Posted on August 21, 2020
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Studying abroad is one of the bravest decisions students make in their life – it involves not only a lot of money but also long perseverance. Each student studying abroad has his brawl; it's nothing new cooking daily or a weekly laundry while studying abroad. However, some countries are cheaper and offer a range of conveniences, which puts the burden off.

Europe is one of the oldest continents globally and is known worldwide for its history, culture, languages, infrastructure, and natural beauty. Europe offers not only quality education, but also it's cheaper at the same time. Europe constitutes a union of 44 participating countries with a prosperous economy and quality education. Here is a quick list of the top 10 reasons to study in Europe to ease your studies with your studies.

1. Study without IELTS/TOEFL.


International students are welcomed to study in most countries in Europe without having to write IELTS/TOEFL. Writing these exams not only costs but also involves a long draining process. Students sometimes take years to prepare and get the appropriate proficiency level.

2. Quality education.

Most European schools offer high-quality education and schools are regulated and accredited by the globally recognized quality assurance bodies. Most business schools in France hold triple crown accreditation: Equis, AMBA, and AACSB, the quality symbols.

3. Earn while you learn.

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International students in most European countries, especially in France, Germany, Finland, and the Netherlands can work 20 hours/week part-time jobs to support themselves. It not only brings the handsome pocket money but also on floor exposure. On average, students can earn about 9-10 Euros per hour.

4. Affordable education.

Most European countries offer free tuition for domestic as well as for international students. Countries like Germany, Norway, France, and Finland provide free education to international students worldwide. In most countries in Europe, education is cheaper and affordable than any of its counterparts.

5. Streamlined Visa process.

European countries' visa process is highly streamlined and less time-consuming. The process is owned by VFS (Visa Facilitation Services) and the TAT (Turn Around Time) is followed strictly. Most Visas for European countries are sorted in 15-30 working days.

6. Specialized courses.

Unlike other countries, international students can find an extensive range of courses to study here in Europe. Notably, in Germany, students can study highly specialized courses, which help in rewarding careers. Engineering, business, computing, medicine, and humanities can be found with the same quality and ease.

7. Top-ranked university.

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The universities in Europe are well ranked and have consistently shown up in the top 1000 universities worldwide. The universities are funded by the government and leave no stone unturned to offer the world's best education. Some countries in Europe, such as Germany, have always topped one of the favorite study destinations among international students.

8. Post Study Work permit.

A post-study work permit is a must to explore the employment and internship opportunities, and most countries in Europe offer 1-2 years of post-study work permit to facilitate international students explore the employment opportunities. Germany provides 18 months PSW, France 2 years, Netherlands 1 year, and Finland 1 year.

9. Permanent Residency.

International students can apply for permanent residency or infinite leave after a specific period on a job in the country—most countries in Europe support international talent to stay and work for their progress.

10. Schengen Visa facility.

According to the Schengen agreement, the participating countries can be visited with a single visa route. International students can travel to 27 participating countries with just a single visa. The visa can be applied for a special purpose and with the permission of the particular educational institutes.

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