Posted on September 21, 2020
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Study plans are always tricky and challenging. If you plan to study abroad, you are taking it to the next level, where you will be meeting diverse people from different cultural, regional, and traditional backgrounds. It will also make you self-reliant and responsible. It will be an exciting and overwhelming experience, especially when you travel abroad for the first time in your lifetime. From selecting the right program & university until you step into the campus, you need to have the right game plan. To successfully make the right decision throughout the process, you need to plan it step by step, considering the below-mentioned factors by understanding it to pave your dream to study abroad.

Process of Applying

This will be a crucial step as it will transform your life and decide your career and professional success. You need to select a program that fits right to your area of interest from the wide options of the program offered by different universities from around the world and would require you to do in-depth research.

Below are the factors that you need to consider while applying:

  • Choose the right program by considering courses offered under the plan and know about the faculties.
  • Know about the research conducted by the university under your program of interest and the assistantship opportunity.
  • Financial aid like scholarship, on-campus jobs, teaching assistantship, research assistantship, and other opportunities offered by the college.
  • Know about the destination well with factors like the culture, language, and weather.
  • Apply Early

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Starting early will give you the gap between each step of the admission process and avoid the mistake that can happen in a rush but also, there are other advantages. The application deadlines vary from university to university, depending on its admission team or the program’s department. They have different application deadlines like early deadlines and final deadlines, few universities have program-specific deadlines, and some just have the rolling basis admission process.

Why should you apply early? Below are the points that justify the advantage of using first:

  • It increases the chances of a favorable decision from the department and the admission team.
  • Submitting an application before the deadline date is recommended to avoid technical issues such as server error on the deadline date.
  • 60-70% of the scholarship funds available are offered for the eligible students who apply early.

Finalizing the Admission

Once you’ve all the admissions decisions received from the applied colleges, then you will be moving to the next stage of your study abroad plan by accepting the best among the offers considering the factors like courses offered, location, weather, tuition fee, cost of living, scholarship/financial aid and career opportunity post-completion of the course. The crucial documents remain the same for all the country's visa processes, but the verification process and duration differ.

Below are the next steps to begin once you accept the offer from the college that best matches your requirement:

  • Complete the action requested by the admission team, like making the tuition fee deposit and submitting the documents.
  • Request for the visa documents from the university and prepare to apply 3 months before classes begin.
  • Book your visa date for interview/drop the documents required for verification by the consulate.

Pre-Departure Preparation:

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The last few steps to reach the goal are often the hardest. You feel it more challenging when you are almost there. Many students end up taking too much luggage, or they will forget to take as essential as their laptop because of the excitement, so prioritizing things before you pack and leave. Figuring out this could be tricky, so make a list in advance avoid confusion or forgetting something. So, the best advice before you start the list is “pack less than you think.” Do not worry if you forget to take the necessary things as you can always manage but make sure you take all the important and required items packed and have the arrangements ready.

Here are the essential things to have it on your checklist:

  • Flight Tickets – Booking your flight tickets is one thing you cannot afford to ignore, and booking it late will cost you more.
  • Accommodation – Booking the right accommodation that fits both your requirement and budget is very much required.
  • Laptop – A good laptop is more essential, and it has been proved, especially during the pandemic situation this year.
  • Mobile – It is a prominent device owned by everyone having it will be important as many universities are launching apps for freshers.
  • Kitchenware & Bedding – Based on what is provided in the apartment/room that you have booked.
  • Clothes – Carry it according to the weather, for outdoor events, and sports activities.
  • Personal Documents Folder – With all your documents, IDs, bank documents, housing contract, and, very importantly, the passport and any other required/important document.

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