Posted on March 25, 2021
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Welcome to our student guide for Sheffield

Getting a college education in another country is considered one of the most life-changing and exciting steps in a student's life. Learning in a new environment, competing with international talents, and stepping your toe into the corporate world is a dream witnessed by many. Being an abroad student comes with a lot of perks. It allows them to become more adaptable, less dependent on parents, and increase their career chances. 

Sheffield College

But to choose a perfect international college that provides a global platform is a tough task to tackle. Moving forward, today, we are going to discuss one of the most popular cities in Northern England. Sheffield is known as the most geographically diverse city in England. The area is covered by the midland of Derbyshire and Lincolnshire that makes it an exquisite destination for fellow travellers.

Known as the "Steel City,” Sheffield also ranks amongst top rich-habitats, inhibiting centuries-old culture and heritage to offer from it. The city is renowned as one of the most friendliest and open cities in the whole of England. For employment purposes, Sheffield provided utmost Industrialization activities that come from its popular cutlery industries. The city is a major industrial hub and is a major learning hub for every sector.

The top Universities in Sheffield

Every year, many students flock to this city seeking quality education and good career aspirations. That is why, to help our readers, we have prepared a list of the top colleges in Sheffield which would help you get the best idea of this place and may help you choose your abroad study destination more accurately and precisely.  

1. University of Sheffield

Sheffield Universities

The University of Sheffield is one of the oldest universities in the UK. Established in 1897, the University of Sheffield comes with a rich educational heritage and is holds a global reputation for its excellence and quality academia. More than 30,000 students enrol in the university to study in one of the most excellent and vibrant study environments in the whole country every year. 

2. Sheffield Hallam University (SHU)

Sheffield Hallam University is stated to be the inception of professional education in Sheffield. Being the greatest competitor of the University of Sheffield, SHU has two separate buildings under the college, offering a plethora of graduation streams and producing some of the top-notch personalities in the world. 

3. The Sheffield College

When the city council observed an unprecedented rise in low-skilled adults, the Sheffield administration opened Sheffield College, allowing students to complete basic and advanced specializations in their fields. As of January 2021, more than 15,000 students have enrolled in Sheffield College, making it one of the top-liked colleges in South Yorkshire. 

4. University of Huddersfield

The University of Huddersfield is a public research university with one of the highest employee engagement in Yorkshire. The University offers various courses ranging from science, art, business to engineering. With more than 17,000 students enrolled every year, the University of Huddersfield ranks first in England for the proportion of its staff with a teaching qualification.

How much can it cost you to live in Sheffield?

counting cash

In the last few years, the Sheffield areas have seen a massive cut in the prices of day-to-day lives. In fact, surveys show that the cost of living in this beautiful city for students is 10% lower than the UK national average and that of 25% lower as compared to London. Here we have mentioned a quick breakdown of the average monthly costs linked with students in Sheffield. 

  • Rent for accommodation - £268

  • Food and other eatery shopping - £90

  • Local Transport - £50

  • Books and stationery - £45

  • Internet and mobile phone - 40

  • Social and leisure activities - £100

Due to many local producers living in various parts of the city, Sheffield is a major producer of basic goods and services such as food supplements, furniture, and rental homes. This way, many students are left with all the fuss to worry about their large finances and easily manage their expenses. It is advisable to have a monthly budget of around £600-700 to live comfortably in Sheffield. 

(All the above expenses are average monthly expenses and exclude tuition fees). 

The main cost of living as a student in Sheffield

Sheffield has a variety of options when it comes to student housing. It can be confusing and tiring for newcomers who aren't sure what they are looking for. To help those students, we have included the most suitable student accommodation options in Sheffield to suit their needs. Students should also note that each of the housing types brings its own benefits and shortcoming. 

