Posted on August 29, 2019

Heading off to Sheffield ?

Well, Here is the city guide for you to explore this beautiful city.

Sheffield, a city in South Yorkshire, England, its name derived from the River Sheaf, which goes through the town. The city has developed from its primarily industrial roots to a broader financial base. The population in the City of Sheffield is 582,506.It’s a place that offers some great vibes and thrills, perfect solitude of historical remanence and culture mixed with modern structures and ancient relics. Sheffield welcomes more than 50,000 new students each year from Universities such as Sheffield University, and Sheffield Hallam University are the two well-renowned universities in the world which gives a broad scope of academic chance. city-1137181 1920

Tired of Accommodation hunt?

You can find Budget-friendly, affordable stays in Sheffield, wide ranges of sharing flats, ensuites, studios etc. can be selected according to the Budget and requirements. Students can also opt for student hostels provided by universities, but that can be a bit expensive. Finding the best accommodation in a country unknown is the most challenging task. So, the first step, which is majorly important before choosing any accommodation, is to deeply research, read all the reviews available on the internet, and check those ratings. For students living away from home for the first time, accommodation hunting becomes quite difficult. Keep in mind that, whichever the student housing you choose will be your home for years, where you will eat, live, sleep, socialise, make friends, study, and which will define your student experience abroad.

Don't be confused about Leasing Policies -

If you are living anywhere in the UK, then when it comes down to leasing policies, then it's per week basis. Usually, the preferred method is every month, but students can fluctuate a lot in terms of stay.

Therefore, weekly basis rents are curated to make it flexible for the landlord to have a tab on the lease due, and even guarantors are set up to help students pay their rent on time.

Best places to live if you are studying in Sheffield -


There are variety of accommodation options available in Sheffield City centre for students, so they can have a buzzing social life, and upbeat vibe to have a memorable stay in Sheffield. It is close to Sheffield University and Sheffield Hallam Univeristity. You will also find many amazing restaurants, bars, clubs and shops in that area.

Properties to check out :-

iQ Fenton House, Leadmill Point, Laycock studios.

These properties are near to Sheffield city Centre.

There are many other areas where you can find the best accommodation options where you can explore many things this beautiful city, Sheffield has to offer- Bramall Lane, Eccleshall Road, Sharrow, Broomhill.


It's evident that if you want to get a room of your choice, then you might have to do an ample amount of research, But not anymore.

We have listed down the various kinds of Sheffield student housing options that you would get in the city. So, take a look.

1. Studio Apartment

Cost – 130 - 170 pounds per week.

What it has to offer – a semi furnished single bedroom equipped with an attached bathroom and if you are lucky, a balcony as well.

Pros – you get the freedom of staying alone and exploring life in Sheffield. Also, you can do whatever you want, and no one is ever going to tell you anything.

Cons – being surrounded by a wall and no one to hand out with can be a problem. Also, the rooms aren’t spacious and might be claustrophobic as well. apartment-architecture-comfort-2440471

2. Shared Flats

Cost – 75-96 pounds per week.

What it has to offer? – Based on the area and the location of your apartment, the amenities can vary. But most of the time, you get a laundry room, a kitchen area and if you are lucky, a swimming pool as well.

Pros – it’s an apartment, so you are free to do whatever you want. All your friends under one roof and you can live life the way you want to.

Cons – everything needs to be done on your own and can put a strain on your hectic university life. So, think twice before you take this option for accommodation. cooperation-coworking-day-1543895

3. Student Halls.

Cost – starting from 80 pounds per week.

What it has to offer? – A student residence where the entire building is packed with students from various universities. Also, there is ample space for each student and provides a nice homely touch as you might come across a few people from your hometown in one of these places.

Pros – you have all the amenities that you could wish for and also don’t have to worry about food. The three-day course is also offered.

Cons – single bedrooms aren’t available, and even a sense of privacy isn't available. Sometimes it can get overcrowded and make you feel uneasy.

Well, the above given are just some of the many options that you could choose from. So, choose wisely to know more about what the city has in store for you.

Don't forget to keep these documents.


While finalizing your dream accommodation option in Sheffield, its mandatory for you to produce some documents if you want the keys to your paradise.

• Passport and visa. • Official agreement of admission to the university. • Bank balance statement. • Parent/guardian/guarantor signatures on the documents.

The documents mentioned above are crucial to authenticate yourself as a student and provide you with a room.

