Posted on March 27, 2021
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Welcome to our definitive student guide for Birmingham 2021

If you want to go to a big fancy city for a university but London’s too fancy and expensive for your pockets, then Birmingham is the right choice for you. It's ranked as the second-most populous city in the United Kingdom, with an extensive population of 1.1 million people. 

This caters to a highly culturally diverse atmosphere, full of vibrant things to do and see. We assume there won't come a time when you will be homesick. Being the second-largest city in the UK and the heart of the Midlands - but why would you choose Birmingham for your academic journey? 

Below we take you on a journey to Birmingham's everything from transport to nightlife, to help you feel Birmingham's life as a student. 

Top universities in Birmingham:

University of Birmingham

University of Birmingham

Queen Victoria established the University of Birmingham by Royal Charter in 1900. Being one of the well- known UK universities, it has been involved in many discoveries made by the university's researchers, including gaseous diffusion and cavity magnetron. Besides, the university launched a scheme named Birmingham Heroes which includes major research areas like an observation on gravitational force and energy-efficient cooling.

The University of Birmingham is located in Edgbaston, Birmingham, in the United Kingdom. It is home to some famous institutes like the Barber Institute of Fine Arts, which includes Van Gogh and Monet, Cadbury Research Library and Shakespeare Institute. Also, the campus gives accommodation for its students. Birmingham City has beautiful architecture and is a modern and lively city. Moreover, there are a lot of parks, cafes and delicious street food in the city.

Birmingham City University

Situated in the Birmingham city of England, Birmingham City University is perhaps the most different spot to consider. Glancing back at its set of experiences, it may very well be seen that five unique universities were converged in 1971 to shape The City of Birmingham Polytechnic. These five universities were Birmingham College of Art, Birmingham School of Music, Birmingham College of Commerce, South Birmingham Technical College, and North Birmingham Technical College. In 1975, the City of Birmingham College of Education, Bordesley College of Education, and Anstey College of Physical Education turned into a polytechnic piece. In 1988, Bournville College of Art and the Faculty of Art and Design converged to frame the Birmingham Institute of Art and Design.

University College Birmingham

University College Birmingham (UCB) was initially a specialized school during the 20th century and was permitted full degree-giving forces in 2007. UCB is popular among global understudies who join the college from more than 60 nations looking for a decent quality yet moderate capability. 

UCB has possible involvement with professional courses in both the Higher Education and additional Education regions with a developing game plan of apprenticeships. The college degrees are perceived by the University of Birmingham, one of the world's top situated insightful associations. The college is centred around giving the best offices to each student and is contributing £100 million on a complete bundle of overhauls that will get the standing for greatness.

Newman University, Birmingham

Set up in 1968 as Newman College of Higher Education, the state-funded college remains in the suburb of Bartley Green in Birmingham, England. The college was known as Newman University College from 2008 to 2013, and around the same time, it conceded the situation with a college. The college praised its 50th commemoration on February 12, 2018. The grounds of Newman University are situated 8 miles from the downtown area. The grounds building has incredible engineering planned in the mid-sixties. The dirt is arranged around a progression of internal quadrangles close to peaceful, scholarly and authoritative structures. 

The college offers a progression of courses in both undergrad and postgraduate projects. The college has a comprehensive planned educational program known for its great schooling and best alumni business paces of UK universities and colleges. The courses are scheduled in an interview with the businesses. They are pertinent to the new world, present-day scholastics and, consequently, help understudies acquire work not long after graduating. The full-time programs at the college have a work arrangement module. The grounds have a steady just as trying learning climate, which cuts the imaginative and innovative student halls. 

Aston University, Birmingham

Aston University is a main public examination college in the UK. Set up in 1966, The college grounds are situated on a green 60 section of land, an independent site in Birmingham's focal point. Aston University is a universally recognized place for training and examination. The college offers undergrad, postgraduate, apprenticeship, establishment, and chief projects across disciplines. It likewise provides varieties of online courses. Every one of the projects presented at the college is planned compared to the patterns and requests of the business and business internationally. 

The college's different resources and schools incorporate Engineering and Applied Science, Aston Graduate School, Languages and Social Sciences, Aston Business School, Life and Health Sciences, and Aston Medical School. The group of personnel of Aston University includes profoundly qualified educators just as specialists from separate ventures. Current devices and legitimate methodologies like contextual analyses are received in educating techniques. Ability advancement programs are completed to instil aptitude for driving edge advances among international students. 