Different types of accommodation in Sheffield

Sheffield student accommodation

It is advised that you check out all the necessary details of the accommodation before settling for one. Read on to understand the different types of student accommodation in Sheffield

University Managed Rooms

These are amongst the common places where most of the first and second-year university students would prefer living. University-managed rooms are dorms with single-room plans that offer appreciable living conditions for the students. Uni-owned rooms have the perk of being close to the university, saving students ample time during travelling to and from the university. 


Studio rooms are quite delightful and suit numerous students who can adjust to living on basic room expenses and have slight concern towards high-grade room qualities. Studio rooms in Sheffield are a great choice because they are perfect if you want a place to yourself or if you aim to find pocket-friendly student accommodation in the city. 


En-suite rooms are private and offer full privacy options to students who like to take the benefits of less disturbance to convert it into productive work. Additionally, this option allows you to have your toilet and showers, which removes all the unnecessary waste of time waiting in queues and brings self-reliant accommodation options for students. 

Sharing accommodation

Sharing accommodation is such rental rooms that are shared between a group of students. The number of students living depends upon the size of the apartment. The properties in sharing housings are under students' supervision and are managed by landlords and agents. One of the major benefits of sharing accommodation is the sharing of expenses between the students, and it also allows you to socialize among other students. 


PBSA's or popularly known as the Purpose Built Student Accommodation, are those properties in Sheffield that are rapidly becoming one of the UK’s highly searched locations. Affordable prices, student-oriented resources, and facilities, budget rental payment. Take our word; if you get nearby PBSA accommodation, grab it.

We can also provide you with a list of Student accommodation and private halls in Sheffield.

Now that we have discussed the top universities and student accommodation in Sheffield let us take a detour and take our class outside the college to check out what this magnificent city holds for its citizens to offer. 

Sheffield eateries

Sheffield Food

Hungry? Sheffield originates from local organic vegetable producers who mix them with the best ingredients to provides an array of mouth-watering and delicious dishes, from international cuisine to local fast food intakes, all ready to be eaten by you. 

Kommune Food Hall

Sheffield has popular food halls where you can find hundreds of people visiting every single day. To enjoy a good feast with your friends, visit Kommune. You can also provide a mix of other liked places such as Peddler or Cutlery Works. All three are filled with customers leaving no space. Guess why!

Abbeydale Road

If your craving is to eat under beautiful lighting proper exposure to quality customer service, try visiting Abbeydale Road, where you will find finger-licking dishes from every corner of the world. 

Blue Moon Cafe: Destination for vegans 

No worries if you haven't found a single place where vegan dishes are served. To cease your hunger for vegetables and healthy food, visit Saints and Sinners, Make No Bones, Temple of Fun, or the enticing Blue Moon Cafe.  

Temper Cafe

Got some time to kill before your next lecture? Try tasting one of the best coffees in the UK at Tamper or Marmadukes, or simply take your friends to The Treehouse cafe for some quality time. 

Humpit Lunch and Dinner Restaurant

All the eatery locations are quite near to every university and train station in Sheffield. That is why, if you ever feel you shouldn't have skipped that lunch at college, try looking around. You may find popular lunch makers such as Humpit or Street Food Chef

How to make the most of local attractions on a budget

Well, this question is common to strike with. Maybe you are new in this city, or perhaps you want to explore all the parts but keeping the zip on your purse half-closed. All work and no play will make your student’s life full. That is why we are introducing a new topic under our 'students guide 2021' to help you explore the possibilities that Sheffield offers. 

Heaven for Gamelovers

Sheffield bowling

Sheffield has one of the largest and one of its kind gaming museums on the planet. The UK’s National Cultural Centre For Videogames is a gaming museum where you can attend workshops to explore how video games are built and what software developers use while playing the latest editions of the most liked video games. 

Soak yourself into happy hours and enjoy an event 

Being the UK’s cultural heart, there will always be something going on in some or the other part of the city. The city brings numerous event opportunities for students. For those of you who like books, visit Off the Shelf to experience a never-ending book lineup experience. Also, Festival of the Mind for the curious ones and Doc/Fest for movie buffs are also there. 

