Posted on March 10, 2021
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Once you have applied and been accepted into the university of your choice the first major phase of your realizing to study at your dream destination is accomplished. Now you’ll need to start planning for living and studying at your dream university. This includes assembling all your overseas requirements like visa, air tickets, health cover, accommodation and knowing what to do when you first arrive.

Many international students are likely unfamiliar with the social, cultural, and academic expectations of their university. Including teamwork and flexibility when it comes to selecting the major.

Below are a few tips and information that can help prospective students make the most of their time studying abroad.

1. Planning your arrival:

You will want to start planning your move to a new country. From confirming your visa, packing essential things, keeping all mandatory documents handy, booking air tickets early to avoid additional cost, and booking an airport pick up.

2. Know your International Students Office at the university:

Reaching out to this office can provide answers on everything you need to know about the campus life, class availability, and all your on-campus information and resources for international students.

3. Research about on-campus employment:

Having an on-campus job for an international student will help them financially with their little earnings and improve their communication skill. The on-campus earning opportunity can be from multiple sources and each will offer you different skill enhancement, like research assistant will improve your research skill, teaching assistantship will expose you to the faculty lifestyle and so on.

4. Before classes start:

You have a lot more to explore before you start attending the classes, from student life, knowing your rich campus. There will be orientation activities planned weeks before the class begins which prepares you for studying your course at the university and also make friends and adjust to university life.

5. Find Accommodation:

Perfect Student Accommodation

There are many options available to international students, like student apartments, private rental, hostel, homestay or share-house and also the temporary accommodation for the students who want to wait until they arrive to secure long-term housing.

6. Explore Extracurricular Options:

Along with academics, participating in extracurricular activities is a big part of the college experience. Joining sports teams, Student clubs, cultural activities groups, which helps students make new friends, acquire new skills and boost your professional resume.

7. Know about university library:

The library will be a great study space and a place to find academic support and a good resource for borrowing course textbooks without spending on new books, which can cost serious money. Prospective students should add libraries to their college research checklist.

8. Be a team player:

It’s Common for professors at colleges to assign group projects in the form of researched presentations. For an international student, it will be a challenging environment as they need to be flexible around people from different cultural and community. They should be comfortable working with a team and realize certain project grades may be influenced by the work of their peers.

9. Hone your language skills:

Colleges are a social environment and prospective international students should work on improving their English language and possibly learn the dominant language of their prospective country or state before they arrive. They can boost their skills by doing things like reading books or watching TV shows as they are easy and interesting ways to do it.

10. Class discussions will count:

Discussion between professors and students plays a big role in courses. Their class participation is one of the factors in deciding final grades. Participation may be especially important to success in courses revolving around collaboration or debate.

Every prospective international student needs to know, research, and learn about the points mentioned in the blog to be prepared for what is expected out of them and what to expect from their prospective university in their dream destination. This will allow them to get the best out of their student life in a diverse environment and build a great career.

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