How much can it cost you to stay in Birmingham?

suitable picture

Since Birmingham is located roughly in the middle of the UK, it's relatively affordable to move there from elsewhere in the UK. However, since it lacks its port, shipping from overseas can be a little more expensive.

Student university accommodation in Birmingham is reasonable and pocket friendly. Costs shift from one zone to another, yet the figures below will give you a sign of what's accessible at what price.

  • 1 bedroom flat (apartment) in City Centre: £550+

  • 1 bedroom flat outside the City Centre: £340+

  • 3 bedroom flat in the City Centre: £900+

  • 3 bedroom flat outside the City Centre: £650+

The main expense of living as a student in Birmingham

This part of our student guide in Birmingham will help give you a quick view of where you can save your bucks as a student in Birmingham, whether hunting for cheap accommodation in Birmingham. 

Different Types of accommodations in Birmingham

This student guide in Birmingham would certainly be incomplete without discussing the various student accommodation options in Birmingham.


Finding a studio to rent in Birmingham can be quite a task, but it is perfect if you want a place to yourself or if you do not want to rent a huge home because obviously, the price of it will be much higher, so a studio room should be okay. 


If your privacy is sacred to you, and you like to stick to a routine without much change, then the en suite is just the perfect pick. This option allows you to have your private toilet and showers so you won't have to stand in long queues and lines just to get done with your daily activities. It will also help save a lot of time which can help you be even more productive.

Sharing Accommodation

Finding cheap student accommodation in Birmingham can be tough, especially in inner-city areas. Still, travelling can prove to be quite an issue when it comes to the outer city, which is why we would insist that you find a flatmate or a group to rent out a place so that you can share the cost rather than putting too much burden on just one student.


PBSA has rapidly become the favourite choice of most students who are looking for student accommodation in Birmingham. The affordable prices and various student-centric facilities and amenities provided at these residencies make them stand out. In our opinion, PBSA is the best option out there for students right now.

We can also provide you with a list of Student accommodation and private halls in Birmingham.

Many international students and properties are situated in and around Birmingham, so you will not battle to discover a few caves. 

Selly Oak is by a wide margin the city's most famous student hall, basically because of its closeness to the University of Birmingham. Harborne, Edgbaston and – farther – Kings Heath are likewise mainstream zones for student lodge, close by the new reason fabricated squares spread across the city. 

For a student house in Birmingham, the standard lease can run between £95 to over £150 every week, clearly relying upon the house's area and nature. Read further to take more extra tips when having a look. 

Student travel in Birmingham

Traversing in Birmingham

Being one of the greatest metropolitan centers outside the capital, Birmingham has an overall associated transport framework. Regardless of whether it's getting to and from college or travelling back home for Christmas, you'll discover a lot of approaches to get around.


Birmingham has three significant train stations – Snow Hill (situated for Aston University), Moor Street (for BCU), and the redeveloped mainline Birmingham New Street station. The University of Birmingham likewise has its station; the solitary station in the UK fabricated explicitly to serve a college. 

In case you're living in one of the well-known student halls zones, you'll presumably need to get a student train pass, as it makes it simpler to head into the downtown area (and to university – else you'd need to walk!).


Birmingham's transport framework, predominantly served by National Express West Midlands, is proficient and thorough. The transports will take you practically anyplace you need, and you can utilize the Birmingham Journey Planner or the Citymapper app to plan your course. A single fare is around £2.30, and even though you can't get return tickets, a day ticket is around £4.50. On the other hand, you can purchase a Birmingham student transport pass for £165. This is just £1.28 every day, which is a deal over the long haul. You can buy your student travel card from NX Bus.


Birmingham isn't the better place for cyclists yet but is available – and designs are brewing to make Birmingham more cycle amicable. There are plenty of walkers and relatively few cycle paths in the town place, and you'll have to pay special attention to the traffic too. As of late, nonetheless, another cycle course was introduced by the city chamber to associate the University of Birmingham with the downtown area. Cyclists would now be able to cycle unreservedly into town without managing vehicles and people on foot.


The Metro runs among Wolverhampton and Birmingham and is a straightforward way to get around. In the previous few years, the metro framework has been broadened, so you would now be able to get from Birmingham Snow Hill train station (the first stopping point) through the downtown area to the later redeveloped Grand Central station. There are plans to broaden the rundown of objections much further.

