Posted on September 14, 2020
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British independent schools can offer a wealth of benefits for anyone wishing to attend. Although the total benefits are too many to count, we now run down the top 10 reasons to attend a British independent school.

1. Access highest quality education.

The quality of education that schools in Britain can provide is of a very high standard. The UK's independent school sector has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few decades, with fierce competition amongst leading institutions. Britain contains many of the world's oldest and most prestigious independent schools, whose graduates have excelled in every possible field. In rankings of the world's best schools, many British institutions are amongst the highest.

2. Learn English to a native standard.

English is the global language of business, and can even be mandatory for aviation and diplomacy. Despite the abundance of learning material available worldwide, learning English to a native level is difficult outside of an English speaking country. Enrolling in an English medium school gives both the incentive to know in preparation for attending and intensive practice once there. Learning English in this manner is also not as daunting as could be assumed,with many students at British independent schools coming from overseas. Hence, there is no need to be worried as many others will be in a similar situation.

3. Obtain British Citizenship.

Until recently, British citizenship was the most powerful in the world for traveling without visas and will remain near the top even after Brexit. Staying in the UK for ten years for any legal reason is enough to obtain a British passport. This period neatly coincides with the length of time it takes to complete both secondary and undergraduate degrees. Even if there is no concrete plan to emigrate to the UK in the future, there are almost no downsides to receiving British citizenship. The British government does not prohibit dual citizenship or proscribe rules for British citizens living in other countries.

Besides, recently the British government has reintroduced the post-study work visa. After a Bachelor's degree or Master's degree, you receive a two-year work visa after graduation, with three a three-year visa obtained after a Ph.D. This is an excellent opportunity to start a career in the UK. This visa does not need any sponsorship from companies and can be easily converted to a regular work visa after the two or three years if still in employment.

4. Exposure to an international lifestyle.

Many events are unexpected, and staying in a single city; an entire life is getting increasingly rare in life. For ambitious parents, who wish to see their children succeed at the highest levels, it is expected that the course of life events will take them to multiple locations. Attending a British independent school is excellent early exposure to this trend. The systems for accepting international students, such as helping with the student visa application process and arranging accommodation, will be robust and well established. For many, this will be the first time away from their home country for an extended period, so the school's knowledge will be responsible for making everything go smoothly is of great reassurance.

5. Networking with other ambitious students.

British independent schools have produced many high ranking individuals, who have gone on to be leaders in the political, business, scientific, and other fields worldwide. A disproportionate number of presidents and prime ministers from different countries worldwide have graduated from a British independent school. While attending school is primarily about receiving as best an education as possible, friends and links will inevitably be forged to last a lifetime. As these scholars work in various fields, personal bonds can open doors, significantly helping advancement later.

Legup 2Students will learn in a British independent school and make bonds that could prove very useful in the future.

6. Accelerated degree programs.

Although it may seem early to be already thinking about universities when applying for a school entrance, planning in education has always favored long-term thinking. Attending a British independent school will give a great advantage to applying to British universities when the time comes, as most independent schools have close links with many high-quality British universities and in-depth knowledge of how to craft the best applications and familiarity with the nuances of the application system.

A significant reason why someone might wish to attend a British university is that the duration of degrees is shorter than in several other countries. If you wish to study in America or China, a Bachelor's degree will take 4 years, a Master's will take 2, and a Ph.D. will take 5 or more years, at least. For historical reasons, in England, a Bachelor's degree will take 3 years, a Master's will take 1, and a Ph.D. will take 3-4 years. In the modern world, time is money, and so if someone studying a Ph.D. in the UK will receive their degree a cumulatively 4 years earlier than someone in China or America, this is an excellent opportunity to get their career started much more earlier.

7. Internationally recognized qualifications.

British governance and educational standards have influenced a great many other countries due to historical events. As a result of this, British schooling is well known and recognized worldwide, with qualifications awarded, such as IGCSE and A-level, being well established. This is further enhanced by the international intake of many British independent schools and the prevalence of schools abroad that follow the British curriculum, meaning that almost every corner of the globe will have inhabitants holding a British qualification. Thanks to the ubiquity of British educational standards, universities and employers worldwide will quickly understand the level of achievement that good grades reflect and will not have to struggle to identify more obscure systems' relative measures.

Legup 3

The structure and qualifications awarded from British education are well known throughout the world.

8. Extensive alumni networks.

British independent schools like to think of themselves as more than merely providing education and providing a lifelong community. As such, they will frequently keep in contact with alumni, even those that have graduated for many years. These links can be greatly advantageous to current students, with opportunities such as old students coming back to give talks or being linked with mentors at the top of the field students want to enter.

9. Extracurricular activities for a rounded education.

Schools nowadays are not all about academics, and some of the most rounded experiences you can receive are from British schools. One of the reasons that many parents choose a British education for their children is that there is a much greater emphasis on developing character and less placed on rote learning. Schools in Britain are now promoting an ever-expanding amount of extracurricular activities, helping students to round out their CV and also to provide motivation and interest for those who attend their schools.

10. British food.

British food is the best cuisine globally, although it is strangely not recognized by many in the world. Legup 4

Pupils attending British schools can sample culinary delights such as fish and chips.

In conclusion, attending a British independent school can help set up a fast track to success on a bright young mind. Leg Up International can significantly help the admissions process, with tailored programs that will provide bespoke information and support that will enable selecting the British independent school that is most suited for you and personalized assistance for admissions tests and interviews. See for more information.

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