Posted on June 2, 2021
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Are you moving abroad for your higher education and looking for off-campus accommodation? Unfortunately, finding a reliable guarantor has become much more difficult now than ever. Be it students, fellow travellers, or local citizens looking for a place to rent, a guarantor allows every citizen/ overseas citizen to ensure their stay goes well until the end of their departure.

Maybe you’ve plans for visiting the UK, or Ireland, or the USA, or simply visiting any other part of the world for the following summer, a guarantor would always be a part of your accommodation. And it would be wise to land a good one well before you reach your destination. This article explains what a Guarantor is, why they are required and how to acquire one.

What is a Guarantor?

When you move to the United Kingdom or any major country, you will be asked to provide a Rent Guarantee Description or a Guarantor. A guarantor is a person, organization or company which accounts for your responsibility during the time you're in the country. A Guarantor also complies to secure another person's tenancy agreement or contract based upon a professional or mutual connection. 

Simply put, a Guarantor puts up his/her word to fulfil some or all of your rental commitments that are not currently being followed. For example, many students often choose a Rent Guarantor, which allows them to have a "Third Person" presence in their tenants' agreement. This way, if you or your group of rent holders fail to deliver the rent on time, a Guarantor could easily help you out by paying the rent for the remaining period. 

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Additionally, a Guarantor is also liable to pay an upfront payment in case of any damages in the property done by the tenant. This way, the landlord leaves out all your worry from filing a legal lawsuit in case of accidents or mishaps. Therefore, choosing a Guarantor will not only help you to prevent any unwanted outcomes but will also make sure you are free from irregular arrivals of your landlord or real estate agents for inspection. 

Who can be a Guarantor?

For international students, finding a suitable guarantor in a new country is a tall order. This could leave them in despair if they weren't around the city guide to find out how to choose a suitable guarantor for themselves. For starters, a Guarantor can be anyone you can feel to relate your stay with. They can be a living resident, or a relative or an organization. 

Interestingly, there are no hard and fast rules on the domain of a Guarantor. But, some of the primary conditions that every guarantor should follow are:

●A Guarantor should be a UK resident

This is the informal requirement for every guarantor. Being a local citizen it makes it far simpler for landlords to run background checks on your guarantor. This way, the process of finding a suitable student accommodation in the UK becomes much faster than expected. 

●One who can be liable to take matters into their own hands

The role of a Guarantor is to effectively take on the commitments that the main party to the tenancy agreement is taking on. 

●He/she does not have to be your guardian

It is a common misconception that a Guarantor should be a personal connection. A Guarantor can be anyone who meets the required criteria by the landlord or agent. 

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Why Guarantors should be your concern?

While moving abroad to the UK, a landlord is expected to run a background check over their tenants before renting them the place. This would include checking your previous rental agreements and financial statements. As most students come from foreign nations, having a local background detail can be a little difficult for the landlord. 

That's why having a Guarantor along with your side provides landlords with an extra level of "Assurance". While the landlord or real estate agencies can efficiently deal with the Guarantor directly, this also helps you a long way to make your profile more credible and authentic, leaving better chances of finding student housing near your university.

How to secure a Guarantor? 

The UK is one of the biggest student accommodation markets in the market. Being a competitive industry, many local authorities have started giving out guarantor services. But little does international students know that many of these agencies apply non-related charges, which leaves students light in pocket weight. 

To make sure you're dealing with an authentic source, aim to contact the main office of your landlord and consult the legitimacy of your agency. Many local landlords are strong on market knowledge and will surely know the names of the popular guarantor services in the city. If your landlord agrees about the trustworthy nature, you can go ahead with your guarantor services. 

If, instead, you fall short on the target, try many other international websites which offer affordable student accommodation guarantors in every UK city. Many popular guarantor services offer legally trained guarantors at the starting price of £120 in most major UK cities, including London, Manchester and Birmingham. Some of the popular UK Guarantor services include:

How can Amberstudent help you? 

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