Posted on February 26, 2019
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University of Bath

University of Bath

The city of bath is a peaceful location where you can expect cheerful people and natural hot springs to be its main centre of attraction. Also known for its 18-century architecture, there are several ancient relics and other structures that are primarily covered with glass and other materials to make it look appealing. Despite all of this the University of Bath is the leading educational institution that attracts several students from all across the world.

It’s got a reputation for being one of the best universities that has a gold rating in terms of teaching and excellence by the teaching excellence framework. Nominally about 16000 students hail from across the world. Due to such high volumes in student intake, there are other prime properties outside of the university that accommodate these students for the best price possible.

Student Life in Bath


Student life in Bath is a whole new, different genre. There are so many great things a student could do outside their education life in the city. Mainly a centre for sports and other recreational activities, the city of bath offers few of the best tracks and places where students can practice sports or have a peaceful time indeed. Bars and pubs are just around the corner, so relaxing and having a good time isn't that far away. Bristol seems to be the nearest city that one could travel if they want other forms of entertainment.

Accommodation in Bath

But then the essential part of anyone educational life is the accommodation where they might want to live in. There are so many student properties in and round of the University of Bath, such that it becomes confusing as to where you might get the best deal.

Student Roost

student roost

Student roost proves to be very beneficial in acquiring the same. They are pioneers in offering the best deals of any property in and around bath that can meet your budget while offering great amenities such as free Wifi, contents insurance, free dual occupancy, self- contained kitchen and you can segregate options through the means of feature and amenities that one might be looking out for.

the depot

The communal lounge at the Student Roost property - The Depot offers a communal area where you can socialize and make new friends, which also offers indoor games. Morever, you can enjoy the luxury of paying monthly instead of bearing the whole rent on one go which is not very ideal for a student studying abroad.

IQ Student

dbbe1e80 Another key player in the role of finding out properties according to your style and taste is IQ students. They are one of the biggest players in offering the best rooms and halls for residences to students who might be looking for accommodation. Around the University of Bath, they have several properties at your desired rates that can provide some seamless options that might lure you in booking one. Hence do check them out to learn more about the services and other offers that they have to offer.

Nightlife in Bath

giphy (1)

Hence when all needs are met, then comes the nightlife in Bath. The nightlife in Bath is pretty standard as to what you might find in other city and town in England. Pubs and bars are filled with people and partying the night away to have the best time of their life. There are few eateries that you could try out that are just around the corner. Even there are other entertainment centres and theatres that one could visit to get their mind-set off their educational life and into something different.

Thus, rounding things off, the educational lifestyle of a student at the University of bath varies from student to student. It's up to students to decide what kind of lifestyle they would like. So choose your options very carefully and make the most out of your university life — all the best.

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