Posted on January 9, 2022
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Welcome to our exclusive New York City Guide for students.

Studying abroad in New York City is a prevalent option for students from around the world, with thousands flocking to the city every year to further their studies, explore the culture, establish critical professional connections, and experience the vibrant city for themselves. This city has been referred to as the cultural and economic capital of the world, and it is home to many different walks of life.

New York City, in the US, is full of diversity, which means you'll encounter many types of people just outside your door. As a result, people from different cultures, languages, and social groups thrive in the city, which means you won't feel out of place if you move here from another city (or even country). You will have the opportunity to experience various cultures in the city since it attracts immigrants worldwide.

If you're an international student, the city has many international students, so there's no need to feel alone when adjusting to a new city because there's something for everyone.

Which are the top universities in New York City?

top colleges in New York

Many of the world's leading universities call New York home, including numerous Ivy League institutions. The state of New York has more than 70 universities, many of which are located in the city. There are numerous college and university options in New York, including medicine, engineering, business, law, and many other fields.

1. Baruch College 

Baruch College has the highest admissions bar of the 11 senior CUNY colleges. The acceptance rate is 41%, and students admitted typically score well above average on the SAT or ACT. There are more than 15,000 undergraduates and 4,000 graduate students at the college.

Majors in business fields such as accounting, management, and marketing are popular. Students speak 110 languages and come from 168 countries, making it one of the most diverse campuses in the country. Located between twenty-second and twenty-sixth Streets in Manhattan's Park Avenue South area, the college's campus includes a few large buildings.

2. Columbia University

The Morningside Heights neighborhood of Manhattan's Upper West Side is home to Columbia University. Barnard College is adjacent to Columbia University. Being one of the prestigious eight Ivy League schools, admission is competitive. Straight "A" s and combined SAT scores over 1500 are the norm at the university, with an acceptance rate of 7%.

It takes a combination of exceptional academics, intense extracurricular activities, high standardized test scores, and winning application essays for a student to succeed at an Ivy League school.

3. Fordham University

Fordham University is the only Jesuit university in New York City, ranking among the nation's top Catholic colleges and universities. With an 85-acre Rose Hill campus in the Bronx, Fordham University offers an urban campus near the state's Botanical Garden and Bronx Zoo for students who appreciate the greenery and urban living. 

Phi Beta Kappa has awarded the university a chapter for its strengths in liberal arts and sciences, and the law school, located in Manhattan, ranks among the top law schools in New York state. As far as athletics go, Fordham Rams compete in the Atlantic 10 Conference of NCAA Division I.

4. New York University

New York University or popularly known as NYU is the largest school in New York City, with over 52,000 students, half of whom are grad students. Many residence halls have sprung up around Union Square to the north of Washington Square Park, where the primary undergraduate campus is located. Tandon School students studying engineering and applied sciences can also be found at NYU's Brooklyn campus.

New York University consistently ranks well when it comes to national rankings of private research universities and highly specialized areas such as art, business, law, and medicine. Tisch School of the Arts and Stern School of Business are among the top schools in their fields.

5. The Cooper Union

In Manhattan's East Village, The Cooper Union has a small campus. Abraham Lincoln delivered the Cooper Union Address in one of the college's historic buildings, which played an essential role in his path to the White House and the eventual abolition of slavery.

The full name, The Cooper Union for the Advancement of Science and Art, illustrates the school's specialized mission. The school offers programs in art, architecture, and engineering. Founder Peter Cooper aimed to provide a free education when founded in 1859. Financial hardship has prevented that practice from continuing, but even today, every accepted student receives at least a half-tuition scholarship valued at over $22,000 a year.

6. The Juilliard School

Juilliard School has a very competitive acceptance rate of 8 per cent, the second-highest on this list after Columbia University. Juilliard is dedicated exclusively to the performing arts. The school attracts some of the world's most talented musicians, dancers, and actors, and its alumni include hundreds of Grammy, Tony, and Emmy award winners.

Applicants must be highly accomplished in their field and have previous professional training to be considered for admission. Students need to show they can handle college-level work regardless of their grades, test scores, or application essays. When it comes to learning the liberal arts, Juilliard is not a viable option as a conservatory.

