How to choose the right major?

Here's a step-by-step guide on how to choose a major.

Let’s first understand- What’s a major?

Your major is essentially your main area of focus for your degree. It includes a bunch of exciting classes all centered around your favorite subject. Cool right?

Choose your timeline!

If you need help choosing a major we've got you covered!

Unleash Your Inner Fire

Discover what sets your soul on fire and let it guide you to your passion! Write down what you love doing & explore career paths that fit your interests.

Who am I?!

Assess your strengths & weaknesses to find a major that combines passion & expertise. Understanding your strengths gives a better idea of the effort required to succeed in your chosen major
Research the Curriculum and availability of classes before making a final decision. Don't just base your choice on prior knowledge or familiarity.

Do your research

The game of numbers!

Make sure to also check what potential jobs you can expect to land with your degree and what the average pay range is for these jobs.
Your interests, skills, coursework, and location are very important aspects that you need to consider before choosing your major.

Jack of ‘what’ trades?


Choosing a major may seem confusing, but with a little bit of self-discovery and a sprinkle of bravery, you'll be well on your way to finding the major that suits you best.

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