It’s quite difficult to find the best spots in different places to explore, but we won’t let you roam confused and lost, This is basically to guide you the best places in Sheffield which will make your stay fabulous and relaxing there. Let’s see.

Ways to explore this beautiful city ?-

Well, if you want to travel in and around the city Trams, Buses and taxis are readily available as local transport in the city. The closest international airport to Sheffield is Doncaster Sheffield Airport, which is located 18 miles from the city centre. Transportation needs to be kept in mind that eliminating the factor of taking any public transport to reach your university can prove to be a great deal in boosting your financial records.


There are four tram routes, which give you easy access to the most popular places in and around Sheffield, and Rotherham. On your tram stop, you will see notices which will indicate the route and fare needed for your destination. Don't Panic if you don't see any ticket machines at stations, You can purchase your ticket on board the tram from the conductor when you hear "Fares Please". Payment mode is Cash.

Timing - The tram runs 5:30AM-10:30PM (M-Sa) and 8:30AM-6:30PM (Su).


Sheffield has a very large bus network, Most buses are operated by First South Yorkshire, and StageCoach. Buses are readily available as local transport in the city. Sheffield Interchange is the main bus station in central Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England. There are total 30 bus stands. This is served by buses operating across the Sheffield region, as well as National Express coaches that connect Sheffield with many destinations across the United Kingdom. There are week and month passes available but Be careful when you are buying one or you may find that your ticket is only valid on one specific operator's services.


Sheffield Railway Station is located on Sheaf Street, Sheffield. The station is at the east of the city centre, and very close to the Sheffield Hallam University. Timing- Weekdays 04:20 - 23:59, Sunday 07:30 - 23:59


You can also rent bicycles for cheap rates from Russell's Bicycle Shed located on Sheffield Railway Station, in Sheaf Street. You will only need your Photo ID, and credit or debit card.

sheffield-1137159 1920

Can't find best restaurants to kill your hunger?

Check out these top 5 places to eat in Sheffield.

1) Las Iguanas

Cuisine- Latin American, Mexican

Opening hours- 12noon – 11pm

Average Cost- £12 for two people (approx.)

Address- 14 Fitzwilliam St, Sheffield, UK S1 4JL

2) Uncle Sams

Cuisine- American

Average Cost- £5 for two people (approx.)

Address- 298 Ecclesall Rd, South Yorkshire, UK S11 8

3) Aagrah

Cuisine- Indian

Average Cost- £20 for two people (approx.)

Address- Leopold Sq Leopold St, Sheffield, UK S1 2

4) Wig and Pen By the Milestone

Cuisine- Breakfast, British

Opening hours- 11am – 11pm

Average Cost- £20 for two people (approx.) with alcohol

Address- 44 Campo Ln, Sheffield, UK S1 2EG

5) All Siam Thai Restaurant

Cuisine- Thai

Opening hours- 12noon – 2:30pm, 6pm – 10pm

Average Cost- £20 for two people (approx.)

Address- 639 Ecclesall Road, UK S11 8


Let’s see some cool and amazing things you can do in Sheffield, and also, FOR FREEEEEE!

( These are the places you can go if you’re broke in Sheffield)

- Bank Street Arts

Bank Street Arts is a hidden gem of a place, hosts a range of abstract events throughout the year, and provides venue and setting for many interesting people. This place focuses primarily on mind-blowing performances, experimental writing, and If you are interested in seeing the work of amazing jewellers, visual artists, illustrators, designers, poets, publishers, photographers, architects and much more, then The BANK STREET ARTS is the best place to go.

- What’s better than heading to those beautiful mountains!!

FUN FACT- Sheffield is said to be built on seven hills, The town is very hilly. You can explore many rivers too - River Don, River Sheaf, River Loxley, River Rivelin and many more, That would be more like an escape from all the worries, and stress. You will explore something beautiful every time.


- Weston Park Museum

Who doesn’t want to go and see Snowy the Polar Bear and Spike the Woolly Rhino at Weston Park Museum. The museum hosts to a series of temporary exhibitions and displays. How amazing!! You can explore the world and its past, from millions of years ago to the present day in Weston park museum.

If you want to see solo and group shows, performances, events and community programme specialising in moving image, new media and performance, you should go to Site Gallery. That will BLOW YOUR MIND, for sure!!

Well, the city has so much to offer, explore as much as you can, and get the best experience by choosing convenient options. Have a pleasant stay there!

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