Posted on June 5, 2020
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Canada Is The Number One Study Abroad Destination In The World.

Canada has become a perfect place for education studies, sought by many prospective international students. Several Canadian universities are highly ranked globally, and a new educational program established by the Canadian Ministry of Education emphasises on magnifying the number of international students. It means that international students coming from any part of the world are now quite welcome in Canada.


The country has been revealed as the Number 1 study abroad destination in the world for international students in's 2020 Global Top 10 Ranking. It is also one of the safest from countries around the globe. In terms of quality of life, Canada was ranked second in the world.

In their survey of over 30,000 students, the higher education search portal identified seven key factors that international students consider the most important when deciding where they'll study abroad. Students' considerations included:

  • To achieve my career objectives;
  • To groom myself personally;
  • To experience a new lifestyle and culture;
  • To access quality teaching;
  • To explore adventurous experiences;
  • To connect with new friends or widen my professional contacts;

The percentage of students' responses in each category designated its categorical weight, which was then averaged with points calculated based on external data to reach a final score. More details about the rationale can be found here. Canada performed the best in two categories: access to higher-quality teaching and learning a new language.

The quality of Canada's higher education system is no trade secret, consistently ranked amongst the top in the world in relation to the strength of the system itself, access to the system, the country's flagship institution and the country's economic system. The number of international students in Canada is growing and has a greater impact on Canada's economy than exports of auto parts, aircraft and lumber. Furthermore, with Canada's unique College/University System, international students studying abroad in Canada can benefit from a study abroad programme with multiple options for gaining qualifications.

Canada's linguistic diversity also makes it an attractive study abroad destination. Counting over 120,000 international students each year, anywhere in Canada, you can find yourself surrounded by a vast multicultural environment, both in classrooms, as well as in the community. The opportunities for learning English in an immersive study abroad experience brings many international students to the country. If international students are interested in learning French (over 50% of the population don't speak English as their primary language), they can take advantage of hallmark Canadian bilingualism to expand their language knowledge even further.


Studying abroad in Canada will be an immersive experience for international students from all corners of the globe. The student responses contributing to the ranking represent 192 nationalities, illustrating the diversity of students interested in the exact kind of study abroad experience that Canada has to offer. Whether on an exchange or studying a diploma or degree program, a top-ranked experience awaits international students headed to Canada.

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