Posted on April 29, 2021
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Millions of students every year dream of studying abroad. Well, studying abroad means living life on your own terms and enjoying the unknown place with new culture and language. Taking a decision of studying abroad is one of the most relevant and bravest decisions a lot of students make during their academic life.

Moreover, studying abroad gives you better opportunities and makes your life far more adventurous than one can expect. Every student leaves their home country with a lot of expectations for their new journey. While it will be impossible to name all of them, here are some of the major expectations that every student has in mind when he/she decides to study abroad.

Making new connections is difficult

The vast majority of people you’re going to meet are international students from different countries and cultures. They’re friendly but they’re more focused on their jobs and their personal Life. You may end up talking to your old friends from your home country. 

If you really want to make new connections, it's best to live in student accommodation properties near your University/College rather than a university hostel or campus. When you live in an apartment, you share rooms with people from different countries or states. Students love staying in some of the most student friendly accommodation of London, Ireland, USA, etc. which never let's them feel away from home. 

Adopting New Culture is fun but not easy

When you travel or go to an unknown place, you seek a new adventure and experience a new feeling. As a student, you may experience culture shock at the beginning of your academic career. This experience may look new as you are going to stay in a hostel or student apartment without your family. 

Well, staying with someone who is from the same culture might help you to discover new things. For this, you need to find a student apartment where you can share a room with someone who can help you explore the interesting culture. You may not feel alone, so it's better to find the student properties through which you can make new friends.

Expenses are out of your budget

Students partying and enjoying

If you choose an excellent country for academics, you may end up bearing the heavy living and tuition expenses. But if you choose a country such as the UK for further studies, you have the opportunity to bear lower living costs and tuition fees because the country is amongst the most affordable countries to live and study abroad.  

Besides having said that, it is important that you have a plan of action for everything accordingly. This allows you to have a more comprehensive and great experience while studying abroad. Additionally, it is crucial to know that while you can't cut down your expenses on meals and shopping, you still can find affordable, comfortable and convenient student apartments that help you save your money.

Travelling to States is expensive

If you think you’ll be travelling across cities and states, then you may have got a wrong perception of international education. Your whole life will be hopping into assignments, practicals, tests, exams, part-time jobs, and little personal time when you go to study abroad. You may be wondering about the photographs that your friends were taking on Camber Sands, Sussex.

But not everyone's life is going to be the same. Saving time for trips while studying and working altogether is always a dream. For the sake of travelling, you won't miss your classes at all, right?

leaving home is resilient

Leaving Home is resilient!

Moving out from your hometown, leaving everything aside and dealing with student accommodation is the most complicated task ever. Checking out rooms and affordable student properties is a challenging and exhausting process when you can't inspect the space you’re going to live in. 

Students get disappointed because the room they expect does match what they saw on those pictures. As the saying goes, "The picture is always different from reality", you have to pay the rent and other charges if you have finalised the location. You may also feel like packing and going back to your Home town. That's why, to leave all this worry behind make sure you check the reliable options for making your move to the apartment.

Daily Life becomes hectic!

Do you fantasise about social gatherings and endless house parties you’re going to do? Going away from your home seems fun and adventurous; it looks like a new gate opened to a new life. You may love to enter and enjoy numerous parties, as it can be a fun way for removing stress and tension. 

But having excessive parties can take a toll on your health and performance in your class. Parties held outside of campus will definitely blow your mind with excitement and bring a lot more fun but many expenses at such parties may not suit your pocket requirements.  

Fret not if you haven't found a place to stay and relax because a majority of private student accommodation in Cardiff, Bristol, etc organise social gatherings, events, parties, get together etc. You can enjoy a lot with your new connections. 

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