Posted on August 5, 2021
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Universities and Colleges Admissions Service (UCAS) is a centralised organisation present in the United Kingdom through which students apply to universities. Anyone who wants to pursue an undergraduate degree in the United Kingdom must apply through UCAS. They manage all aspects of the university application processes in the United Kingdom.

The UCAS is primarily focused on assisting students in selecting the appropriate university and assisting universities in selecting the appropriate pupils. Through their application process, you can choose and apply to an institution, following which universities will consider your application and decide whether or not to grant you a place.

How UCAS can help you?

How UCAS works?

The UCAS is a very important organisation and is beneficial for students who want to study in the UK. The UCAS aims at making the admission process as simple as possible for everyone involved. They are involved in various aspects related to the education field, such as:

  • Providing dependable and efficient admission services in the Digital age, especially due to the pandemic.

  • Act as the go-to source for data-driven higher education needs and ideas.

  • Connecting students around the world to higher education in the United Kingdom.

Along with this, they offer various unique methods such as Clearing that can help students find universities even if they face problems such as missing the initial application date.

What is Clearing?

Most universities tend to be left with many available slots even after exam results are released. The UCAS Clearing procedure is an application procedure that starts after the standard applications for UK universities have closed. Clearing assists university applicants in locating and applying for open positions at universities across the United Kingdom. This is very beneficial for universities and students as it helps fill out many of the remaining seats. Some of the reasons wherein you can apply for Clearing as a student are - 

  • If you don't achieve the required exam results for the university programme you had applied for.

  • If you have not applied through the UCAS for UK universities until the 30th June deadline, you have the option to apply directly into Clearing.

  • If you have either not received or not accepted any offers from Universities in the UK

Most people begin Clearing in August after obtaining their exam results. It provides those who have been denied admission to a university/college with a second chance to enrol in a programme.

Clearing has been very efficient in the past. Last year, approximately 70,000 students (Source - UCAS Media) were accepted into UK universities such as the University of GlasgowKing's College LondonUniversity of Edinburgh, etc., through Clearing. Nearly 52,000 students applied through the regular UCAS admission procedure, while the remainder applied directly to Clearing. Just through this, you can see that Clearing plays a significant role in UK university acceptance and is a great way to get in yourself!

How does Clearing work?

UCAS Clearing 2021

If you have already applied to the UCAS before 30th June, there is no need to worry as all open applications will be shifted to Clearing once the process begins. On the other hand, if you have not previously filled out an application, you must first register and submit an application directly into Clearing on the UCAS website. 

Unlike standard applications before Clearing, you won't have to select any specific choices until after you have submitted the application. Following this, you'll receive a welcome email with instructions on how to get started with Track, along with your Clearing number.

What is Clearing Plus?

UCAS Clearing 2021

Starting this year, students can now avail Clearing Plus, which is a more efficient way to apply to universities through Clearing. The Clearing Plus process begins by going through your original application choices, as well as your qualifications and grades. Then we look at what similar Clearing students went on to study in prior years. Your profile is then matched to each course by our team. Through this, Clearing is made more personalized and efficient for students and universities.

How does UCAS affects the booking of accommodation?

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Important Dates

15th January 2021 – Last date for UCAS applications for the majority of undergraduate courses.

30th June 2021 – UCAS applications for all topics and universities close. After this date, all applications will automatically be entered into the Clearing process.

4th July 2021 – The last date to add an extra to your UCAS Track.

10th August 2021 – SQA, A-Level, Diploma, and GCE results are published. Following this, the course vacancy lists for Clearing will be published on UCAS Track.

21st September 2021 – Last date for 2021 university applications.

19th October 2021 – Deadline for colleges and universities to select students, after which Clearing ends for 2021 entry.

Frequently Asked Questions about UCAS & Clearing

Q: Is it necessary to apply through the UCAS?

A: If you want to study in the United Kingdom, it is very important to apply through the UCAS. 

Q: Is the UCAS only for UK universities?

A: Yes, the UCAS currently is specifically for UK universities and does not aid/manage the admission process for other countries.

Q: When does Clearing open in 2021?

A: UCAS Clearing begins at 6:00 PM (GMT) on 30th June 2021. On this date, all previous applications will be entered into the Clearing

Q: How do I apply for Clearing?

A: On the UCAS site,, create a UCAS Track account. You can use this account to apply before the Clearing dates, after which you will be shifted to Clearing if you are not selected, or you can wait and apply directly to Clearing through the website.

Q: What is the cost for applying through Clearing?

A: You'll have to pay an extra GBP 6 to apply through Clearing if you originally applied for one course at the reduced fee of GBP 20.

Q: How many universities can I apply for through Clearing?

A: You can apply for as many universities as you want and receive multiple verbal offers as well.

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