Posted on April 9, 2020
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A beautiful city in the South East of Scotland, "Edinburgh" is not only known for its cultural heritage, architecture, summer festivals or hills, but also for its culinary traditions and scene which is one of the finest in the whole of Scotland.

Home to many excellent fine dining restaurants and over 2,000 restaurants listed on Trip Advisor alone, the city of Edinburgh will spoil you with the choice. Be it a busy side street or a tucked away lane or quieter corners of the town, the streets of Edinburgh is full of thriving bistros, innovative kitchens, renowned chain restaurants and quirky eateries!

Wondering where to start from? Here are our editors' picks of the top 5 restaurants in Edinburgh.

1. Fhior

Where: 36 Broughton St, Edinburgh EH1 3SB, United Kingdom

Opened in the summer of June 2018, Fhior's owner and head chef Scott Smith has been busy triumphing food critics ever since. With a best of wines and broad menu for lunch and dinner, Broughton Street's Fhior has become one of the town's most loved restaurant. Prepared with the lightness of touch and just the right amount of everything, even the lamb is divine. Also, partridge with white currant and the monkfish with cauliflower and nasturtium capers are some of the must-try restaurant dishes.

Most Loved Dish: The braised cabbage and crab

2. The Little Chartroom

Where: 30 Albert Pl, Edinburgh EH7 5HN, United Kingdom

Located at the top of Edinburgh's Leith Walk, The Little Chartroom is a cosy bistro run by the husband-wife duo- Shaun McCarron and Roberta Hall-McCarron who was also once the head chef at Castle Terrace. Since its opening in 2018, this small restaurant has been catching eyeballs of many locals and foreign tourists.

The Little Chartroom takes simple dishes and adds up their very own Scottish twists; for example, sausage roll served with mustard dip and haggis. The lunch and dinner menu is much of meaty affairs ranging from the game broth to mackerel ceviche to plenty of vegetables. Also, the classic brunch at the Little Chartroom promises everything one could wish for including smoked fish kedgeree along with almonds and poached eggs.

Most Loved Dish- The Treacle Bread

3. Civerinos Slice

Where: 49 Forrest Rd, Edinburgh EH1 2QP, United Kingdom

From the convivial barred marquee outside to the eye-catching colour inside to vintage hip-hop on the radio, Civerinos Slice is a place full of joy and fun. If you are in search of the best pizza in town, you should surely pay a visit to the Civerinos Slice. Serving white pizzas like- "The Polar Bear" which comes with a pistachio crumb and meaty options like the Scarface, which comes with crispy, smokey bacon and Manuka honey and a wide variety of vegan options, the restaurant is one of the town's top quick refuel spot and most flocked places!

Most Loved Dish: Double Deuce Pizza, Zeppole doughnuts

4. Saboteur

Where: 19-20 Teviot Pl, Edinburgh EH1 2QZ.

Situated in the University Quarter, the Saboteur offers an authentic Asian and Vietnamese street food experience. With a menu ranging from meaty to Vegetarian-Friendly along with a handful of Vegan and Gluten-Free Options, the Saboteur is perfect for refuelling after a tiresome day. Guests can choose from zesty traditional dishes such as the zingy Ca Phil made out of fried sea bass, tamarind, chilli, pineapple basil, tomato, fish sauce and palm sugar or try out their house special king prawn with coriander, green chilli and lime.

Most Loved Dish: Prawn Bao, Ga Curi and Kuay Tiaw Tom Yam.

5. Harajuku Kitchen

Where: 10 Gillespie Pl, Edinburgh EH10 4HS

Launched in 2013 by chef-patron Kaori Simpson, Harajuku Kitchen is a truly traditional Japanese bistro which reflects a minimalist approach to life. Styled with plain white walls, bare wooden floors and little plants potted by the windowsill along with few Japanese murals on the wall, the restaurant will surely make you feel as if you have been teleported to Tokyo.

The head chef cum owner Kaori Simpson uses family recipes which have been passed down by his great grandfather. Harajuku's menu offers a mouth-watering selection of small plates including beef tataki, chicken karaage, takoyaki octopus dough balls along with sashimi, futomaki rolls and sushi.

Most Loved Dish: The Salmon California Roll, Katsudon and Gyoza

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