Posted on June 6, 2018

If you’re searching for budget student accommodation in Nottingham, it means that you must’ve enrolled in one of the universities in Nottingham already. Once the joy of getting your acceptance letter subsides, you’ve to think about housing options in the city of Robin Hood.

Finding suitable housing is indeed a serious business. But, with the help of student housing assistance provided by AmberStudent, you can now make your transition to a new city (and country, perhaps!) smoothly. Before booking a property for the whole year, here are some options to consider if you’re thinking about where to live in Nottingham:



This is one of the top student housing properties in Nottingham. The property has 164 self-contained studio apartments with rent starting from £155/week. The major attraction is living in close proximity to the Nottingham Trent University campus (3 minutes walk) and University of Nottingham. Hydrogen offers the option of flexible payment and early check-in. Another reason that makes it a prime property is that it is located in the City Centre. It also includes all the luxuries in the student lounge along with a designated games room to relax.

2.Trinity Square


Located in the City Centre, this property is 6 minutes walk from the Nottingham Trent University and 14 minutes walk to the University of Nottingham. Like many of the prime properties, all the amenities are provided here. In addition, a monthly kitchen clean is provided here, which is not common to other properties. This service is included in the rental fee and is not charged separately. One more reason to consider this option is that they offer flexible payment and early check-in. The rent starts from £149/week.

3.Nottingham Two


This property is 10 minutes walk from the University of Nottingham and short bus ride from Nottingham Trent University. Nottingham Two is just five minutes walk from the Jubilee Campus (University of Nottingham) with rent starting from £135/week. University Park is closer as well; the distance can be covered in a 20 minute walk or a university hopper bus can be availed. The property offers flexible payment and early check-in. This place is also close to the City Centre (20 minute walk) or student can take the regular buses which are timely.

4.Bowman House


When one thinks of luxurious student accommodation, one thinks of Bowman House. This property offers the ultimate studio experience. Along with the lavish studios, being closer to the City Centre is a plus point too. This property is 5 minutes walk from the Nottingham Trent University and a bus ride (15 minutes) to the University of Nottingham. Proximity to shops, restaurants and bars attract more and more students to this place, in addition to the amenities offered. The rent starts from £152/week.

5.Mooregate House


One of the perfect international student accommodation properties, Mooregate House is 6 minutes walk from the University of Nottingham. It is also close to other popular educational institutes like Central College. One can also take either a bus or avail the tram service to reach Nottingham Trent University in a timely manner. Mooregate House is They offer services like 24-hour emergency repair, on-site cycle storage, cleaning, etc. The rent here starts from £109/week.

These are some of the best options in Nottingham for student housing. If you want to explore more properties, click right here.

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