Posted on April 14, 2021
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Getting admission to your dream university abroad demands hard work. Once you crack it, there is no looking back, and your happiness knows no bounds. However, you need to educate yourself with the required essential details regarding going abroad, receiving remittance, money exchange and international travel cards. If you miss this, you might come across several difficulties, which would be hard to overcome. While studying abroad, all you need to do is focus on your education without any worry and difficulties. The following issues are most frequent with students who have studied abroad -

  • Issues to receive remittance

  • Inactive travel cards

  • Issues to have application fee remittance or tuition fee remittance

The ones mentioned above are some of the most recurrent difficulties found among students studying abroad. To avoid facing any of the above ones here is some vital information, which one should consider giving priority if preparing to go abroad for education.

Receiving application fee remittance

The first thing you need to know is that you are expected to pay both living and educational expenses once you reach abroad and join your university. There are many countries where students coming from other countries are allowed to study and work in their free time to pay bills. You should know that the Reserve Bank of India has set some guidelines under the scheme called the Liberalized Remittance Scheme.

As per the guidelines, the most important rule is that any resident, including the students and minors abroad, can freely remit up to two lakhs and fifty thousand dollars every financial year. You can have the amount mentioned above through one transaction or several forex transactions. In case you are a student and found the need to exceed the amount mentioned above, you can certainly avail more by presenting the correct proof. For students, the required document is an estimated amount from the University for maintenance and tuition fees.

What is a Forex Travel Card?

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If you are thinking about what a prepaid travel card is, you should know that it is a travel card precisely to provide travel-specific benefits.  Once you are in a different country, a travel card will help you to withdraw cash, pay and buy necessary items. It is simply because it is not always possible to carry cash while precisely one is not in their native land. A travel card is thus nothing but a significant financial defence to combat any emergency abroad.

Have a Prepaid Travel Card from a trustworthy company

To get a valid travel card, you usually first contact your current bank. Ask for the exchange rate and go through a dense online and offline search to make sure your bank is not making a hole in your pocket. One more thing to add here is that in case of availing of a travel card, as a student, you should go for the card with wider acceptability and multi-currency wallets. RRSB Forex is one of the most reputed names in the market right now when it comes to having a travel card with an option to load 18 different currencies.

For wider acceptability, you choose both VISA and MasterCard platforms and the convenience of reloading features. You can get the best rates on forex travel cards with trustworthy and long-running foreign money exchange and travel card providers in the market. Thus the main thing you should do before going abroad for the study is having thorough online research regarding the travel card and tuition-free remittance providers near you.

Is a Forex travel card everything to pursue a smooth study abroad?

You need to be financially secured and safe all the time while in a different country. Especially when you are a student, you have no one but only yourself to manage everything. You need to find a cheap way to carry and pay the foreign expenses whenever you want to. Keeping liquid cash all the time is not safe precisely as a student because you are new in a country and possibly with no one. A forex card is all in one magic wand that will save you from any financial trouble. However, before starting your education journey abroad, you should verify the place where you are going to stay and at the same time, verify the roommates you are going to share your apartment with.

Besides the aforementioned suggestive points, you should download the RRSB Forex app before leaving for studies abroad. This smartphone app is easy to use to get tuition fees or reload your card instantly. Once you start earning, use options like Western Union, Moneygram, Transfast or Ria to send money back to your loved ones.

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