Fancy a film? 

Maybe you could skip over theatres for chilling out and watching Netflix. But for refreshing yourself a little bit, movie theatres in Sheffield are quite cheap and affordable. Check out the jumbo screens at The Light cinema or the Showroom Cinema and watch a movie that will bring out the movie lover inside of you. 

Want to go shopping?

Sheffield is the home to UK's biggest shopping malls. For starters, you can visit Meadowhall and Division Street shopping malls that bring thousands of selected brands like H&M, Park Avenue, Hugo Boss, etc., to a single place. Additionally, do not forget to use the benefit of student lock-in features which give additional discounts to university students. 

Get the bus to Centertainment.

Centertainment is a nice place to chill out with your mob in a fully air-conditioning gaming arena. The centre is mainly oriented for Sheffield’s adults and includes all physical games like bowling, light and mini golf, bridge, laser tag, etc. 

Some bills and mandatory expenses for students


There will be some minor but mandatory expenses that you may come across. While students living in studios and university dorm rooms will have these covered in their agreement, other students should note and protect them beforehand. 

Electric/gas/water bill

Electricity, gas, and water will be the basic amenities that will cover your daily life. So, to use them without any problem, go through the rental agreement or ask your landlord/ tenant to cover these utility bills as well. 


A Stationary is also an important part of your college life. Be it anything, and stationery is an integral part of your student life. Thus, it would be a smart decision to go for the bulk inventories to ensure maximum discount offer on buying. 

Mobile phones

During the time of covid, mobile phones became an indispensable part of human life. It allowed each one of us to communicate effectively without having no physical connection. Subsequently, to assess the need for a mobile phone, go for the cheapest mobile service providers. Many in Sheffield deliver affordable plans for local and international calling. 

TV license

This may strike you as a surprise, but to own a tv cable in the UK requires the owner to apply and receive a tv license. But like we said earlier, our student guide focuses on cost-cutting solutions for students. So, if you have a group of friends who also has the same interests as yours, choosing online streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime would be highly efficient. 

Traversing the city

Our student guide Sheffield, would have been a tad bit left out without discussing Sheffield’s transportation system. Interestingly, in Sheffield, public and national transportation are smartly woven around the area's unusual topographical conditions, ranging from hilly regions to deep sea levels. Being a student, you will spend significant time travelling and exploring the city’s ins and outs and needing an overview of how to travel in Sheffield. 

Common ways to travel in Sheffield -

Sheffield buses


Sheffield has delicate and conceptual bus routes, making it the busiest bus route in South Yorkshire. Here, a sizeable bus infrastructure lies near the Sheffield City Centre, namely, "Sheffield Interchange," which connects local Sheffield areas and national and international UK bus routes. 


Contrary to the popular Tube system across major parts of the UK, Sheffield doesn't have a tube system. Instead, the city administration has developed a highly effective and helping Sheffield Tram system that connects the local population from the City Centre to Hillsborough, Meadowhall Centre, and Halfway

Sheffield Community Transport

Sheffield has also built its own 'Sheffield Community Transport' system for those of you who find difficulties in travelling. It is a door-2-door service that provides simple transport vehicles such as scooters, cars, or minibuses to people who could drive them to work, college, or inner parts of South Yorkshire. 

*Note that Sheffield Community Transport’s expenses solely depend upon your distance travelled and the seasonal busyness/rush. 


Sheffield has also provided their citizens with a local taxi system. These are private organizations that drive and maintain public taxi routes within the city. The major perk of travelling a taxi in Sheffield is that you can simply book them from their free mobile apps and have a lower fare than other parts of England. 

The most preferred places to stay in Sheffield as a student 

Student accommodation Sheffield

Being an affordable place amongst Yorkshire, Sheffield provides budget-friendly student housing options that are present near every major university, bus and train station, and popular markets. Thus, being settling for any one of the below-mentioned student accommodation places will be fruitful for you.

