Highest paying jobs in UK

£70,000 - £130,000

1. Dermatologist

Looks do matter! And that's exactly why Dermatologists made the list, treating 2000+ skin diseases!

£40,000 - £150,000

2. Stock Broker

Broke only by name, stockbrokers make quite a bit of money while managing their clients’.

£70,000 - £90,000

3. Orthodontist

Get a chance to put a smile on people’s faces, literally while making a ton of money out of it!

£30,000 - £120,000

4. Pilot

Satisfy your wanderlust cravings by being a Pilot, and get to do a job 42,000 feet high!

£50,000 - £80,000

5. Cybersecurity Specialist

Big on privacy? Prevent unwanted access and cyberattacks while getting paid big bucks!

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