The price of the Metro varies depending on your destination. An adult day return pass will cost around £5.50. However, a single city hop ticket which allows you to get to most destinations in the city centre will only cost you £1. There are long haul passes accessible for the Metro for multi-week, one month or one year. A yearly pass will cost £800, which will save you an impressive sum over the year if you anticipate utilizing the Metro consistently. Likewise, it is smart to look at the joint tickets on the proposal for the Metro and the transports.

Best places in Birmingham to eat 

Places to eat

In case you're searching for an important feasting experience, you are surely in the perfect spot! Eateries in Birmingham serve cooking from every corner of the globe. We have Michelin stars cafés, polished freethinkers, road-eating, the world popular Balti Triangle, ranchers' business sectors, Afternoon Teas - Birmingham has everything, so lick your lips and stall. Out!

Here's a determination of veggie lover and vegetarian cafés in Birmingham and those that serve Halal food. 

If it's a beverage you're after, Birmingham's bars and bars are the absolute best in the country. From stylish mixed drink bars to cunning free thinkers, there's such a lot of decision here.

Birmingham brags some of the best food in the UK and cooking styles from everywhere in the world. If you appreciate eating out at the nights, here are some of the spots you ought to head to: 

Balti Triangle –

Just south of the downtown area, The Balti Triangle has the highest centralization of Balti houses in the city and presents the absolute best curries in the UK. Birmingham is supposed to be the Balti curry's origin, so a portion of these curry houses are the most seasoned in the country. It's Indian food at its best. 

Chinese Quarter –

If you're not in the state of mind for Indian food, over in the Chinese Quarter, there are many Chinese eateries and smorgasbords to browse – also, the costs are very high. 

Digbeth Dining Club –

Winner of the Best Street Food Event at a new emphasis of the British Street Food Awards, Digbeth Dining Club is open each Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday, home to a different blend of autonomous road food and world cooking outlets.

How students can make the most of local attractions on a budget?

Are you one of the new individuals in the city? However, don't have the foggiest idea of exploring the city without consuming a tremendous opening in your pocket. An unhealthy work-life balance makes you dull, which is why this is an excellent element in our 'Students Guide Birmingham'. We need each student who comes here to not exclusively be acceptable at scholastics yet, besides, reclaim some sweet recollections with him. 

Utilize upbeat hours to your heart's enjoyment

Student life in Birmingham can have a serious impact, and if you are a wild party who loves to make some arranged memories with his kindred mates, this might be only the ideal thing coming up for you. Party like there's no tomorrow and make some heavenly memories as you can use some incredible limits given in the upbeat hours.

Free music bars 

It could be now and again testing to track down a modest studio to lease in Birmingham. Yet, the bars are galore, and you can positively get yourself a banquet for certain incredible neighbourhood artists who perform such gigs. The best thing about it is that they don't contain any additional charges in most cases. 

A few bills and required costs 

A large portion of the student studios in Birmingham will cover the bills in your lease, yet this is something that you should cover in advance; notwithstanding, the private convenience will charge you independently for these utilities. 

Electric/gas/water bill 

Presently there are a few places, for example, PBSA's or select student facilities, that remember this bill for their lease. Yet, by and large, your private facilities will not so have a word with the concerned authority before you agree. 

Cell phone 

Anyone who reveals to you that they can live without their cell phone is lying, particularly regarding students, so this one is certainly on the first spot on this list. Various countries have various suppliers. If you are an international student, you can even pick an interesting arrangement, so you don't need to reconsider before you need to call home. 

Writing material 

It is obvious that writing material is a necessary piece of the schedule, and not only for students in Birmingham city university the whole way across the globe. It is not difficult to get mass limits if you get all together and get it. 

Procuring a few bucks as an afterthought 

We understand that it tends to be a serious, costly issue to discover a studio to lease in Birmingham. Being a student doesn't help your motivation much either, yet where there is a will, there's away. Hence, low maintenance procuring choices is a significant piece of student direct Birmingham as these chances might have the option to give you some financial reprieve. Common maintenance occupations are not just an excellent method to bring in additional cash yet also an extraordinary approach to find out about duties. 

Low maintenance of internet coaching 

Coaching has been the most special type of pay for quite a while because it generally relies upon your expertise and not simply a degree that makes this a qualified hotspot for nearly everyone out there. You can take online classes for the more youthful evaluations in your leisure time to make some money and, along these lines, give you an extraordinary encounter. 