We have included listing the top well-maintained and budget-friendly student accommodation places in Sheffield to ease out your search.

1. Sheffield 3

Sheffield 3 is located in the heart of Sheffield City Centre and at 80 Hoyle Street, Sheffield. The student housing conditions at Sheffield 3 are amongst the best in the area. The rent at Sheffield 3 ranges from £99-149/ week and offers good room service, 24×7 maintenance support. It is located almost 1 KM from the University of Sheffield and 10 minutes walk from Sheffield Hallam University.

2. Castle House

Castle House is another name when it comes to luxurious student accommodation in Sheffield at reasonable prices. The housing facility is available near Leicester University, DMU, and City Centre as well. The average rent for staying at Castle House ranges from £125-150/ week and offers at par services including clean and sanitized room, double beds, smoke detectors/emergency lighting & fire alarm.

3. Straits Manor

As far as friendliness and a safe environment go with top priorities, Straits Manor will keep winning the students' hearts. Straits Manor apartments is a well-furbished site that offers quality student housing options at the price range of £119-212/ week. Rooms at Straits Manor are located within walking distance to the University of Sheffield, The Sheffield College, Dental Hospital, and the Royal Hallamshire Hospital

4. Hillside House

If you are a fan of hilly or peak areas, Hillside House is a perfect choice. Hillside House apartments deliver a beautiful and scenic route via the location. The place offers top-notch student accommodation amenities, including a rooftop terrace, karaoke rooms, free grab-and-go breakfast, and walking distance from Sheffield Hallam University and University of Sheffield, all at starting price of £165/ week.

5. Bolsover House

The Bolsover House will cover our top student accommodation in Sheffield listing because it places good service facilities to the students, including separate cinema rooms, social space rooms, clean and hygienic rooms, and bathrooms and a 'Kitchen Clean' free service once every two weeks, at no extra expense. The Bolsover House student housing place costs an average of £109-119/ week (We are not kidding!).

You can always check all the top and available student accommodation places in Sheffield here.

Earning some bucks by side hustles 

It is no surprise that living in Sheffield may not be as costly as living in London or Edinburgh, but it also means some basic expenses that need to be dealt with before your pocket is air-empty. Without going out every night, doing some side hustles can save you a few pounds, which could easily help you advance in times of rainy days.

To support our readers reading the 'student guide Sheffield,’ we have enlisted top part-time job offers that you can easily find in Sheffield. These may or may not become your full-time career but will improve your sense of working and make you a more responsible person. 

Part-time tutoring

Teaching young student minds can be the most common part-time hustle of all. It can be a great option to start with because you will not require any degree to engage and continue doing it in your interest. Plus, online tutoring has become more popular in times of the pandemic, so you can give tuition without going anywhere.  

Festival coordinator

You may already get the influence that Sheffield is a culture-rich city. The city organizes more festivals than there are months in a year. That is why it can be quite easy to find a festival coordinator internship where your role will be to assist team managers in finding leads, bands, musicians, and good machinery companies for Sheffield city festivals. 

University application mentor

A University application mentor is a responsible person who is required to help other students benefit from currently studying/passing out students in applying in Sheffield universities. Your role will be to take 1-on-1 chat/video calls from students to pave the way into the university by answering their queries based on curriculum and academic grounds. 

Student Ambassador

Student ambassadors must address freshers and help them get the best services such as best university courses, safe accommodation, and other basic utilities. Being a student ambassador requires a knack for the job, the ability to handle pressure, and fluently communicate with other students, unions, and student groups.

Sheffield and other parts of the UK have both part-time and full-time career opportunities. Students also keep in mind that the UK government has recently allowed students to stay for up to 2 years post their studies to settle themselves and find good-paying and respectable job roles fully. 

The prevalent lifestyle of Sheffield

Sheffield holds majestic arts and honorary mentions in the UK's history of civilization. Having popular festivals and parades arranged on popular holidays, some parts of Sheffield boasts beautiful and exquisite livelihood. Some of these places should be visited once you are in Sheffield to take the best memories with you back home. 

