Best Film Schools in New York City

The city that never sleeps & the film school capital of the world, NYC's film schools are the places to turn your cinematic dreams into reality.

Pratt Institute School of Art

A private university with 8 departments, including a film & TV hub, it offers education by prominent filmmakers channelling your inner Sundance Kid.

NYU Kanbar

Named after Maurice Kanbar, this top film school in NYC has some famous alumni like Christopher Columbus and Jon Watts.

New York Film Academy

Collabs with the likes of WB & Disney, this private film school believes in a hands-on approach & experienced faculty to make this a reality & pave avenues for students' growth.

Offering many Bachelors' and Masters' programs in art, music, and theatre, CCNY is a place where you can discover your creative voice.


CCNY Division of Humanities and Arts

Brooklyn College

A CUNY university with 15K+ students valuing effort & academic freedom offers courses in film, music, art & theatre taught with state-of-the-art facilities.

Hunter College

This public university in NYC has a top film school in its Department of Arts & Design, with over 30 programs in film & media, including film production & analysis tracks.


Pace University

Pace Uni in NYC rocks with a top film program! Digital filmmaking teaches it all - aesthetics, camera training, hands-on production.

Barnard College

Founded in 1889 for women, This college provides top-notch education in many fields & the Film Study major covers film history, theory, visual narrative, tech & the film biz.

Columbia University

Columbia Uni is an Ivy League film school in NYC, boasting acclaimed faculty and resources where Hollywood pros like Oscar-winning director Milos Forman is a professor.

NYU College of Arts and Science

A renowned leader in film & Arts with a global vision & realistic approach, NYU is the place to be for a successful filmmaking career.


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