Posted on June 5, 2018

Q. What is Amberstudent ? How do you help students.

A. AmberStudent is an online platform for Student & Working Professionals travelling and staying in US, UK and Australia. We help you by getting you settled in our partnered properties. We don't own any property; we are just a platform to make booking process easier.

Q. What are the benefits of booking through Amberstudent?

A. Finding an apartment is a tedious process. Many times students take decisions without having full information. Most of the websites don't provide all the information which is crucial for an international student.

The benefits of booking with us is that there will be 100% transparency in everything, timely communication and all help would be provided from our side. If you face any difficulty in booking the form or need help in any of the intermediate process, you will be provided all the information.

Q. Does Amberstudent charge any kind of service fee?

A. We DO NOT CHARGE any fees for the booking procedure. All the payments will be done by you to the property directly. We play no role in the payment procedure. It is between you and the property only.

Booking process

Q. What is the process of booking?

A. The first step of booking an apartment involves filling up the application form and paying the application and the administration fee.

You then need to either upload your documents (I20, financial docs, passport) or email them to the property manager. The application is then processed which usually takes 2-3 business days. After the screening process is completed, you will receive an email from the leasing agent informing whether your application has been approved or not. Your application could be rejected for many reasons, viz. Wrongly filled information or insufficient funds. Just contact Amberstudent if you want to know the specific reason for the rejection of your application.

Q. Is apartment booking same as hotel booking?

A. No, apartment booking is not the same as hotel booking. In apartment booking you need to follow a proper procedure. You need to fill the application form which might or might not be approved. Then you have to pay some deposit and rent on or before your move in date. You also need to pay some application fee and administration fee at the time of filling the application. If the application is rejected, the application and administration fee is not refunded.

Q. How long does it take to get confirmation of booking?

A. Once the application form has been filled and the application fee and the administration have been paid, it usually takes around 2-3 business days for the screening process. Once the application is approved, you need to pay the deposit and rent on or before the move in date(subject to property). The entire process can be completed in 3 days.

Q. How much do I need to pay online before moving into the apartment? What are the different charges?

A. Before moving in, you'll need to pay the application fee and the administration fee. Deposit and rent is to be paid on or before the move in date(subject to property).

Q. I am not sure whether I'll book a particular apartment. Can I put an apartment on hold by giving some token amount?

A. No, you cannot put an apartment on hold by paying any token amount. Proper booking procedure has to be followed to book any apartment.

Q. If I fill the form/application, does it mean it is booked?

A. No, it does not mean its booked. Your documents are sent for scanning/background check. Your unit at an apartment is booked only when the property management confirms by email and you receive a lease agreement.

Group booking

Q. We are a group of 4 students and want to book an apartment? How is it different from single person booking?

A. If one person is booking the apartment, he will be the main applicant and there will be no co applicants. Only he would have to fill the application form which means only his name will be on the lease. If 4 people are booking an apartment, each and every one of them would have to fill the same application form and everyone's name would be on the lease. Application fee is charged per applicant whereas administration fee is for the whole apartment.

Q. We are 3 people. Our 4th friend will join after some time. Can we 3 book an apartment and later on ask our friend to join?

A. Yes, initially 3 people can book an apartment and the 4th one can join later. His name will be added to the lease only when he fills a similar application form and pays the application fee. It can be done either online or manually by the leasing agent(subject to property).

Q. How many people can stay in 1BHK/2BHK/3BHK?

A. In 1BHK - 2 can be accommodated In 2BHK - 4 can be accommodated In 3BHK - 6 can be accommodated

Q. What is the cancellation policy of this particular flat. Will I get refund? What is the refund process.

A. If you're looking to cancel a unit/flat, kindly draft an email to property well in advance stating the unit number and send it to the property manager. If the email is sent within a given time frame set by the property, you'll get your security deposit back if applicable between 20-30 days. Application and administration fee is non-refundable.


Q. What is the mode of payment?

A. Online Payment, Card Payment.

Q. Can I use credit-card? Bank transfer?

A. Yes, both can be used. Card payment is more preferable as it is easy and convenient. For bank transfer, you will need routing number (for US accounts).

Q. Can I pay some amount and pay all the amount later on ?

A. You need to pay Application and Administration fee when filling the application form. The deposit and first months rent can be paid on or before the move in date(subject to property).

Apartment faq

Q. What is the meaning of BHK?

A. B-Bedroom, H-Hall, K-Kitchen. 1 BHK ==> one bedrrom, one hall and one kitchen 2 BHK ==> Two bedrooms, one hall and one kitchen 3 BHK ==> Three bedroom, one hall and one kitchen

Q. Will the apartments be furnished ? I can see all the photos have furniture.

A. Apartments are NOT furnished, photos are for creative purpose to show how it can/will look like if you furnish it accordingly. You'll have to arrange the furniture yourself. You will be provided with basic amenities like refrigerator, dishwasher, washer dryer, microwave, stove, air conditioning(subject to property).


Q. What information will be asked when I book the apartment?

A. You'll need to provide scanned copies of your I20, Bank Loan, Passport. You'll need to provide all the general information about yourself like DOB, employment status if any, employment details, current address, previous address, SSN(not valid for non US citizens), emergency contact details, etc.

Q. How much will I have to pay before moving into the apartment? And at which stage will I have to pay?

A. You'll have to pay the application and administration fee in the initial time of the booking. Then the property will decide the deposit for the apartment based on your application screening. Generally the deposit and rent is to be paid on the move in date only but you might need to pay earlier(Decided by the property). In some cases, apartments also charge some holding fee to hold the apartment for you till your move in date. The holding fee is later adjusted in your deposit.

Q. What is lock-in lock-out terms and conditions?

A. If you break the lease, you might face some penalty charges which varies from apartment to apartment.

Q. How much time will be invested if I start booking this apartment ?

A. If all documents are available, the booking can be completed within 3-4 business days. There could be some issues from property side which may increase the overall time.

Q. When will I get the lease and what would it consists of?

A. You'll get your lease confirmation once the booking is confirmed. It would consist of your details given at the time of application(main applicant and co applicants), lease duration and the rent for the apartment.

For any other query contact at or call us at +91-8080763763. or directly send us your query by visting our website request page

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