What is Amberstudent? How does it work?

Amberstudent is an accommodation booking platform for students going to universities in U.S.A, U.K, Australia, Canada. We have partnered with multiple field agents and property consultants who provide us updated listings.

After recieving your preferences like distance from the university, budget, bedroom configurations, safety etc. our agents find out the apartments which fulfill your needs.

Once you select an apartment, we’ll start the paper work and leasing process. Generally the whole process takes 2-5 days depending on the supply and demand conditions.

Service fees and refund policy

1) Service fees and Refund Policies:

Booking a property that we have partnered with is free of cost, although to give you more choices, sometimes we suggest you options where we don’t have partnerships. For the latter, we charge a nominal fee of 49 USD per person for the complete process of accommodation search and leasing. This fee is payable when you like an apartment suggested by our customer care executive. 49 USD are refundable when you send the completed leasing forms back within 36 hours after an amberstudent executive sends it to you and we are unable to book the accommodation.

49$ is non-refundable if:

a)After Amberstudent executive sends you the booking form or subsequent leasing procedures for the accommodation you liked.

b)If you take more than 36 hours to send the filled leasing forms and the accommodation go out of market.

Transaction charges

Transaction charges will be applicable for all the payments that are made. Charges will vary depending on the mode of payment. Payment through stripe for international transactions will include a transaction fee (generally 3%) plus additional convinience will (if charged by the apartment).

Leasing terms to know before booking an apartment

Deposit: Is a security fee that is paid to the landlord in terms of a fixed amount of money. Almost in all apartments you have to pay 1 month rent as security deposit (refundable). In rare cases, it is half month’s rent as security deposit.

Application Fee: A fixed amount ranging from $25 per person to $75 per person. This is a non-refundable amount even if you have paid it already and then cancelled the booking.

Admin Fee: Selective apartment owners levy this charge on the renters, it is a non-refundable amount ranging from $50-$200 . This fee is contributed by everyone who is renting the apartment. The refund policy is similar to the application fee. Pet Charges: Varies from apartment to apartment. Can range from $3 to $10per month per pet.

Wait List Charge: An amount that needs to be given to the apartment to lock your request. For some popular apartments there are wait-list charges (token money) that you have to deposit. It is a non-refundable amount, but for certain apartments. Booking Charges: The total cost that you end up paying at the time of booking stacks up as follows: Deposit + Application Fee (per person) + Admin Fee + Pet Charges (per pet). In certain cases the apartment may also ask for the first month’s rent + last month’s rent.

Social Security Number (SSN): If you are a US resident you need to have a Social Security number to get an apartment on rent. SSN is linked to your credit history report which is: Credit Score:It is a number that depicts a person’s creditworthiness based on past financial history. If you have an impressive credit score the amount for deposit significantly decreases. Some apartments may have a minimum threshold credit score to make you an eligible renter.

Number of Tenants: The max number of people who can stay in an apartment is mostly mentioned in the apartment guidelines. Generally, 2 students are allowed per room (1b — max. 2 students, 2b — max. 4 students) in the apartment. Often, to save rental costs, students accommodate guests for permanent basis without informing the apartment management. This is not advised and may lead to cancellation of your lease agreement. However, you can accommodate guests for temporary basis without any issues.

What are background verification fees?

Background verification fees are the charges involved in conducting the verification procedure by the broker/landlord where they check and make sure that the potential tenants are eligible for renting the apartment.

Are the background verification fees refundable?

No. Background verification fees are non-refundable.

What are the utilities and amenities included in the apartment?

All the utilities and amenities that are provided with the apartments are mentioned in the details of the PDF documents containing the apartment listings. Some additional facilities may or may not be mentioned in the details.

Is heater provided in all the apartments?

Heaters are installed in almost all the apartments. The price for heater is usually included in the rent.

How can we get more details about the apartment?

The Amberstudent database contains all the details that are shared by the landlords and thus provides students with all details that are available. Apart from that no extra details can be provided.

What are documents required for the background verification process?

· Passport Copy (Mandatory) · Visa (Mandatory) · I20 (Mandatory) · Financial Statements (In certain cases) · Credit Score (In certain cases)

What are the appliances provided with the apartment?

All the appliances that are mentioned in the details given in the apartment listings are provided with the apartments. If there aren’t any appliances mentioned, there won’t be any provision of appliances.

How many tenants name can be mentioned on the lease?

The name of tenants allowed to be on the lease is decided by the type of apartment. · 1 bed apartment: Only 1 name allowed on the lease. · 2 bed apartment: 2 names allowed on the lease. · 3 bed apartment: 3 names allowed on the lease. The rent receipt will be generated in the names of tenants mentioned on the lease.

Are the prices negotiable?

No, the prices for the apartment including the rent, deposit and brokerage are fixed and they are non-negotiable.

