Posted on April 1, 2019

After you find that sweet accommodation home, it is satisfying to know that have a roof over your head. Also, the sense of living your new life in a new country is overwhelming at the same time. Needless to say, that you are overjoyed and filled with happiness for the reason that you can do whatever you intend to do with very little or negligible restrictions. But when you think about the rules and regulations of the property where you might be staying, then there are some rights that you need to keep in mind in case if things get a bit tricky to handle. If you don’t know them, then don’t worry, we have got you covered. Mentioned below are a few of the tenancy rights that you need to keep in mind in case if you are living in an accommodation rental home.

1. Random visits of the landlord:


It means that the landlord might own the property but then he/she coming into your property unexpectedly isn’t an ideal thing. It would be a crime in case if they tried to barge into your room without any prior notice. Also, if they ever want to get into your room for any repair work, a 24 hours prior notice needs to be given before anyone else steps into your room.

2. Guests Visits:

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When you look at it, then having guests come over and letting them crash at your place is completely fine. But, that’s okay when it's only for a night. Also if you have people over for dinner, it's completely normal. But in case, if you have them for a greater period of time or you charge them for their stay, then it’s a phenomenon known as subletting which is a substantial fraudulent work. So, try to avoid this as it can get you evicted or in worst cases, even blacklisted.

3. General safety:


In the accommodation halls where you might be residing, the landlord needs to check the fire safety regulations and other safety features to ensure that everything is working and operating properly. You also need to know that the place you are staying is safe and secure for yourself. If there aren’t any fire safety precautions taken, then shift someplace else or bring this to your landlords attention so that they make necessary changes.

4. Decorations:


Just remember this, the way you see the apartment on the first day you move in, it needs to be returned in the exact way when you move out. Putting up posters and other decoration material is likely to be significant for one to get that homely and comforting feeling. But any damage to the property will lead to reimbursement which will be deducted from your deposit when you move out.

5. Repairs:

close-up-colors-hands-1573831 As soon as you get the desired room that you wished for, inspect and examine the room and check whether everything is functioning smoothly before the landlord hands over the keys to you. If not, then mention it to the landlord since later you might be held responsible for that particular damage . The landlord must get any repair fixed before one moves in.

6. Deposits:


Usually, when you book any accommodation, a particular deposit is to be paid in case if anything were to go wrong during your stay. This money would compensate for it. But the landlord is entitled to place this deposit in a tenancy deposit protection scheme which is a government-owned scheme. Failing to do so within 30 days, you can claim it back from your landlord or file a case against them, in case they refuse to refund it.

7. Pets:


It is a variable pointer as some landlords might while some of them might not let you keep pets in the student accommodations. Hence, you might have to discuss this further with your landlord to check whether or not you are allowed to keep a pet in the accommodation room.

Hence, always remember that you know and have all the significant rights and you abide by them carefully to gain an upper hand in case anything was to go wrong or fall apart. So always try to play it safe and by the regulations and not cause any havoc. Else, you might be evicted or even blacklisted from renting out any property in the city.

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