Posted on November 10, 2021
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Congratulations! You have passed one of the most significant tests of life-Graduation. Now you have a degree on your side and aspirations leading ahead and ready to take the world. But how does one start? And most importantly, where? Many passed graduates, both regional and international students in the United Kingdom, lack practical knowledge about dealing with job interviews. 

Be it doing preps for your first or brushing up your professional profile, students get scrambled between what we call the "Risky Business" after graduation. Moreover, having a degree with you already puts you over an advantage, and all you have to do now is get things streamlined. But, when it comes to getting your first graduate job, you're likely to stumble halfway if you rely solely on your degree to wow the employer. 

To help our readers out and to share the perfect guide for all young minds, we have collected a few yet delicate areas that can help you be more employable and nail that job interview you've always wanted! Let's start with the most crucial one.

Identify what you like to do

Identify what you like to do

This is, by far, a great help if you take it early in your life. Many students, majorly foreign students, do not think about their domain and make an awful big mistake of jumping right on their job roles & responsibilities. In doing so, not only you roam around less-useful opportunities but waste a good amount of focus as well. Instead of doing such an action, try minimizing your list on to a fair number of companies.

Moreover, you can start looking for what sector you want to work in. Students can also refer to their seniors or teachers who can guide their way into their industry and subjects. You can also take the help of the UK Council Reflective Tool called "Prospects", which allows every undergraduate/ postgraduate to address their job queries and find perfect job roles. 

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Do adequate research on industries & companies

Do adequate research on industries & companies

Another great perk of downsizing your cluttered data is you get an opportunity to search for companies and sectors and start scratching their data from the null void. Having an intriguing nature about a company also helps you overcome insufficient knowledge of a company during your interview. Moreover, this also shows that you are cosmetically aware and leaves a positive impact on the recruiters. 

Choose ten focused applications over hundred unfocused ones

A preliminary caution that many students should keep is that quality matters over quantity, every time! So, if you aim to get through every job offer online, you can start with the quality ones. Furthermore, your application can be summarized under a better job impression, leaving your CV/ Resume with quality control and a compelling overview of your academic background. You can also take up small duration courses from notable universities such as University of Oxford or the University of London to boost your CV credibility.

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A clean online presence is a must

A clean online presence is a must

In heightened digitalization, having an online job profile has become the new trend in every industry. Many employers choose employees based upon a clean online presence having clutter-free profile data in today's times. Further along, this also allows you to directly apply for a job in cases of last-minute calls or special openings without searching your resume on your computer and get instant submission hassle-free. 

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Get relevant work experience

A large flock of students succumb to joining part-time or internships where the mob goes. This happens to be a major pitfall for many international students when they aspire to learn in their final years. To tackle such challenges, you should always aim towards an experience that links to the area you want to work in. Not only you'll be getting a certificate, but you'll also get to know how your industry works on the ground and above. 

Network and make contacts

Network and make contacts

Growing your network is a continuous process. It requires invaluable patience and gives you ultimate benefit when needed. For instance, you can start by joining your college social groups on Facebook, Instagram, Linked In or Twitter Pages to get in touch with industry participants. Try to gel up with them and make friendly conversations whenever possible. And always bear that in the end, you'd be surprised at how many people show ample support when you start looking.

Tip- Many universities such as Imperial College London, University of Birmingham, University College London, and many others offer online courses on how to network effectively at affordable prices. You can check these out and find out which one goes best with you!

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Volunteering is another excellent opportunity to come out in your raw industry and get practical work experience. Even though it could be wage-free chores, many cities in the UK such as London, Leicester and Sheffield allow students to engage up to 20-hours of part-time work or volunteer per week, which is more than ample to adjust into the new community/industry. And above all, it does pay off to be generous sometimes!

Practice your skills regularly 

This may be the best point for ending. Practicing soft and hard skills, including communication, vocal training (introduction, about yourself), will help you overcome public phobia and express yourself in better ways. In addition, maintaining yourself in cases such as motivating you to do more and continue learning the topics that attract your interest and field are a must to achieve success. 


So here we are. These are the top mention-able tricks that we had to share with you. We hope some of these may have helped your professional profile and will support your upcoming interview. Also, if we left something and want to share it with others, click on our social handles because we always love to hear from our readers.

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