Posted on October 22, 2020
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Are you currently or going to be deciding whether your chosen choice of university was worth the tuition debt? This article will explain the real value of university education. Risk of uni blog
However, after launched a new ‘Degree Valuation Calculator,’ the data conducted using this method showed that those who have graduated from a university showed that their degree had had a significant impact on their lifetime earnings, the average earn being 23% more than those who did not study at university.

According to the calculator, the average university graduate earns around £582,532 over their lifetime careers, which is £107,532 more than those who have achieved a minimum of five GCSE grades between A-C. These numbers show how important and impactful a university degree can be towards the success of your future careers and lifetime achievements. Risk blog
Deciding on which subject can also be daunting. states that those who study Business at university can expect to earn an impressive £659,000 over their lifetimes, which is £184,000 more than the individuals without a university education.

We know that university may not be the first choice for a lot of A-level and college graduates, however, with these figures calculated by, this is one step further into how a degree can benefit lifetime income, as well as experienced in the chosen course subject. Even though these figures suggest business is a well-earned degree to pursue, other occupancies can also match the lifetime earnings.

Plan carefully and learn about your course of action before choosing your university. It is essential to plan your life even after your degree to get the best out of it with relevant experience.

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