Posted on May 3, 2021
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To be a university student need not imply that you would live in shabby student apartments. After a busy day from lectures and sports, including part-time jobs or extracurricular activities, your accommodation is your escape. 

If you're pleased to put some thought and effort into sprucing up the room you've been allocated, your student dorm will have a homely feel. There are multiple choices to jazz up your student dorm, no matter how large or small it is, to make it cosy and welcoming but still making your individuality spark through.

Here are few budget-friendly ways to update your living space:

Fairy Lights:

Fairy lights

Are you looking for a way to make your student space Instagram-worthy? Fancy lighting is a must-have for a stylish home. When it comes to lighting your university room, you have a lot of options. Adding light sources will freshen up a room and create a calming atmosphere, from cute lightboxes to classy bedside lamps. 

Lights are a discreet way to bring a warm, welcoming feel to a dim, uninviting room. Decorative lighting is a perfect way to make a student space cosier if you're looking for comfort. In recent years, fairy lights have also become common in student rooms. 

Decorating footage will be used to sprinkle strings of fairy lights in strategic locations without jeopardising the rental agreement. 

Tip: Avoid using candles if you want to follow the rules. Electric tea lights, on the other hand, keep the effect when shielding your deposit.

Personalised pinboards:


With this classic university hall decoration, you will bring a little bit of home to your new digs. When you move down, big pinboards are a perfect place to bring your friends and family closer. Print out your favourite photos and put together a collage of memories of your loved ones. A corkboard will not only add a personal touch and keep homesickness at bay, but it will also add a funky and colourful dimension to your room.

The uniqueness of this university bedroom furniture is that it can be fully customised. This means you can add photos of you and your new friends from freshman week and beyond to your collection. Student accommodations are more affordable in Leeds, Manchester and London. So, there is ample budget left to decorate your student accommodation.

Lively bedding:

Lively bedding

Did you know beds can be used to decorate a student's home? But now you do. Bedding is available in a variety of bright colours and patterns to fit any palate. Especially in studio apartments, your bed takes up a lot of floor space. 

Finishing it off with the right bedding will provide a colourful focal point that brightens up the room. Bedding of good quality does not have to be expensive, making it an excellent money-saving decoration choice for students. 

Throws add a layer of interest, particularly when their colours contrast with the bedding. Contrast neutral bedding with a brightly coloured throw can be used for a fresh and energetic look.

Create an accent wall:

Create accent walls

Although you might not paint your dorm room walls you surely can make your own reversible fabric wallpaper? The fabric will reflect some colour and personality into your room. While it will take some time to put up, the results are spectacular. 

Moreover, if your walls are smooth or softly textured, fabric wallpapers are a good choice. The tapestry can also be used to decorate the walls. Strips or tapes can be used from any hardware store that can also help you to safely hang your tapestry without damaging the wall.

Mirrors to make a room seem more significant:

  Mirrors to make a room seem more significant:

Mirrors are the way to go if your place is getting stuffy or claustrophobic. Mirrors of various sizes may be used to generate the appearance of space in a university dorm. Many chic free-standing mirrors will do the trick without the need for any installation. 

A strategically positioned mirror will turn a cramped room into a spacious apartment by adding light and expanding the floor. Mirrors have both purpose and beauty all while reflecting the space and making it look larger. Once you've installed a floor mirror, try adding some lights towards the edging for a chic finish.

Jazz up your desk:

Jazz up your desk:

Bring some greenery to your research desk by adding some easy-to-care-for indoor plants. The most popular ones to name are money plants or succulents which can bring overall effect over the room. For a more welcoming atmosphere, you can also hang a set of similar border pictures, a corkboard, or lanterns. 

Tip: To stop cluttering your workspace, keep the decorations to a minimum.

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