Impostor Alert!

If you constantly feel like a fraud, like the work you do isn't good enough, and you're minutes away from being exposed, you may have impostor syndrome.

You've got into the university of your dreams, but instead of sheer happiness, you feel a wave of anxiousness and doubt set it, and you keep thinking: Did I deserve this?

Tom Hanks, Serena Williams, Emma Watson - a few people who have gone on record to talk about how they've struggled with feeling inadequate or been under confident in their craft.

Impostor syndrome doesn't need to be a bad thing. Channel your nervous energy into bettering yourself and keeping your grades up, and squeeze some good out of all the anxiety.

Confidence is key! If you keep your head held up high and act like you belong, people will follow suit and eventually, you'll stop feeling like an outsider.

At the end of the day, you need to remember that whether you can believe it or not, you've made it this far. What you do with your opportunities is all up to you!

The next time you doubt yourself, look yourself in the mirror and say "I deserve to be where I am," and know that you always have people rooting for you. Best of luck!

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