Juilliard is hard to beat for students who want to immerse themselves in their craft in becoming professional artists. Lincoln Center's location means that students are learning right in the heart of one of the most important cultural centers in the world. It is unnecessary to travel far to get away from the busy City since Central Park is just a block away.

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How is the New York City's cost of living for students?

New York City's cost of living

It is costly to live in New York City, as everyone knows. Several jokes have already been made about it. We will refrain from offering trite remarks. On the plus side, one positive development has occurred. New York is probably more affordable if you are a student living there. Comparatively.

In New York City, international students must pay a set minimum cost of attendance (CoA). Different schools have unique CoAs, depending on their courses and public or private universities. For your visa to be approved, you need to demonstrate that you can cover the CoA amount at least. However, this is just the minimum cost of attendance; you will also have to prepare for other expenses.

You can take advantage of many student discounts available all over the city. The following is an overview of the average costs a student will face while living in New York City.

What is the average cost of living in New York City for students?

  • The rent= $3,090/ month

  • When travelling= $129/ month

  • The food= $3,478/ month

  • The utilities= $64/ month

  • The cost of health insurance= $100/ month

Indeed, it is a bit steep. Nevertheless, it is based on an average of all costs. When budgeting correctly, you will be paying much less than the costs mentioned earlier. Fortunately, there are quite a few ways to save money while living in New York.

What are the types of student housing available in New York?

University-managed rooms 

If your goal is to maintain a calculable day-to-day environment at a low price, university-managed rooms are an ideal solution. Single-room university-managed accommodations are dormitory-like structures. Since these rooms are available inside the grounds and do not require travelling outside, they are popular among sophomores and second-year students.

The student halls

Among our listings of student accommodation in New York, the second position features studio options. Rental homes with 1 or 2 rooms offer superior rooms that are of a somewhat higher standard than college dormitories. Student studios are a fantastic option as an alternative to pocket-friendly student halls outside of the college.


En-suite accommodations are private accommodations that offer superior security for students. These accommodations provide students with ample space. In addition, it has separate restrooms and a kitchen so you won't burn through pointless time waiting in lines.

Shared Accommodations

Shared Accommodation

Shared accommodations dominate the New York student housing industry. A property manager or a domain expert makes lodging arrangements for a group of students. Sharing convenience can divide the cost among the students and enable the students to get along with different international students.


New York's Purpose-Built Student Accommodations, commonly known as PBSA, have become one of the UK's most desired areas. Student-oriented assets and offices are often included within these areas at reasonable costs. We advise you to take advantage of an adjacent PBSA settlement if you receive it. In addition, we can provide you with information on Student housing and private corridors in New York.

Following our exploration of the housing options available for your other goal, let's turn to New York and see what this shining city can offer for welcoming newcomers.

What are the preferred places to stay in New York for students?

1. Downtown Residence

Located just off historic Wall Street and 11-minutes from City University of New York, Downtown Residence is one of Manhattan's most luxurious high rises. From the moment you enter, you'll experience more than you could imagine. With a gym, rooftop terrace, games room and more, you will find comfort in a super luxury apartment. The apartment is in proximity to a subway station.

You can reach Times Square and Midtown in just 15 minutes. The choices are endless on Wall St: trendy eateries, eclectic boutiques, emerging art galleries are all just steps away. There are everyday conveniences as well as eclectic dining options. The residence is ideally situated and conveniently located, offering easy access to everything you need at an amazing discounted price of $345/week.

2. Harrington Housing Midtown Manhattan

Harrington Housing Midtown Manhattan

Harrington Housing is located right next to New York University near The Mansfield in New York's Midtown neighborhood. The area is five minutes' walk from Times Square and Grand Central Terminal. It is in the city's centre and is only a five-minute walk from Times Square.

At a starting price of $345/week, you can explore a wide array of amenities such as two full-size beds, a 50" Smart TV, Streaming device, and other basic furniture. There are several cultural highlights, including Town Hall, Broadway, the Fred F. French Building, Madame Tussaud Wax Museum, and Central Park Zoo. These are the best locations in town for residents who wish to be close to everything. 

