Posted on June 13, 2020
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In an event held by The British Council on June 5, the university minister Michelle Donelan summarised some points to aid international students and the higher education sector against the global challenges imposed by the coronavirus.

The measures consisted of flexible visa regulations and the launch of the new Graduate Route in the summer of 2021, which will enable global students who have graduated to work in the UK at any skill level for 2-years. After the two years, they can go and switch onto the skilled work visa if they find employment that meets the skill requirement of the route.

As we all know how coronavirus has taken the world by storm and many countries including the UK entered into lockdown to ensure the safety of their inhabitants. After months of quarantine, the world's lockdowns are being relieved, and the UK is no exception. The UK have resumed their flight services and are welcoming tourists and international students as well.

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It's agreeably recognized that the United Kingdom is one of the major educational hubs worldwide. It has the world's second-largest community of international students, with approximately 50% fewer foreign students than the United States.

The Government’s announcement of the new route is a relief to many international students, especially to those who were hoping to settle here. This 2-year post-study work visa will be open to the citizens of all nations who have completed a course of study at the undergraduate level or above at an approved UK Higher Education Provider. It will empower qualified individuals to figure or search for a job that meets their desire or aptitude. Starting from 2020/21, this allows international graduates to work or seek employment for up to two years after graduating.

According to the UK Government, they're also working strictly with the governing body of the independent higher education governor in England to ensure students can continue their studies, receive proper quality provisions, and work towards a qualification that they and future employers’ values.

In 2020 QS surveyed a plethora of International Students, which revealed that only 6% of prospective international students reflecting studying in the UK were aware that they could stay in the country and work for two years after graduating.

Approximately 48% of the students surveyed thought, the length of post-study work, rights are between 0 to 4 months. 25% believed it was between 5 to 12 months. Around 17% confessed that they weren't aware at all.

Many prospective students choose their academic destination based on the possibility of employment in the same country after graduation. With this announcement, the UK government has made it easier for students to decide for themselves.

The UK is consistently ranked amongst the top in terms of the quality of education. In 2020 London was ranked the best city for international students for the second time in subsequent years.

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This is a silver lining for students dreaming of settling overseas.

  • Flexibility in visa regulations.
  • New graduation route from 2020/21.
  • Permission to work for 2-years after graduation.
  • After 2-years, switch visa according to the skill requirements of the route.

Seize this opening and try to make the most out of it and it might turn out to be the changing point of your career.

How AmberStudent will support you.

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