Posted on July 30, 2020
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This virus has kept a lot of things on hold and has affected millions of lives in so many ways than we thought was possible. People have been through a lot would certainly be an understatement but as the world is looking to recover from this let us give you a little sneak peek into what does this entail for students who want to pursue their further education in different towns, cities or even nations.

As universities have planned to reopen again in the upcoming academic year, how will educational institutions around the world ensure the safety of its staff and students is undoubtedly the most pertinent question in the mind of most students and parents. covid uk accommodation

How are educational institutions in the UK helping their students?

Educational institutions all across the UK have been offering support to their students by, quite a few of them have updated their move in date, you can check the recent updates here:

  • Moving international students into places where they can look after them by Providing security and other related services.
  • Providing mental health support for all the stranded students
  • Waiving accommodation fees
  • Delivering food to students.
  • Providing hardship funds for students in financial distress.

What are the accommodation providers doing to assist you?

Many property managers across the UK have taken steps and preventive measures such as sanitised rooms as well as quarantine facilities to ensure that there is less panic among the students. student accommodation precautions

Some active precautionary measures that are being taken by the properties:

Our partnered properties have created special student service teams to support their students in these tough times and provide any kind of assistance that they need.

The residents are regularly updated with the latest information and guidance via their site by displaying information which is provided by Public Health England.

They have kept hand sanitiser gel in the reception areas and common rooms for use by residents and staff, this is in keeping with the UK Government advice for practising good hygiene.

These student accommodation have temporarily closed their gyms, gaming rooms and cinemas in accordance with their government guidance, and have asked students not to use any of the common rooms. Communal social and study spaces are also closed where possible so that it is easier to support social distancing measures.

Why student accommodation are more suited for pupils as compared to private!

Private accommodation:

Sharing Accommodation:- It is an accommodation that you can share with a group of friends aka sharing accommodation.
Room in a Shared House:- if you don't know anybody who you want to share accommodation with, but still want to live with other people, you can find a room in a shared house.
Your Own place:- You can rent a place of your own, but this is expensive, and therefore it isn't a suitable option for the majority of students.


  • You can invite all your friends whenever you want, with no restrictions on meeting times.
  • Private housing is very comfortable as far as the living room and kitchen are concerned, as it'll be set up like you are living in an actual house. Gone is the awkwardness of the communal areas!
  • You can find properties with a wide range of budgets, whether you want to spend as little as possible on rent, or even if you don't mind splashing out for someplace, that is better.


  • If you were previously living in halls with your private bathroom, unfortunately, this won't be the case anymore. You will have to make sure that you get showered and ready each morning on time so that you are not late for your lectures.
  • Finding a property can be a costly affair, especially if you are doing it through an agent which means fees and commissions that won't necessarily have to be paid if you are going into student halls. (although deposits will be required for both).

Student Accommodation

There are two different types of student accommodation: University-owned accommodation also known as on campus accommodation and private student accommdoation also known as off-campus accommodation.


-You don't have to worry about saving pocket money for utility bills like water and electricity as these will be included in your rent (most private accommodation, however, don't include these bills in the rent).

  • This is a great chance to make new friends and perfect for freshers as you'll be surrounded by other students, just like you! -These accommodation options tend to be close to the University, which is very convenient for you.
  • No more paying considerable sums to travel up and down from your uni to your accommodation.
  • In contrast, generally the cheaper the rent of your private housing, the farther it's located from your University.
  • Living in student accommodation is very secure as safety is high, and often you need key fobs and codes even to enter the building.


  • It is very likely that you're not going to get along with all of your flatmates. Many of us know people who will most certainly help themselves to other people's food which is so very irritating when you are on a shoestring student budget.

Conclusion We have all been hit by this pandemic in more ways than one, but if we know something about the human race is that it endures and comes back to its peak. This article has been written in the hope that we can intimate you about some of the safety measures which are being taken by the University as well as the accommodation to ensure the safety of their students. If you have any more questions, you could hit us up, and we would be more than happy to solve them.

We at AmberStudent are dedicated to giving you the best experience and option when it comes to Student accommodation around the world because we understand its importance. We have updated ourselves continuously with the COVID policies and would be more than eager to assist you in those.

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