3. The Fort Greene House

A half-hour drive from Manhattan is all it takes to get to Fort Greene House. There are numerous cafes, restaurants, and bars within walking distance of the house, and it is within blocks of the bustling significant downtown arteries of Brooklyn. In addition to providing access to in-house gym facilities, it has eight units spread over four levels. 

Stainless steel appliances, hardwood floors, split-unit heating, and air conditioning have been installed recently. It is a four-story, eight-unit house with full kitchens and living rooms in each unit. Its rooms are spacious and bright compared to the average New York City apartment, and the common areas are made up of bright, inviting spaces.  

Co-living space is located in leafy Fort Greene, a thriving creative community bordering Downtown Brooklyn, a place with a relaxed pace and creative vibe. The area is full of green spaces, including Fort Greene Park, and you can catch a ferry to Manhattan from the East River waterfront within walking distance.

4. The Williamsburg House

This young, vibrant neighborhood is known for its vibrant social scene and youthful atmosphere and is home to The Williamsburg House. This neighborhood is dotted with tasty restaurants, cosy cafes, colorful street art, and hip bars to make the most of your time in the Big Apple.

Five spacious common areas throughout this brand-new co-living building give you all the amenities you could possibly want. Take an evening to relax on the fully-furnished rooftop, watch a movie in the home theatre, play a game in the game room, or share a meal in the cafeteria.

5. The Gates House

As far as privacy and pocket-friendly options go top on priorities, look no further than The Gates House. This student housing in New York offers the most well-furbished student accommodation services including Coffee machine, and 24/7 package pickup. Priced at $790/week, The Gates House is present nearby every local market and boasts one of the most exclusive views of the city. Moreover, a majority of the students reside here due to the closeness to major universities making this place a great bargain for you in New York

The property's exterior is reminiscent of Brooklyn's old-world charm, but the interior has recently been renovated to suit a modern lifestyle. A modern elevator, modern appliances, sleek furnishings and an abundance of natural light can be found in the building. In comparison with an average New York City apartment, the common areas in each apartment are spacious and bright.

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What are the best and most affordable restaurants in New York?

-Doughnut Plant — Long Island City

Who would have thought a doughnut could be so healthy? The ingredients are all-natural. There are no preservatives, no eggs, no artificial ingredients, and trans fat. Stopping here before starting your day will be a pleasure. These people are fantastic.

How to get here: Falchi Building; 31-00 47th Ave, Long Island City, NY 11101

Price: $3 – $5

-Harefield Road – Brooklyn

Brooklyn brunch vibes are best experienced on Harefield Road. With dark woods, skylights, and a full bar, you can enjoy a boozy brunch with friends. The best foods you should try are Huevos Rancheros, consisting of two eggs prepared any way you like, with black beans, avocado, pico de gallo, salsa verde, and cheddar cheese. They come with homemade french fries.

How to get here: 769 Metropolitan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11211

Price: $13 Flat

-Blue Dog Kitchen – Hell's Kitchen

It might seem that a small, unassuming restaurant serves ordinary food, but it serves fantastic food, along with smoothies that are more colourful than a toucan's feathers! You should try the Florentine Benedict - sauteed spinach, poached eggs, tarragon hollandaise, English muffin.

How to get here: 308 W 50th St, New York, NY 10019

Price: $12 – $18

-Hard Times Sundaes –Brooklyn

You'll forget all those tough times with a mobile food truck. The burgers are so delicious that your taste buds will weep. What to order: Hard Times Sundaes Signature Burger - American cheese, caramelized onion and thick cut hardwood smoked bacon on buttered and grilled potato rolls.

Price: $3 – $11

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How to make the most of the local attractions in New York on a budget?

local attractions in New York

New York City can be mistaken for skyscrapers, chic cocktail bars, and busy people in business or fashionistas spending a lot of money, but that's not the case. There are many ways to explore the Big Apple on a budget with just a few insider tips and tricks.