Low maintenance statistical surveying 

It tends to be the ideal method to bring in some additional cash that you can later exchange for gift vouchers. In addition, it tends to be a rhythmic movement where you can affect by finishing studies. This can be the ideal side occupation for you as a Students or youthful expert. Better places can offer you up to £5 for each overview you complete, and you need no related knowledge. 

College application guide 

Conceptualize and dissect college application papers to assist the candidates with their cycle. You can get this extraordinary chance to Mentor college candidates through 1-on-1 visit/video calls. It’d help if you addressed their inquiries concerning college determination, affirmations tests, interviews, scholastics/courses, extracurriculars, college life and so forth. You will share your insight and key learnings through the college application interaction to help students acquire a special viewpoint. 

Student Ambassador 

You should help source contenders for Students diplomat jobs at your college. You do have to have the talent for great initiative abilities, the capacity to work under tension and the power to make clever, sharp choices. One needs to frame associations with your grounds Students association and with different clubs and social orders. 

Paid online review 

This is again one of those positions which require no capabilities by any means. The solitary thing required is a decent web association and a PC or cell phone. Round out various overviews, and you can sprinkle large and have an excellent end of the week from time to time. 

Many students don't accept these low maintenance position openings genuinely, which is why we have an extraordinary effort to examine these work alternatives in our ‘Student Guide Birmingham'. 

While there are numerous forthcoming ventures in the UK and a few open positions opening up practically consistently, it can, in any case, be a significant errand to look for some employment, particularly for the foreigners, which is the reason the UK government has permitted understudies to remain for as long as two years in the UK present their examinations on getting a new line of work that is identified with their course or field.

Things to do in Birmingham

star city, Birmingham

Each city has its significant attractions, and Birmingham is the same. Here are only a couple of things to keep you occupied whenever you've completed that cutoff time: 

Star City –

Just a little ways from the downtown area, this amusement community's fundamental fascination is its 30 screen film, the greatest in the UK. It likewise houses a laser station and a 22-path bowling alley. Stopping is free, and there are heaps of food and drink scenes, so why not make an evening of it? 

The Bull Ring –

With more than 160 shops, the Bullring is no uncertain at Birmingham's shopping complex. It flaunts a leader Selfridges among different stores, so on the off chance that you have a luxurious touch of retail treatment, this is the spot to shop; however much you might want. 

Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery –

If you love a touch of culture in your extra time, at that point, the historical centre and quality display is the spot to be. However, with the free section, you can go on as many occasions as you like during the year without agonizing your bank balance. 

Seasonal attractions –

Birmingham has a great Christmas market beginning in late November, which is an extraordinary method to get in the Christmas soul. For a huge fire night, again head over to any neighbourhood park, and there is in all likelihood going to be a showcase there.

How can you explore Birmingham better?

Things to do in Birmingham

We empower you as students to treat your examinations appropriately and gain proficiency with somewhat about the way of life of the city. Birmingham is high on excitement and gathering, which is why this ought to be a truly helpful piece of the student managing Birmingham. 

Take an open-top Birmingham transport visit 

The popular transports that take you around Birmingham are the ideal beginning for each student, hoping to explore the wonderful sights and perspectives that this stunning city has to bring to the table. This must be on the first spot on the list since this visit has happened to as equivalent significance as large numbers of the sights here itself. 

Go through the evening in a bar theatre 

If you are a Birmingham student, you should take a break to look at these demonstrations and exhibitions. A significant number of the bars will likewise toss in unique offers or even an upbeat hours rebate on their combination of alcohol. 

A night out in the city of Birmingham 

Try not to tell your folks we recommended this (winks without anyone seeing); however, if you don't have an insane night out in Birmingham, did you at any point explore it. Presently we thoroughly comprehend that not every one of you might be searching for first-class parties. However, for each one of the individuals who do, there is, in a real sense, no city better than Birmingham.

Our aim to write this article

We at AmberStudent comprehend that in concern after your examinations particularly in another city or country can be a serious test that as well if it is one like Birmingham, this way, we have written this article which we want to think not just makes it simpler for you to pick student accommodation in Birmingham that is modest yet also assists you with getting a portion of the tips and subtle techniques and that can help you make the most out of your time as a student in Birmingham.

How can Amberstudent help you?

We at AmberStudent are devoted to giving you the best experience and option for student accommodation worldwide because we understand its value. We have updated ourselves with the latest COVID-19 policies and would be more than eager to assist you in those.

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