Posted on July 30, 2020
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Wondering why you need a student pickup and drop service? Here are the 5 top reasons why you need to try student pickup and drop service.

According to a report by OpenDoors:

"About 16% of all the students that enrol for baccalaureate programs opt to study abroad."

That explains the importance of going abroad for studies in recent times.

When you land on an unknown turf, ready to embrace the city, there are many things to take care of. From reaching the campus, finding accommodation, to having a bank account, you need it all. But will the burden of your luggage allows you to do that effortlessly?

The Student pickup and drop-off services are not just for your first arrival, but it can also help you in travelling through the city and explore it. So, let us understand a few reasons for choosing a pickup and drop-off service for your study abroad.

The Luggage Load:

Any international student who is going abroad for studies needs almost everything to live in a new place. Apart from the academic material, there are gadgets, books to study and books from your favourite collection, clothes, shoes, and even a guitar if you are a music lover. There is no end to the items that you may include in your luggage.

Imagine carrying this in your cab from the airport to your campus-based or a private student accommodation! Even the thought can give you chills. So, having a student pickup service from the airport that can drop off all the luggage at your accommodation is like an umbrella in the rain.

There are many providers that offer you such pickup and drop-off services as an add-on package to your accommodation services. You can also avail these services independently, through some cab aggregators. The difference between cab aggregators and student accommodation services is the extra support that the later provides, like documentation help at the airport. You can book pickup by university-owned vehicles also, but there are luggage restrictions. They do not allow any extra luggage than norms set by the university.

Early Arrivals:

If you are planning to study in metropolitan cities like London, New York, or even Sydney, you will need to have a few prior visits before your final arrival. The reason is the need for you to browse accommodations. Because of the rush every year, many students have to struggle for accommodation in these cities. flight

Some prior visits can make sure you browse the accommodation in the city, and being in newbie in the city might hamper your commute. Here is where the pickup and drops service providers can sort your worries out.

Airport Reception:

International students can easily avail airport reception service through their university or a private provider. Several universities offer such airport reception services to their students which can be booked through their online portals. While some student accommodation agencies also offer such services for their customers which includes providing international sim cards, financial accounts, and even daily essentials after you settle down at the accommodation.

Flight Delays:

If you have booked a university-owned service for pickup at the airport, and your flight gets delayed or cancelled, there are chances that you might be asked to pay extra. These charges can be around $35 to $50.

While professional pickup and drop services handle the scheduling and airport reception to avoid delays which could save you the trouble of being charged extra. flight

Proximity Restrictions:

International students always like to choose student accommodation near the campus. They also choose the nearest airport for arrival. But it is not an ideal situation for every student. Because some international students select accommodations based on factors like budget, transport modes, comfort, and amenities, So, they may have to arrive at an airport that is not in the proximity of the campus.

Here, the issue is proximity. Most universities have rules of providing pick up and drop service based on the location of the airport for the campus. While professional student pickup and drop-off services provide facilities across the city.

Immigrations Support:

Not every pick up and drop service will offer such support, but some agencies do provide. If you have ever been through immigration at the airport, you know that multiple layers of security checks can take hours.

Here, a little help from the third-party services can help you with the documentation and consulting over the complete process. immigration

An Extra Passenger:

If you are booking an inter-campus shuttle or a university-owned airport pickup, they have extra charges for plus-one (family members). Even if you prefer a cab or carpooling, handling all the luggage and family members together can take a toll.

Dedicated student pickup and drop off services and offer amazing packages with attractive pricing. So, you don't end up paying more because of an extra person.


Honestly, students who prefer to study abroad often forget these minor troubles that in combined can make a huge impact. Many of the students are first-timers, and that is the reason for negligence. But, over the years, there are ride-hailing services like Uber, Lyft, and others that are creating disruptive breakthroughs in the student pickup and drop-off.

Similarly, there are universities and colleges creating shuttle services for students to have the ease of transport from airports to campus. Still, there is no match for dedicated student pickup and drop services offered by agencies across the globe. So what are you waiting for? If your flight details are ready, just book your pickup from the airport, with the best reception service.

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