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Best Banks In Australia For Students

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Are you looking for the best banks in Australia for students without facing issues like withdrawal fees and mind-numbing paperwork? Let us help you with that!

Westpac Student Bank

This is one of the best banks in Australia for students, as you can open an account before your arrival with no withdrawal fee. There is an AU$5 & 3% charge on foreign withdrawal.

ANZ Bank

Oh! One of Australia's best banks for students! Show your ID to prove your enrollment to be eligible. While there are no account fees, there is a $5 & 3% fee when you withdraw money abroad!

Open your account 3 months before you arrive for AU$0/month & you can use this bank daily. You can use your card or online payments and manage your money using their spend tracker.

Commonwealth Bank

No direct ATM fees, overdraft fees, or recurring account costs are just a few benefits! With a free VISA debit card, the payments are quick & there is a 3% & $5 fee on foreign ATMs

NAB Classic Banking

Citbank is one of the best banks in Australia for students. They offer free withdrawals without a monthly fee & You can transfer money to any bank account worldwide for no fee.


No, you cannot have 2 bank accounts. 

Can I have 2 bank accounts?


You will need your passport, address proof copy, and college admission letter.

What do I need to open a student bank account?



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