Posted on January 3, 2018
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Looking for accommodation in London?

London is a cosmopolitan city with a varied range of accommodation options.
Before starting the accommodation hunt, you should have the whole idea about how accommodation scenario works in London.

1. On campus student halls

These accommodations are really close to university but are little costly. All bills are included in the rent most of the times.

2. Off campus student halls

These are similar to on campus halls but are outside campus and hence a little cheaper. You can choose from the single room, shared room, studio, En suite etc. All bills are included and property managers take the hassle of maintenance. So you can focus on studies and fun. Also, students get their private place with an option to mingle with students from all over the world.


3. Homestays

Some hosts put a room in their home for rent. Host and tenant share the common area. All bills and the maintenance will be included in the rent and many times food is also included in the rent. As you will be staying with the hosts which there will be some house rules.


4. Individual apartment

You can lease whole apartments with your friends or individually. All bills and maintenance are on you and hence it makes it little cheaper compared to other options. But if you are new to London it is really tough to get good individual apartment due to lack of rental history and local knowledge. Even if you want to choose this accommodation option, It is recommended that you should live in any of the first 3 options for few months and then go for this option. Apartment1

Data from Off campus student hall management groups

It suggests that 65.60% students extended the lease after one year at same accommodation.

Lease Extended at same Student hall vs Leased different hall ( All Students)

This shows even after staying in London for more than 1 year, students prefer to extend the lease in the same student halls.

Whereas, 78% of the students from extended the lease in the same accommodation.

Lease extended at same Off Campus halls  vs Leased different hall  (For Students booked through

This shows that with the help of AmberStudent, students can compare the best student halls in London and hence the increased retention rate in accommodation.

Off Campus Student halls 1

What's the most important feature of off campus student accommodation?

In London, where prices are higher compared to other cities, most of the student halls utilize every inch of their place to cater to what a student needs. They are located in locations which are either close to the university or very close to public transport stations.

Which off campus student halls should you choose?

One particular student hall will be more suitable for you considering the university you are attending and price range you are looking.

You can compare all Off Campus Student halls on and put the request to book it. Or You can put your request and our experienced customer support team will help you choose the best accommodation.

How AmberStudent will help you

AmberStudent provides you with 24x7 assistance for apartment search and booking in and around London, to make your renting experience easy. The representatives help you find the perfect apartment as per your preferences. With over 100+ apartments around UCL, Imperial College and LSE you can pick the accommodation of your choice at affordable prices.

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