Posted on November 17, 2021
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Looking to find student accommodation in London? Well, you’re at the right place! More than 100,000 students fly to the capital city of the United Kingdom to pursue higher education. As the demand for student housing increases every year, many students feel a need to live on a budget and near-university accommodation. 

And which is a better place to live in London than the famous Zone 2. The London Zonal 2 area is a city-bounded parameter. It exhibits some of the best institutes, including The University of London, London School of Economics, Queen Mary University of London, and Kingston University. Its abbreviation as “Central London” and the benefits of the aesthetic city landscape and easy-to-go transportation are some of the many reasons why most students prefer Zone 2.

Here are the top mentions for the best student housing in London Zone 2 and why they each offer their pros and cons respectively. But before that, let’s take a look at the various student accommodation options available in London.

Types of student accommodation in London

There are plenty of student housing options in London. But as far as students are concerned, majorly there are five broad categories for you to choose from. Let’s take a peek at their specialties and offerings.

- University-managed residence

The university managed residences are on-campus student rooms that allow students to live within college boundaries. These are simple 1-bedroom apartments, and the best part about them is their proximity to the campus which saves time while travelling to and from the university.

- Studios

Studios are another entrant in student housing in London where you receive 1-bedroom or 2-bedroom spaces and higher amenities than the university dorms. Locating studio apartments in London can be pretty tedious during rush seasons, and you are advised to search for studios well in advance.

- Private housing

Private accommodation is yet another mode of living where you can avail maximum benefits of living as per your budget. Private accommodation can be 1-bedroom, 2- or even 2-bedroom kitchen spaces and can vary as per your requirements and needs scale.

- Shared accommodation

Shared accommodation is a vital choice for those looking to share housing with 3-5 individuals. While the spaces can become a drawback, the best parts of shared accommodation cover less monthly expenses and rent sharing amongst other tenants, leaving you with more savings.


Purposely Built Student Accommodation (PBSA) is a highly-efficient student housing in London where you can experience the best perks of living at great packages. These student rooms are filled with ample amenities and are becoming a newer trend among students in 2021.

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Best student accommodation in Central London

Here are the top student accommodation in Zone 2, London and why each one possesses their advantages and some loopholes respectively.

1. iQ The Arcade

iQ The Arcade

iQ The Arcade student accommodation is one of the most popular student housing in the UK capital. The private student housing offers all basic amenities for students within walking distances. The Arcade has 19 different room specifications, ranging from Standard to Premium. 

At The Arcade, you can enjoy the best apartment facilities, including a study desk & chair, high-speed Wi-Fi, wardrobe, fridge freezer, oven and many more. With additional special discounts, you can book this magnificent student room starting at £188 per week. 

2. Stratford One

Stratford One

Whenever students seek comfortability in London, Stratford One always manages to be an option. The Stratford One student accommodation is located less than a 10-minute walk away from London Zone 2 and 8-minutes from Loughborough University, London Campus

You can also explore a wide variety of choices between En suite and studio rooms and also enjoy access to large communal spaces, microwave, vacuum cleaner and a lot more! The rent here at Stratford One is £217 per week and also has a zero additional pay feature for a vending machine, bike storage, Wi-Fi, and 24*7 security facilities.

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3. iQ Tufnell House

iQ Tufnell House

iQ Tufnell House is another great entrant to our student accommodation options in London. The student property is based in North London in Zone 2 and is well-connected to ample colleges such as UCL, Regents University, and University of London.

The iQ Tufnell House boasts a broad range of facilities for students covering en suite rooms, studios, and flats are on offer, as well as some unique options in the separate Gatehouse building for final year and postgraduate students. Wi-Fi, bills and contents insurance are all included in the price of £265 per week.

4. Highbury, London

Highbury, London

iQ Highbury is an excellent choice for students looking for calm localities. The iQ Highbury student housing in London is present in Central London and enables students to travel back and forth to nearby colleges within walking distance. Currently, the property offers up to 20+ rooms options ranging from Bronze to Platinum and offers various student-centric amenities like shared kitchens and living spaces.

The building also includes a range of social areas, with a gym, zen garden cinema, games room and lounge. The cost of living at iQ Highbury starts at £200 per week and includes all utility bills to save time for dealing with them outside the rent.

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5. The Lyra

The Lyra

The Lyra is the best student accommodation option to enlist our top choices. The student accommodation in London zone 2 is next to North Acton Tube Station and 11-minutes to the University of West London. The Lyra also allows students to roam freely in and out of the city with effective location build-up.

Starting with an initial rent of £275 per week, The Lyra accommodation has been designed to offer everything a student needs. Smart TV, free Wi-Fi, big beds, fridge freezer, study desk and chair are some of the best perks about the place and choosing to stay in London as a student.

Here are the top mentions for student accommodation in London, UK. You can also explore different student accommodation in London and choose the best one based on intelligent filters like location to university, prices and bargain offer deals.

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