AI-generated content: A blessing or a burden

Are we slaves to new technology?

Can you tell which one of these was written by an AI?

AI-generated content is content that is produced or created by an artificial intelligence system.

What is the plus side to AI content?

According to Billboard, AI-composed songs are the next big thing in the music industry. AI content has the potential to 

What is the danger of AI content?

AI-generated content has the potential to lead to a loss of jobs, a lack of creativity, and an increase in the spread of misinformation. 

Is AI content truly free of human touch?

But with all this talk of losing jobs, we need to ask, can AI-generated content actually ever exist independently from human touch.

How do current AI softwares work?

ChatGPT, the AI software that has taken the world by storm works something like this - you ad in an instruction, and it produces a result.

A new role for writers?

So the argument can be made that the clearer the instruction, the better the result, begging the need for a human -one who knows the best way to guide the AI

What do you think?

These are only a few sides of the debate surrounding the rise of new AI technology. There are several ethical concerns that we haven’t tapped into - we’re leaving that to you. 

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