AI Tools For Students


Make Your Life Easier

Are you facing some issues while studying or working? Many AI tools can help you and make your life easier, and here are some of the best ones!

This AI is one of the best that you can use. It can help you in various ways, from solving your math problems to debugging your code. There is almost no limit to what it can do!


Need to make a PPT in minutes? Use; all you need to do is enter what the PPT will be about and the number of slides and type. Your presentation will be ready in a few minutes.

From textbooks to videos to examples to tests, you will find everything you need to study through adaptive learning technology! It's designed to make students smarter while they study.

Knewton’s Alta

This audio-visual AI helps you learn a language! It uses ideas and games to keep you engaged, monitors your progress, and realises when you will likely forget a word! This helps with retention.


Let this AI chatbot handle things for you. It helps with application papers, enrollment, tuition fees, deadlines, and more! It also shows student loans and grants you can apply for!

Ivy Chatbot

This online platform is where there is a priority on teaching you. This AI primarily focuses on empowering you to study independently. The evaluation will improve your capacity!

Altitude Learning

This AI for students is one of the best! Its conservational skills help you improve your critical thinking skills and open responses. This virtual assistant also provides one-on-one tutoring!



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The answer is yes and no. You can use these tools for your research and answers, but you should not entirely rely on them due to plagiarism, reliable sources, etc.

Should you rely on them?