport to your university. You will be flying there.
  • In case the airport near your university is regional, you will have fly there again in a domestic flight from the nearest international airport. While making this choice, always inquire thoroughly whether going by road to your university from the international airport or taking a domestic flight to the nearest regional airport, which one is cheaper.
  • Always try having company by flying together along with your friends. This way you can be more confident and tension-free. In case you don’t have anyone you know going to the same destination, don’t worry, you can always make new friends in the airport.
  • There are many others like you. Try reaching out. By now you would have joined many social media groups of your universities. So you can always try reaching out people there and then book tickets together.
  • The next step is to plan your travel properly. You should have a rough estimate of the usual flying time and airport procedures for international passengers. You can always go to travel agents. They can give you some good advice as they have enough experience in booking flights along with decent offers and discounts. Make sure that you know him well and is reliable. Keep note of his contact details, just in case you have to contact him again, in case of an emergency.
  • If you want to book your flight online, always try booking directly from the airlines website instead of the third party websites. This way your fares will be cheaper. While booking, always make sure that there is enough time between connecting flights of at least 2–3 hrs. This way you can be sure that although the first flight is late by an hour or so, you have enough time to check-in for the next.
  • Make sure that your connecting flight is of the same airline or an affiliated airline so that your check-in luggage is directly changed to the next airline without your interference. In case you don’t find Ala cheaper connecting flight in the same or affiliated airline options and want to go for an other airline, make sure that you have enough time to collect your baggage and then do the check-in procedure again.
  • Always check transit VISA requirements of countries where you board connecting flights. If you are travelling from India to USA, then transit VISA is probably not required. But if you are travelling from USA to India, you have to be careful. Check out the link to know the transit VISA requirement for different countries
  • Always check baggage preferences while booking a flight. We need the one which provides a reasonable amount of baggage at moderate prices only.
  • Always check reviews and comments before booking an airline. Airlines with poor customer service leave you with a bad travel experience. You don’t want to upset your first travelling experience by making mistakes. Hence, always do as much search as you can and be confident with the choices you make.

Booking your Accommodation:

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Packing your luggage:


  • You are packing to go abroad and you wouldn’t probably return back home till a year at least. So in case you don’t have bigger and travel luggage bags, purchase some. Purchase separately for cabin luggage and check-in luggage. Make sure that your check-in luggage has security locking system and tags where you can write your name and address for emergencies.
  • You should always start packing by making a list. Write everything down and then make checklist of what all you need. Imagine yourself already abroad and think of all the things you will need.
  • Filter out the things which are the highest priority separately and pack them first. After packing them, then check how many more kgs are left. Then pack in the remaining things as per the baggage allowance limits of the respective airlines.
  • Always make sure that you carry important things which you’ll have use during the flight or in the airport along with you in the cabin luggage. Airlines provide allowance limits separately for check-in and cabin luggage.
  • After you finish packing, always make a note of the things present inside each bag. This is very important because, if you face any problems in the airport during the baggage screening or at the time of check-in due to overweight, you can immediately figure it out which things to remove or replace with the help of the list.
  • Always carry general wear, seasonal wear/winter wear., official wear along with you. Never underestimate the climatic conditions. You will have to be prepared for the worst. If you are going in winter, you have to be well prepared. You can check-out everything you need for this winter at
  • Just in case, for emergency conditions, carry enough stuff for a day along with you in the cabin luggage like a pair of clothes to wear, towel, your tooth brush etc for those situations where your check-in luggage may have been lost by mistake until your airline gets it back for you.
  • Take all the important documents with you. You never know when something is required. Always keep the photocopies in your check-in baggage too. Your important documents should include: The original copy of I-20, original passport with valid F1 VISA stamping, the original form of I-94, Cash, important Demand Drafts, any other documents that US consulate gave you, your previous academic certificates, vaccination certificate, Letter of admission.
  • Always carry enough cash with you. You need some to make phone calls and rent trolleys at the airport. You might also need to buy some food at airports. Cash is necessary even for emergency situations, if you miss your flight and have to stay at a nearby hotel.
  • Always make arrangements for pick-up from the airport to your home before hand.
  • If possible, buy a calling card here itself before you leave. This way you save yourself a lot of time and work. You can also make use of the WiFi in the airports to call your parents via Skype. This way it is a lot cheaper. But always keep back-up. You don’t want to leave your parents worrying.
  • Don’t forget to call the airlines 3–4 days prior to give your meal preferences. If you are a vegetarian, be careful and confirm again whether the food served to you is “No Meat” or not.
  • Always be prepared for Jet Lag. Jet Lag is the disturbance created in your sleep cycle because of the change in time zones. It may cause temporary fatigue, insomnia as a result of air travel across time zones. So if you land in the afternoon, try to stay awake till 8–9 pm before you sleep.

