Posted on April 12, 2019
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Finding the right kind of accommodation in a foreign city is a tough task. Yes, several online services could help you in finding out the right type of housing, but then a hefty sum could be incurred towards the end. Going all by your own in ensuring that you find the place of your dreams can be tough but is all worth it towards the end. In a city like Coventry, you can come across various exciting accommodations options that would blow your mind indeed. Therefore, to help you find the house of your dreams in Coventry, we have stacked up if not the best properties that would suit all your needs. They are segregated into the cheapest, best for value and luxury at its best. So, without further ado, let's get started.

Cheapest accommodation in Coventry.

If you think that cheap accommodations might relatively be sub-par to the price, then you are wrong. These accommodations are meant for the ones who want to have a roof over their head with no extra amenities. It’s a room that can give you only the things that you require and nothing else. The prices are very convenient and reasonable as well.

1. Casselden house.

Casselden House

  • Specialty – cheapest room.
  • Location – city center of Coventry.
  • Price – 111-148 pounds per week.

What is has to offer? – It’s the perfect room that one could as for. It's something that which is not that fancy and not that cheap. A perfect mix and match of simplicity and not that expensive. There are all kinds of facilities available in the, and the location itself is a big bonus. Located in the city center, students can get to the most prominent places in no time at all. Also, there are various shopping centers and multiple centers of attraction right around the student hall itself.

Prominent properties close by to the casselden house.

  • City Centre, near High street, banks, a water park (hot spring, rock climbing, water world, gym)
  • 0.3 km from University of Coventry, 5 mins walk
  • Near train station and bus stop, a bus connected to Warwick University 18-25 mins (11, 18, 87)

2. 25 Warwick rows.

25 Warwick Row

  • Specialty – cheapest en-suite.
  • Location - 10 mins walk from the University of Coventry.
  • Price – 128-163 pounds per week.

What it has to offer? – The 25 Warwick row property is the best accommodation center for all the students at the University of Coventry because it's just a 10 mins walk. Not only this but then there are many shopping centers and various center of attractions in and around the property to have a leisure time spent well. Yes, the rooms are furnished at all. The necessary basic things are present like the bed, dressing table, etc. but other than this, it’s a standard room with nothing significant to offer. Also, there are laundry services available within the property.

Prominent properties close by to 25 Warwick rows. • City Centre, next to the Debenham • 0.6 km from Coventry University • Near train station and bus stop, a bus connected to Warwick University 16-23 mins (87, 18A)

3. Falcon house.


  • Specialty – cheapest studio.
  • Location – nearby Coventry university.
  • Price – 120 – 150 pounds per week.

What it has to offer? – The falcon house has over 50 rooms which span from being semi-furnished to being fully furnished, depending upon the price you are willing to pay. The rooms are spacious with well-lit natural sunlight. Not only this but then you have a friendly staff, with excellent hospitality service as well. Everything seems to be close by, and there are many students from various cultural backgrounds making it a secular and a socialistic accommodation property.

Prominent properties close by falcon house. • 0.5km from Coventry University 13 mins walk, 2 mins walk to language school • Near the train station and bus stop, a bus connected to Warwick University 18 mins (11, 12X, 18A)

Value for money accommodation in Coventry.

The accommodation places are if not the bang for the buck. They offer great specifications on the rooms and are enticing enough to take it in the first place. Yes, for the money you pay, you get those many things and nothing more than that. So, it might not be for everyone, but if you are on a budget, then these accommodation halls will not disappoint.

1.Paradise student village.


  • Specialty – closet to universities.
  • Location – city center of Coventry.
  • Price – 137-175 pounds per week.

What it has to offer? - As the name says it, paradise student village is a prime location for all the students searching for accommodation in the city. It is mainly because the property has well over 900 rooms, well furnished with fantastic Wi-Fi connectivity along with other necessary amenities. Being this cheap, it’s the best value for money property that you are ever going to find.

Prominent properties close by paradise student village. • Coventry University Technology Park: Walking 1 min • Coventry University Priory Campus/Hub: Walking 5 min • Coventry City Centre (contains many famous and independent shops, restaurants, bars, cinemas, theatre, leisure center, gyms, ice skating rink etc.): Walking 5 min • Coventry Train Station: Walking 8 min • Pool Meadow Bus Station: Walking 8 min

2. Sherburne student village.


  • Specialty – newest establishments in the city.
  • Location – nearby Coventry university.
  • Price – 130-203 pounds per week.

What it has to offer? - One of the newest establishments in the city of Coventry, the Sherburne student village is a property that is closest to a few of the renowned universities established in the town. There are several flats and en-suites which are semi furnished and offer great value for the money that you are paying. There is high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity along with 24/7 security and a lower price than the competition out there. There are several amenities which are available such as a pool table, tennis court, a lounge area and many more.

Prominent properties around Sherburne student village.

Coventry University Main Campus: Walking 15 min Public Transport 10 min/4 stops Private Transport 5 min

Warwick University Main Campus: Public Transport 25 min Private Transport 10 min

Coventry Railway Station: Walking 15 min Private Transport 5 min

Coventry Bus Station (Pool Meadow): Walking 5 min

Coventry City Centre: Walking 12 min Public Transport 5 min

3. City village.

City Village

  • Specialty – good area and amenities.
  • Location – nearby Coventry university.
  • Price – 166-220 pounds per week.

What it has to offer? – One of the ideal locations and value for money accommodation property, the city village has everything that you wish to have but well within your budget. Almost all the rooms are fully furnished and offer if not the best amenities that you could ask for an accommodation property. The many bells and whizzes of a prime accommodation room are present, but the location sets the bar a bit higher or value for money accommodation.

Prominent properties close by city village. • Pizza Express, Bella Italia • Warwick University. • Belgrade theatre. • The artisan bar and grill.

Luxury accommodation in Coventry.

If money is not your concern and the things that you want in an accommodation room is your highest priority, then these rooms will not disappoint. Yes, they aren’t for everyone, but if you have the money, then your imagination is your limit.

1. The Residence.

The Residence

  • Specialty – best interior and balcony.
  • Location – close to Warwick University.
  • Price – 179-275 pounds per week.

What it has to offer? – One of the latest establishments in the city of Coventry is the residence. A prime establishment that offers if not the best rooms and amenities in any student halls. It is close by to Coventry University and the University of Warwick. The facilities are of plenty ranging from a state-of-the-art cinema room, gymnasium and even a fully equipped laundry room.

Prominent properties close by the residence.

Coventry University Travelling time by bicycle- 6 min Going time by walking- 16 min

Alan Berry Building (Coventry University) Travelling time by bike- 5 min Travelling time by walking- 13 min

George Eliot Building (Coventry University) Travelling time by bike- 5 min Going time by walking- 13 min

Charles Ward Building (Coventry University) Travelling time by bicycle- 5 min Going time by walking- 14 min

University of Warwick Travelling time by car- 12 min Travelling time by bus- 47 min

2. Study inn burges house.

Study inn burges house

  • Specialty – spacious and great amenities.
  • Location – the heart of the city center.
  • Price – 175-196pounds per week.

What it has to offer? – Located in the city center of Coventry, you can expect some fantastic time if you ever stay in this accommodation property, with a plethora of restaurants and shopping centers at a walkable distance, it’s a place that will never disappoint. There are various amenities to use from such as TV lounges, a fantastic gymnasium and fantastic hospitality.

Therefore, now that you have seen all the properties that the city of Coventry has to offer. Choose the best one that fits your budget and the nearest to the university you wish to attend. Research deeply and book at the right moment to avail exciting offers. All the best and do the needful.

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