A budget may not be a problem if you take advantage of cheap and free sightseeing, travel passes, walks regardless of the weather, and top museums.

The prevalent lifestyle of New York

Staten Island Ferry

It is best to get away from the hustle and bustle to see that famous city skyline. The ferry not only offers a great view of the southern tip of Manhattan, Lady Liberty, and Ellis Island, but it is also free. In 25 minutes, you can take the ferry to the fifth borough and back again. On weekends, the Ikea Ferry is also free, but on weekdays it costs $5. It chugs out from Wall Street to Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Embrace the sky

New York City is filled with skyscrapers on every corner, so most of your time will be spent looking up. One World Observatory, Rockefeller Center and the Empire State Building cost a lot, but they're all worth seeing. Each of them offers breathtaking views.

The 9-11 memorial

The entire world watched the planes that hit the World Trade Center towers. It was designed by architect Michael Arad and landscape architect Peter Walker to commemorate the thousands of victims.

In the twin towers' area, two large waterfalls pour into the foundation where they once stood. A metal rim surrounds them with the names of all the victims engraved onto it. It's a powerful reminder of what happened and is worth a visit.

Walk across the Brooklyn Bridge

Since 1883, the bridge has linked Manhattan and Brooklyn. Photo opportunities abound with the limestone and neo-gothic towers. The wooden slates are elevated over the street, so if you look back at Brooklyn with the skyline behind you, it makes for a perfect postcard image.

With the tourists dropping away in the cooler months and frostier weather, it is free to take pictures. However, many people attach the 'banned' padlocks to the bridge to get crowded.

If you're heading towards Brooklyn, you shouldn't miss exploring the Dumbo district, where you can find a coffee shop or ice-cream parlor if the weather is warm or an independent cafe if it's cold.

The value of museums is what you place on them.

The Metropolitan Museum, also known as The Met, is located in Central Park. They do not necessarily advertise it, but they recommend the $25 fee - you can pay what you wish.

The Egyptian collection, the Greek statues and the European art are among the highlights. You can easily spend days wandering around. Aside from the Met, other museums offer discounted admission.

On Fridays after 4 pm, the Museum of Modern Art on 53rd Street is free to visit. You can also pay whatever you wish on Fridays in the evening at the Whitney Museum of American Art. If it's history you want, try the Museum of The City of New York, where you can follow the city's rise from a striving Dutch village to the big player it is today.

Exploring the outdoors

A walk along the Hudson River, a stroll through Central Park, or a trip on the High Line are great ways to enjoy the outdoors while in New York City.

High Line took a decade to come to fruition, but New Yorkers' reaction to it proves that it was worth the wait. The abandoned, overgrown freight train line along New York's west side has now been converted into a 'park in the sky - and is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the city.

Times Square is another must-see - visit it at night to marvel at all the screens lit up. It's impossible to get lost on the roads since they are grid-based. Free Staten Island Ferry service passes Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty across the bay.

Central Park

Visiting Central Park in New York is a must for everyone visiting the city. The 840 acres look out of place in the middle of rows of buildings. Additionally, there's a zoo, an aquarium, a boating lake, and a reservoir.

You can rent bikes to ride leisurely through the park or take part in a run. Although 80 acres of stunning greenery are located in the heart of the metropolis, it's a welcome refuge from the busy city.

Take in a show off-Broadway

Broadway shows can be pretty pricey, especially if you're going with more than one person. Take a show at one of the smaller theaters off-Broadway for a lower price. Other Broadway and West End musicals that have been big hits often have tickets available: Avenue Q tickets can be obtained for just $75.50/£61.

Which are the common modes of transport in New York?

transport in New York

MTA—Subways and Buses

Mass transit is your best option if you can't walk to your destination. Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) is responsible for the city's rail and bus transportation system. Besides offering great views throughout the five boroughs, it's also highly affordable and environmentally friendly. It's open 24/7.


By subway, one can travel around New York City easily and quickly. When you are in In New York, taking the subway is another excellent way to feel like a local. Free subway maps are available at the Official NYC Information Center or from booth attendants, or download one from our Maps & Guides section. 

