Productivity Apps For Student


In a world of distractions, being productive can be a task for many students. To help you with that, here are a few of the best productivity apps for students.

Google Calendar

Organise your studies and schedule and stretch it for however long you want. Peek into your friend's schedule and easily organise a Google Meet with them.


Earn exp while completing your tasks with this productivity app for students. Make your daily work a game, earn in-game rewards, connect with a wide player base, and fight monsters!


Losing track of time while studying? Use Clockify to plan out your entire day; Track the time you spend on one task, and figure out the subjects you spend the least or the most on.


Stay on top of all your college work with the help of Trello. Organise your day with to-do lists and deadlines. Share lessons with friends and make the group study session easy!

Use this extension on your device for studies. Set a timer, and all the pesky distracting websites will be blocked. No matter what, you must wait for the timer to expire!

Cold Turkey

Every time you study, open the forest app and plant a seed. As you work, the plant will grow, and if you exit the app, your plant will die! Grow trees by working in your own Forest!


One of the best productivity apps for students. Organise tasks, create a calendar, and keep a notebook! Your notes are available on all your devices, and you can access them easily.



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