Can we get a video of the apartment?

Most of the landlords do not provide the video of the apartment however in rare cases they do, so the availability of the videos of the apartment varies for each apartment. However, the images shared by them are genuine enough to give a clear picture of what the apartment looks like.

How many people can be accommodated in an apartment?

Number of people accommodated is your personal choice. However, it is advised to maintain a number of 2 people per bedroom.

Is it possible to schedule a visit to the apartment for a friend who is already residing in the city?

Yes, there is a possibility to schedule an appointment for the visit but we cannot guarantee the success of getting an appointment since it is the landlord’s decision.

What if we want to book an apartment that was not provided by you?

In case you have already searched for an apartment and want us to help you with the booking procedure, we can help you with it. You will have to pay a one-time processing fee of $49 per person.

Can we pay a token amount and book the apartment after reaching the city?

No, there is no such system of paying a token amount (advance) to reserve an apartment for yourself.

The listings on your website don’t fit my preferences, what should I do?

We have exclusive partnerships with several properties, some of which are not listed on our website. Just drop your preferences (amberstudent.com/leads/new) and we’ll try to fit them.

How do I shortlist properties, and where do I view them?

The “heart” icon at the bottom of the listing is for shortlisting properties. You can view them in the “profile” drop down.

Where can I see reviews about the property?

In the reviews section of a particular property. If you dont find any you can look it up on google/facebook.

The property I like is not on your website, can you still help me book it?

That can be done, but a nominal fee of $49 will be charged to you.

Why can’t I see the prices on some listings?

Prices are forever fluctuating and we try our level best to keep them up to date. And this might hamper the particulars for some time. Just get in touch with us to know the details.

What countries do you serve?

We serve in 4 countries; UK, USA, Canada and Australia and around 60+ cities.

How do I request details about a property?

Click on the “enquire” button and send in your queries. We will get back to you on mail.

I have placed a request, but did not get a reply, what do I do?

Please call us at our support number, or mail the support email ID. You can find these in our “contact” section.

Where can I see all the requests that I have placed?

You can view your requests in the "Profile" section.

Are the properties safe and convenient?

All the properties are safe and most of them are under CCTV surveillance. They are also in close proximity to the universities and have multiple transport links that connect them to the entire city.

Will I have basic amenities and appliances?

These vary property to property. Appliances and amenities available will be mentioned in the description of the property.

Do we charge you?

AmberStudent believes that student should have maximum benefits. We charge a nominal fee of $49 for Canada and Australia whereas services in the UK and USA are free of cost.

Do I need to be a student to make a booking?

Yes! You can only book an apartment if you are a full time student.

Why do I need to provide my bank statement / or other financial information?

Landlords and property managers require your bank statement to make sure you have the sufficient funds to pay for your stay.

What expenses does the rent include? Do I need to pay extra fees?

The rent only covers the expenses of your stay. Bills for electricity, trash, water, gas, wifi and landline connection are exclusive of the rent.

Are the prices negotiable?

We make sure that you get the best value for your money. The prices that you see on our website are are absolute and inherent.

Can I schedule a viewing of the property before moving in?

Yes, this can be done in certain properties.

Do I need to pay a deposit?

A deposit is a fixed security fee that is expected by the landlord/property owners and is a mandatory cost.

We are a group of people, can we pay individually?

This can be facilitated through our payment gateway.

What are the modes of payment?

Payments can be made through debit/credit cards only .We don’t accept any other mode including cash, DD, cheque, money order.

Can I reserve the apartment by paying a small amount?

The apartment can only be reserved if you pay your deposit and in some cases the first month’s rent.

Will I get a full refund if I cancel my booking?

Cancellation policies vary from property to property. Some might charge a percentage of your deposit as cancellation fee. Booking charges such as application and administration fee are non refundable.

How do I cancel a booking?

To cancel a booking, please get in touch with us via Email or Phone. Cancellation terms and conditions will apply.

I’ve paid the application fees, but I wish to discontinue the booking, will it be refunded?

Application fee, admin fee and other booking charges are non refundable under any circumstances.

What are the consequences of breaking the lease?

Breaking the lease reflects poorly on your credit score. If you are breaking the lease before the lock-in period mentinoed in the agreement, significant charges can be applied.

How much time does it take to get the refund?

We will try to get you a refund as soon as possible. If you have paid using Debit Card then it takes around 7 days for the refund to reflect in your account. For Credit cards, the refund appears on your next month statement.

When will I receive my coupons and how?

You will receive your coupon after processing your booking, and you will get it via email.

Can you provide rent reduction instead of coupons?

No. This cannot be done.

Will each of my roommates get the coupon?

You will receive one coupon per booking.

Can you give me cash instead of the coupons?

No, this is not possible.