Using the MTA's Trip Planner will also help you plan your route (but it's a good idea to have a subway map in case you get lost). There is also an MTA bus route planner. It is not uncommon for subway routes to change or trains to temporarily stop running, especially at the end of the week or on weekends. Always check the MTA website for the latest service information, or call 511 or 718-330-1234 for more information.


By taking the public bus, you can see the city and go to locations that aren't convenient to the subway station. Additionally, New York City has taken steps to become more environmentally friendly through mass transit, and a growing number of its buses are hybrid-electric and electric. By 2040, the MTA plans to have a fleet of all-electric buses.

The Roosevelt Island Tram

You can take the Roosevelt Island Tram for an aerial view of Midtown East while travelling to Roosevelt Island from East 60th Street and Second Avenue in Manhattan, located in the East River between Manhattan and Queens. It has been running since 1976. There are direct services seven days a week (Sunday-Thursday, 6 am- 2 am; Friday-Saturday, 6 am-3:30 am) for over 2 million riders annually, with free transfers to and from MTA subways and buses. 


Licensed and regulated by the limousine Commission and the NYC Taxi, yellow taxis and green Boro Taxis operate throughout the city. If your feet are tired, your luggage is heavy, or you have a lot of shopping bags, getting a taxi may be your best bet.


The city can also be explored by biking, pedicab, or ferry if you wish, in addition to walking and public transit. Change the perspective by taking a different route around the city.

NYC by Bike

The city can often be a better place to travel by bike, and it is healthier for your body and the environment. The bike paths along the Hudson and East Rivers and on many of the city's bridges are excellent spots to start exploring the city on two wheels, but just about all of New York City is bike-friendly. 

How to handle an emergency situation (rental fraud, immigration issues, etc.)?

top universities in Chicago

The students are advised to constantly look over their shoulders, especially their first time in the city. As a result, if any wrong foot is stepped on, there will be no one to blame but you. If a student is put under stress due to tenet misbehavior or fraudulent rental activity, it is advised to contact the undersigned authority. 

Your problems can also be dealt with by contacting the university administration. If you don't, you can always knock on the doors of your seniors to learn about registered local agencies in New York that can deal with your student accommodation. If you keep track of these points, you are less likely to make mistakes, but you will be less likely to fail if you do. 

Manage Finances

Leaving your hometown is fraught with expenses, from tuition to food and other supplemental costs. Here's the tip: try to save everywhere you can. Alternatively, you can purchase reusable items at lower prices at second-hand shopping centres or discount shops. Keep a budget that you review once a month, and make sure you stick to it. 

Though going back to college is a different experience this time around, some things remain the same: You'll still need textbooks; you'll likely pull a few all-nighters to prepare for midterms, and now is the best time in your life to start preparing for your finances.

Taking control of your finances and understanding the best ways to use credit cards sooner rather than later will significantly improve your financial situation after graduation. The importance of establishing a good credit score during college cannot be overstated.

When you graduate, you're going to have a lot of decisions to make, from renting an apartment to getting an auto loan to land your first full-time job. Taking the time to do this when you're ready will make things a lot easier. 

Discounts for students

Students may be surprised at the variety of student discounts in New York City. Student discounts can be found at Broadway shows, museums and cultural attractions.

If you're a college student considering a trip to New York City, the cost of attractions might make the Big Apple seem un-affordable. Fortunately, New York is home to thousands of college students who attend 30 local colleges – such as Columbia, NYU, Hofstra, and Hunter College – making the city much more student-friendly than tourists imagine.

Students can obtain discounts at many attractions by presenting a valid student ID from their college or university or obtaining a discount card from the International Student Travel Confederation (ISTC).

Our motive for writing this guide

At Amber, our sole motive is to deliver exclusive accommodation and best amenities to students. By this approach, we ensure to transfer more confidence and information to you before visiting a city. With that said, here are the major takeaways from this article that every student should know:

●The thumb rule is to save whenever possible.

●Save money on travelling and walking over shorter distances.

●Explore cheap drinks during happy hours on weekends.

●Control your credit card expenses.

●Always opt for student discount cards. 

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