On the day of your travel:

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  • Start the day by wearing something comfortable. It is going to be along journey. Prepare your mind ready for that. Prepare a last minute checklist before hand so that you don’t forget anything behind at home.
  • Make sure you reach the airport at least 2 hrs before the check-in time.It is probably the first time you are travelling. You don’t want to rush and cause trouble to yourself.
  • Stay calm and don’t feel nervous. At different places of your journey, several officers are going to question you. You are well-prepared to that. So answer them confidently with out hesitation.
  • Always read about the details document requirements and complete airplane boarding procedure in detailed. This knowledge give you confidence during your first time travel.
  • Always make sure that you have company while traveling. In case you don’t bring company with you, you can always make new friends in the airport. You can even take adjacent tickets in the plane. Just ask the check-in staff to give you adjacent seats while collecting your boarding pass.
  • Make sure that the destination stamped on your check-in luggage is correct.
  • Once you board the plane, relax and take rest. Try to sleep most of your journey. This way you can get relieved from the tiredness of the journey. In case you have any doubts, don’t hesitate to ask the flight attendants. Pay attention to the safety instructions they tell at the start of the flight.
  • Try moving in the airplane. Don’t hesitate to go to the wash rooms. keep moving every 2 hrs to prevent leg cramps. Keep taking fluids during the journey and stay hydrated.
  • When asked for food, mention particularly as “No Meat”. Some people don’t understand “vegetarian”. 0-wt2JC4FEfyEnXDVs
  • After you reach the transit airport, you have the next boarding pass of the connecting flight ready with you. So just proceed for security check again and wait at your destined gate number.
  • Once your security check is done and enough time left, you can just roam around and have a look. Don’t forget to call/inform your parents that you reached carefully. For this, you can use the WiFi in the airport for internet calling or calling cards in case you got them earlier or pay phones if you have the local currency of the transit country/international credit cards.
  • If you have a airport change, you need a transit visa of the local country. Some countries have a transit visa requirement if your destination VISA is expired. Refer to the link mentioned before to know transit visa requirements of different countries.

Arrival at the Destination Airport:

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  • After you reach the port of entry(POE) of your destination country, you have keep your passport and customs form ready to show at the immigration line. Immigration officer will check your passport, VISA, customs form. He may ask you some question regarding the type of your VISA, purpose of your trip etc. He takes your fingerprints and digital photograph. And then he stamps the arrival date and end of stay permission and type of VISA on your passport. This last date stamped is the limit of your legal permission in the country. If you have any doubts and discrepancies get them clarified then and there.
  • After that you can collect your baggage and exit the airport. If you couldn’t find your baggage, contact the airline representative immediately. If there is any delay, leave your address details with him. The airlines would send your baggage directly to that address. In case you baggage is missing, the airline would compensate the loss according to their norms. But this is very rare. So don’t worry! Your baggage will be safe.
  • After you collect your baggage, clear customs by showing him the customs form and you are free to go.

  • If you have an other connecting flight to catch, you will have to proceed to the check-in again.

  • If there is a delay in any of the flights, the airlines would take care of your meals and stay. You need not worry about spending extra money. In case you miss a flight, consult your airline representatives in the airport. They will accommodate you in the next flight or suggest you any alternatives.
  • Now you have stepped on soil, you just a few minutes of road travel away to reach your dream university and new home.

Ta Da! You have learnt pretty much enough already. So got to be confident and throw that nervousness away. Follow us for more such info. Share this with your friends to help them learn too. See you soon.

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