Love hiking? Check out the Peak District National Park

Sheffield is the home to the highest peaks in the whole of England. Students could take an adventure trip to the popular Peak District National Park to exploit this opportunity, which is a 30-minute drive that would cost around £20-25 per head. Plenty of green spaces to walk, cycle or simply relax with your friends here.

Catch a bus and take a day trip around the city

Sheffield local bus routes offer city visitors an integral Sheffield tour-ride where you could get to know Sheffield’s real parts, including the picturesque towns of Chatsworth, areas of Bakewell, or get down the caves at Castleton where you wouldn't want the moment to relinquish. You could also take a group of people which highly reduces the travel expenses. 

Spend the evening in indie-history Sheffield pub 

From the cozy, friendly visits to a wild night out, Sheffield has one or two pubs and bars fruitful to visit. Visit Hideout or The Leadmill pubs and bars where you can taste hundreds of beers (try German Beers!) and tasty foods. The average cost of a beer around here could range from £4-6 per drink

Sheffield night out is a must

Sometimes, it will be good to take chances and see the city in darkness. Forgoing out at night, Sheffield offers vibrant nightlife like Sheffield Arena or O2 Academy, where all-night and breathtaking rock concerts take place at the price of £35-40 per person. The best part: Sheffield is amongst the safest cities for students, so you don't have to worry about a thing. 

Making life a bit easier for students living in Sheffield

Living in another city or another country could be new and exciting and bring certain challenges that could cost you both time and money if not handled properly. That is why our 'student guide Sheffield' has also covered these small yet important details that every newcomer should have a glimpse of. 

What to do in case of emergency(rental frauds/immigration issue etc)?

You are all on your own out there, and it is necessary to look out your shoulder every day. Because of a tremendous increase in both online and offline frauds, newbie students get easily attached to different types of expenses that are to be avoided. For starters, consult your education board of university and get useful tips on how to live and manage yourself in Sheffield. 

You can also communicate with college seniors who have already taken a transition from fresher to mature students. For those of you who wish to live outside the university campus, you can directly get in touch with verified city agencies to take care of your student accommodation in Sheffield. By keeping a bar upon these hints and tips, you will be much confident and handle any hassle without breaking a sweat. 

Manage Finances

No doubt student life comes with a good amount of spending. But it is your responsibility to keep a check of your expenses. Setting up a budget for students living in Sheffield is a must. We would recommend you minimize your credit card bills to ensure maximum financial stability. Also, look out for major student discounts and always invest in those activities and amenities necessary for your academic activities.

Useful apps and offers

The 'Give it a Go' program offers various learning workshops for every student who wants to absorb new things each day. Covering from Zumba to learning a new language, the 'Give it a Go' program is a great perk for students living in Sheffield and is free of cost for every course. 

Our motive for writing this guide

At Amberstudent believe that student life is a crucial part of every adult where they learn and get experiences that shape their future. Thus, to magnify the best for them, every encounter they are exposed to mustChatsworth’s picturesque towns be safe and positively impact on them. By writing student guide Sheffield, we want our readers to feel excited and confident when they reach and live in this beautiful city. 

With that said, here are the major takeaways from this article that every student should know: 

  • Sheffield is one of the most affordable places in the UK. But at the same time, the golden rule is to be cautious when it comes to managing your expenses. 

  • Try to save as much money as possible for travelling purposes. 

  • Look out for cheap drinks and happy hours at public bars and restaurants. 

  • Control your credit card spendings and do not let it lose its end. 

  • Use student discount cards whenever you can. 

Amberstudent wishes to help students from all parts of the world and deliver the best help services to all student accommodation needs. We would love to hear from you for any help and support and don't forget to get in touch because the pandemic is cooling off and all major student accommodation is filling rapidly. We hope our student guide Sheffield, would have been helpful and we are all our ear out for suggestions.

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